Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Person Tent

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Editor’s Conclusion
The Mountainsmith Morrison 2-person tent is specifically designed for backpackers and at a weight of only 5lbs, 8 oz it's light to carry; when packed, it's just 7.5 by 18 inches.

Described as a three-season tent, it is easy to transport, really simple to set up and gives enough sleeping space for two people. A double-wall design means an exterior rain-fly for fending off wet weather. With a built-in door at the rear and one at the back, it makes getting in and out for two people super easy. Each has his/her own entrance.

The structure is stable and supported by aluminum poles which are color-coded. The base of the tent has a bathtub design that prevents surface water from entering.

Internally, the tent has a gear-loft in which a camper can hang a night light. It also comes with mesh pockets for storing smart phones, wallets and other essential small items.

A real good investment if you're looking for a 2-person tent!
Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Person Tent Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Good space

Three seasons tent

Good protection from weather

Two doors

Good ventilation

Vestibule area when using rain-fly

Nice range of features

Aluminum poles

Friendly buyer price


Heavier than some close competitors' 2P tents

Key Features


The tent fabric is breathable polyester-185T which is standard for most tents. The two large doors have a half mesh feature for ventilation and a pull-up zipper.

The rain-fly is easy to set up over the tent and all seams are sealed to prevent water penetration. Feedback from users states that the Mountainsmith Morrison 2 has very good waterproofing.

The rain-fly has reflective guy ropes which can be adjusted to secure and keep the fly away from the inner tent wall to avoid water crossing over.

The aluminum poles are strong to ensure stability for the structure and they are color-coded so they can be correctly and easily put in place during set-up.

Quick Set Up

Instructions to set up come with this model though even a newbie to camping can get the tent ready. The rain-fly is equally easy to put in place; set the guide ropes and secure them to the ground and adjust for tension.


The floor area inside is 35 sq feet, this is enough for two campers in sleeping bags. The height is 43 inches, so you will not be able to stand full up.

For more space, especially storage, the rain-fly creates a vestibule area of around 17 sq feet; this is good space for boots, backpacks and other gear. For two campers, the space area works well enough and for solo campers the space available is impressive.


The two large doors have partial mesh construction which allows a steady flow of air. The taffeta design in the doors means you can adjust to increase or decrease ventilation. The rain-fly has two ventilation windows that prop open for airflow to counter condensation.

The inclusion of mesh in the construction of the doors is a thoughtful concept for ventilation during moderate warm evenings and for hot weather. The rain-fly can be kept rolled off as well.


The tent materials are synthetic and this means they will offer a reasonable level of weatherproofing. The bathtub design for the floor is good at stopping surface water from breaching into the tent and all the stitched seams are sealed with durable tape.

The rule of thumb for all tents, both small and large, is to regularly spray it for waterproofing. Also, check the taped seams before setting off on a trip and consider bringing a roll of seam tape just in case you need it.

Comparison to Similar 2-Person Tents

There are many backpacking tents on the market and the Mountainsmith Morrison 2 is slightly heavier than the Big Agnes Copper-Spur, the Sierra Design HT and the REI Quarter Dome, all of which are popular tent models.

You get a bigger footprint with this tent in comparison to the Quarter Dome or the Copper Spur. Tents with comparable footprints such as the Big Agnes, North Face and Mountain Hardwear are actually heavier to carry.

The quality, weather protection and size along with the reasonable price tag outweigh the fact that this model is heavier than some other similar tents.

The freestanding capability of the Mountainsmith Morrison 2 means it can be used on rocky ground without the rain-fly and on other surfaces, with the fly. Some competitor tents lack this flexibility due to how their tents are structured for stability.

For those seeking a dependable tent at a budget-friendly cost, this model is a very good option. The majority of user feedback shows a lot of positive results regarding space, performance and ease of transporting.

Though a bit heavier than some other brands, we are talking just ounces not pounds and the weight difference is not enough of a reason to not try out this impressive tent.


The verdict for this model is positive; it offers good space for two campers, the rain-fly creates a vestibule area which allows storage for gear, the top of the tent has an internal pouch to hold a light and extra corner pouches for storing small gear which needs to be kept safe.

The Mountainsmith Morrison 2 is very easy to put up. A storage bag sack comes with it and it can be split up into two separate bags to allow two people to share out the carry-load.

Having two doors and a vestibule make access in and out of the tent very convenient for two people. The aluminum poles and the crisscross set-up give a very stable structure that does hold up really well in strong windy weather.

Even though the tent is a double-wall model, the ventilation features are very effective and good for stopping or cutting down on condensation.

Though the price tag is very budget-focused, this has not resulted in skimping on quality materials, good features, stability and design.