Ozark Trail 10-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent

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Editor’s Conclusion
No need to pick and choose who to invite camping based on their experience and personal supply of camping gear. With the Ozark 10-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent, set up is a breeze and, as the title implies, there is room for up to ten people to sleep in this tent.

The tent can be split into two separate rooms, allowing for a decent amount of privacy and organization. There are plenty of windows, including skylights that are built-in to the rainfly. However, all of the windows and skylights can be covered, allowing you to sleep in, nap, and relax without the harsh glare of the sun.

Join me as we explore more of the small details that make this tent stand out from the rest. We won’t just focus on the advantages, you’ll receive a well-rounded and honest review.
Ozark Trail 10-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons


Plenty of windows

Good ventilation

Easy to set up

Tall enough to stand up in

All windows can be covered for darkness


Too heavy to carry a long distance

No porch

Included stakes are weak

You may need to reseal some seams

Key Features


This Ozark Trail 10-person tent, like many others, is made from polyester. This is a very popular fabric option because it is known to be durable, isn’t easily damaged by UV rays, and doesn’t easily absorb water. The steel poles are reliable and strong. As with any tent, laying down a tarp under the tent is always a good idea.

However, the durability of this product is a bit of a touchy subject. It will absolutely last you a long time, but many people receive the tent with small pinholes or slashes in the fabric that make us feel uneasy. Besides the fact that more could form without caution, these small blemishes take away from the potential darkness of the tent.

There are 14 steel stakes included as well. For camping on soft ground, without much wind, these will be fine. If you plan to take this shelter out into inclement weather, I advise you to buy stronger stakes. If you hammer these stakes into the ground, it’s likely that they will bend.

Weather Protection

This polyester tent offers decent weather protection. All of the seams are taped, except for those that are covered by the rainfly. However, there have been a few instances of water seeping through the tent in intense rain showers, especially around the organization panels. I would absolutely recommend scotch-guarding the seams again before putting this tent to the test.

There is an included, and impressively functioning, rainfly. The rainfly is easy to attach without the help of another person. The built-in “skylights” allow you to fall asleep while stargazing, without needing to remove the rainfly. When you want to darken the tent, you can unroll the skylight covers and enjoy the darkness.

There are a few ventilation windows at the bottom of the tent. These can not be covered and can let in wind or water in extreme situations.

Ease of Use

Like most tents, this option is easiest to set up with two or more people but can be done alone in about five to ten minutes. There is virtually no assembly required because the steel poles are already in place and attached to the tent.

To make things even easier, it’s a good idea to attach the rainfly before erecting the poles. Again, as usual, this monster is easy to take down, but you will need some patience to put it back into its included (and expandable) carrying case.


As I mentioned, an expandable carrying case is included, making this tent fairly easy to transport. When it is all packed up, it measures 43” x 8” x 8” and weighs 37.7 pounds. This tent is not ideal for long treks through the mountains but is a great option to bring if your car will be parked nearby.


With about 140 square feet of space, an optional room divider, and plenty of windows, I am confident that you will be comfortable in this tent. Most people can stand and walk comfortably in this home-away-from-home. The highest point is 78-inches (6’5) tall.

Depending on the circumstances, you can put 5 people in sleeping bags in each room of the tent, making room for 10 bodies. If you are traveling with fewer people, you can set up a queen-sized bed in each room and still have plenty of room for your camping gear. The room divider is made from polyester and is easily removed. There is about a two-inch gap all around the divider, so it does not filter out sound, but it does provide a great amount of visual privacy.

In terms are airflow, there are eight large windows on this tent. This allows for a comfortable and breezy, yet bright space. Choosing between having all of the windows open or closed might be difficult. With all of the windows open, the interior temperature will be more or less the same as outside, hopefully with a breeze. If you cover all of the windows, which is possible, the interior of the tent will stay cool and dark in a warm environment, but can also feel stuffy.


In order to unpack a little bit and not have all of your things on the floor, there are permanent pockets at the front right of the tent and also at the back left. Additionally, there is a moveable nine slot organizer that is great for cellphones, chargers, bug spray, flashlights, and anything else you want to have easily accessible.

If you're the type of person who requires (or prefers) to not be completely free from the luxuries of life, you’ll be happy to know that there is an electrical cord inlet space. This allows you to charge your electronics like a watch TV, or even have an AC or heater running. Of course, you will need a generator or power source to connect to as well.

There are also three loops at the top of the tent that you can use to hang lanterns or any other items can you think of. It is important to note that there are no hooks attached to the loops. If you plan to hang things, you will need to remember to pack a few S-rings.

Comparison to Similar 10-Person Tents

When comparing the Ozark Trail 10-person tent to similar versions, you’ll find quite a few differences. Sure, there are some large tents that provide more floor space and more headroom, but they also weigh about three times as much as the Ozark (ex: Dream House 10-person Cotton Canvas Tent).

There are others that are similarly priced and offer a porch. However, you’ll be giving up headroom and portability (ex: Jet Tent F25DX 10-Person Camping Tent).

If we compare prices, I recommend that you shop around for the best price on this tent. Online, you’ll find some retailers selling it for about 100 dollars more than others. There’s always a deal to be found, right? Depending on where you buy it, it is priced on-par with other versions.


If you are looking for a primarily warm-weather tent with plenty of space and that won’t break the bank, this is a great option. While it absolutely could be used in colder climates, you would be smart to bring along a personal heater.

Besides the easy set-up, ample headroom, and organizational space, my favorite feature is the ability to keep the glare of the sun out of the tent. All eight windows and skylights can be easily covered with the included fabric window shades. This allows everyone to sleep in, take naps, and also helps to control the internal temperature of the tent.

To further ease your mind, Ozark also offers a limited 6-month warranty with the purchase of this tent.