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Editor’s Conclusion
Slipping on a brand-new pair of Merrell Yokota 2’s is like settling into an old pair of comfy slippers. With a comfort level off the charts and right out of the box, these hiking shoes are hard to beat. This all-around hiker provides excellent value for money with a highly durable design, an unprecedented amount of comfort, and super grippy tread.

Merrell is a brand well-known for its top-quality hiking and mountaineering shoes, so you know you’re buying from a superior brand. Many users find the Yokota 2 perfect for long-term wear, with everyday use not a problem. You should get at least a good couple of years out of these babies before they start to wear out.

The Yokota 2 is an absolute bargain; they’re lightweight, breathable and versatile. Not only do they feel good, but they look good too. If you’re considering buying a pair of Yokota 2’s, carry on reading to find out more.
Merrell Yokota 2 Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Good grip



Super comfortable

Grippy on all terrains

Great value for money


Not waterproof

Inconsistent sizing

Key Features

Ease of Use

The Yokota 2 is perfectly equipped to deal with hiking on all terrains for several reasons. Firstly, a good number of wearers find this shoe to be well prepared for walking on various terrain, due to the efficiency of the Merrell exclusive M Select Grip rubber outsole. This outsole stands up brilliantly against wet, dry, or rugged landscape.

The 4mm oval-shaped lugs also provide superb multidirectional grip, helping even the most club-footed navigate the most challenging surfaces. What’s more, you can maneuver uphill and downhill challenges easier with the grooves on either end of the shoe, perfect for adding extra control.


Merrell is a renowned brand, always putting thought and expertise into their hiking shoes. Hiking with the Yokota 2 makes this clear enough, with several other great features. I particularly like the hook and lacing eyelet, which creates a snug and secure fit, and a Bellows tongue is genius for keeping out debris.

Making your way down arduous descents and climbing over slippery boulders is also much easier with the Molded TPU heel counter, adding plenty of extra stability.


The Yokota screams comfort from the start. Allow your feet a breath of fresh air with the incredibly breathable mesh lining which battles the heat incredibly well, even on scorching all-day hikes. What’s more, this low-top hiker allows for an impressively comfortable ride right out of the box, with no wear-in time needed.

This Merrell range is exceptionally comfortable as a lightweight hiker and means speedy hikes can be, well, speedy! Although the Yokota 2 are not relatively light enough to be classed as trail runners, they are classed as lightweight for mid-weight hikers.

If the Yokota 2 were of a more delicate design, you probably wouldn’t get the thick protective bottom that this Merrell range provides, meaningless comfort and more chance of sharp shards and rocks digging into the soles of your feet. You’ll also get essential stub protection with the outsole’s front section as it reaches upward.


Unfortunately, there seems to be quite a bit of inconsistency regarding the sizing of the Merrell Yokota 2. Some reviewers seem to find the sizing too big, whereas others see this hiking running on the small side, with a good portion finding the sizing just right.

These are genuinely the goldilocks of hiking shoes. To solve this issue, try to buy from an online store with a good return policy or try them in a store.


The upper sole of the Yokota 2 is made from suede and textile, with an excellent design and stylish look. Breathable mesh fabric is also coupled with M Select™ FRESH antimicrobial agents to reduce shoe odor, making the Yokota 2 perfect for hot weather.

This new Merrell shoe also comes with ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) midsole, which provides a lightweight cushioning. Lastly, the extra support on all types of terrain comes from the M Select Grip rubber outsole, allowing for a stable and supported ride on practically all kinds of terrain.


Merrell makes good choices with their materials, and suede is a good choice for Yokota 2’s primary material. Suede is exceptionally durable at its core, just like leather.

Although the sole is soft rubber, many users find the sole lasts with no issues for several years, despite daily use and regular abuse. The protective rubber toe cap and abrasion-resistant mesh panels also allow extra durability.

Comparison to Similar Hiking Shoes

The only thing missing from the Yokota 2 is a waterproof membrane. The Yokota is perfect for dry, hot weather with a super breathable mesh layer, so many who purchase it are probably not looking for a waterproof shoe. But if you’re looking for a waterproof shoe, you can try the Merrell Yokota 2 Sport GTX.

Using the Gore-Tex waterproof membrane, they are a little heavier and bulkier but will keep you dry. However, the rest of the design is practically the same as the Merrell Yokota 2. So the only question is, do you plan to be slogging through boggy land, hiking in the rain, or do you only plan to use this day hiker on dry days?

Unfortunately, the Yokota 2 does not have a heel brake, making downhill descents slightly awkward. However, at such a reasonable price and with good traction and multidirectional lugs, I don’t think this affects the quality of the Yokota 2. If you prefer a shoe with a heel brake, you can try the Merrell Moab 2 Ventilator.

This Merrell range is similar in many ways but at a lower price, plus the heel brake. But it’s a little less stylish and less breathable than the Yokota 2.


With the level of comfort, grip, and breathability you get with the Merrell Yokota 2, it’s hard to see why anyone would pass them up. At such a reasonable price, this shoe is incredible value for money.

Whether you plan to walk 80 miles plus over your workweek or plan ten-hour day hikes, you should be comfortable, stable and the Yokota 2 should endure for years.

With only a couple of minor niggles, Merrell has brought out a very lightweight and versatile shoe that should suit the needs of many.