Nemo Disco 15 Insulated Down Sleeping Bag

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Editor’s Conclusion
The Nemo Disco 15 down sleeping bag is an impressive three-season item. It is impressively lightweight, especially considering the amount of comfort and warmth. The blanket fold at the head of the bag provides extra warmth in cold climates, while the thermo-gills provide breathability and relief in warm climates.

For those of us who prefer more freedom than a mummy bag, the spoon shape of the Disco is great. It is ideal for people who are side-sleepers or who tend to move around a lot. There are a few extra inches of fabric around the elbows and the knees and the bag is available in two different lengths.

If you’re not already sold, continue reading to learn more about what makes this sleeping bag stand out from the rest.
Nemo Disco 15 Insulated Down Sleeping Bag Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Pillow stuff sack

Soft and comfortable material

Thermo-gills to prevent over-heating



Compression sack and mesh storage bag included

Lifetime warranty


No interior loops to attach a liner

The zipper catches sometimes

Foot box seams are not sealed

Key Features


Long hike? No problem! This down sleeping bag can easily be stuffed into or attached to a hiking backpack. When it is compressed and put into its stuff sack, it measures only 12.5” by 8.5 inches. The minimum weight of this item is 2.8 pounds. The weight for the longer version is slightly more. The weight could be also be affected by adding an optional liner, wetness, or a pillow.


In terms of comfort, I have nothing bad to say about this product. The Nemo Disco 15 may look similar to a mummy-style bag, but this bag is actually spoon-shaped. It is specifically designed with extra inches of fabric around the elbows and knees, making it very comfortable for side sleepers or for people who toss and turn at night. It is not restrictive in any way. The men’s version of this product has even more room in the shoulder area.

It is available in a regular length or a long length. The regular length is ideal for women who are about 5’6. The long length is ideal for women who are closer to 6’ in height. For men, the regular length is ideal for men who are about 6’. The long length is ideal for men who are closer to 6’6 in height.

For neck support, there is a built-in pillow pocket. The pocket is the perfect size to use with Nemo’s famous Fillo pillow. Additionally, you could use a different properly sized pillow - or you could even stuff the pillow pocket with jackets or other clothing to keep your head comfortably propped up while you sleep.


Before we dive in, let’s discuss fill power. In short, fill power refers to the concentration of down material in an insulated product. The higher the number, the warmer the product. On average, this scale goes from about 300 to 900. The Disco 15 sleeping bag weighs in at 650 fill power. As you can see, this is in the middle of the scale, leaning towards the warmer side.

It is considered to be a three-season sleeping bag. In reality, I consider it to be a four-season bag, with the exception of extreme conditions. In extreme heat or extreme cold, it is not ideal.

However, if you do find yourself in a cold climate, the added blanket fold at the head of the bag is not only extremely comfortable but also helps to keep you warm. The extra material can be positioned over or around your shoulders, neck, and face to keep out drafts. You can also use a liner with this sleeping bag, but there are no interior loops to securely attach it.

On the other hand, the thermo-gills on the sides of the bag can also be unzipped in warm climates to let some of the warmth out of the bag. These are a welcome addition to this bag because they allow you to stay fully zipped without sweating throughout the night.


Animal lovers will be pleased to know that the down filling is RDS certified, meaning that the feathers come from humanely treated animals. The hydrophobic down filling is treated with a water-repelling chemical that makes the down less absorbent and faster-drying. With that said, it is also PFC-free, meaning that the chemicals used to manufacture the sleeping bag and to treat the down fill, are not harmful to the environment.

The exterior shell of the bag is made from 30D nylon ripstop. The shell and lining have a DWR finish to keep water from seeping in. Even if the bag is slightly damp, it will not affect its ability to keep you warm.

The full-length #5 YKK zipper closure makes getting in and out easy. On the women’s version, the zipper is on the right side. On the men’s version, the zipper is on the left side. Yes- this means you and your partner can zip them together to create one, big, warm sleeping bag.

While the foot box is praised for being warm, comfortable, and breathable, it seems as though the seams are not sealed. While this is a simple DIY-fix, it would be nice for Nemo to add this extra detail.


As I mentioned, the outer shell is made from 30D ripstop nylon. This is a durable material that is naturally windproof, water-resistant, and not easy to snag. The YKK zipper can snag at times, but I don’t foresee it breaking or causing any major issues. If you’re still on the fence, you’ll be happy to know that this product comes with a Nemo lifetime warranty.

Comparison to Similar Sleeping Bags

The Nemo Disco 15 is most commonly compared to another popular Nemo sleeping bag, The Riff. These are both spoon-shaped bags. The Disco is slightly heavier, by approximately three ounces. The Disco is also slightly larger when packed (only by about one inch). While the Riff has a higher down fill density, the warmth provided by the two products is very similar. Additionally, the Riff’s outer shell is made from 20D nylon ripstop, which is slightly thinner and less durable than the Disco’s 30D nylon ripstop outer shell.

The only reason I see to choose the Riff over the Disco would be to save a few ounces of weight and an inch or so of packing space. If you are willing to sacrifice a bit of durability for a smaller product, the Riff is also a great option.


Overall, the Nemo Disco 15 down sleeping bag is a great investment for the novice or avid camper. It is available in two lengths, however, it is important to remind you all to not buy it too long. This will leave more empty space in the bag, which will make it more difficult to hold in the warmth in a cold climate.

I love the four color options that Nemo offers. You can choose from Celestial/Moonglade (similar to a teal with baby blue), Electra/Starlit Ridge (similar to a dark blue with green), Spark/Fortress (similar to a gray with lime green), or Torch/Stormy Night (similar to a dark blue with orange).

Additionally, with each sleeping bag, Nemo also includes a stuff sack, a mesh storage bag, and a lifetime warranty.