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Camping is such an enjoyable activity among friends and families and Coleman is a known good quality producer of tents. The brand has a very good reputation among experienced campers.

The Coleman 6-Person Instant Tent offers an impressive range of popular designed-in functional features. Here we take a look at a tent that has a moderate price tag while offering good tried and tested regular use by many satisfied campers.

If you choose to go camping in moderate or summer weather, this cabin-style tent is certainly a very good choice.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Very quick to set-up

Very easy to take down and pack away

Cabin design


Built-in rain-fly

Durable tent base

Protective in windy weather

Sealed seams

Single-layer tent with thick fabric

Large windows

Floor and roof vents

Customer-friendly price tag


25 lbs weight

You might want to purchase an additional rain-fly

No extra vestibules for more storage space

Really heavy duty rain can challenge the tent's water defense features

Key Features

You never truly feel you understand or appreciate a tent until you have to set it up; every camper has experienced watching another camper struggling to put up a traditional tent setting the poles, rigging up the guidelines and lots of adjusting to ensure they are taut enough.


The Coleman 6-Person Instant Tent can be set-up and ready in no more than 2 minutes, it really is so easy. Even a novice to setting-up a tent will find this model so quick and easy to be ready and waiting for use.

When considering which tent to buy, quick and easy assembly is a must-do and this tent qualifies as being fast and easy.


This tent holds up to 6 people comfortably and takes up a good ground area for pitching which means a broad area for sleeping bags inside. This tent gives a lot of space, the pitch area is 10 by 9 feet. Moving around in the tent is easy without feeling cramped.

When packed away the tent measures 42×9 which is large when compared to some other brands.


Large tents are usually a little more difficult to set-up but not this model because it features telescopic poles and as they extend, clips automatically lock into place to keep the pole securely extended. Disassembling the tent is also easy; for the poles you simply manipulate the clips and the pole extensions retract.

Corner poles in this type of tent design do need to be sturdy and the posts for this tent are a sturdy 16-mm thick for good stability and support of the main tent structure. The structural design work continues with the roof poles being 12-mm thick. Though the roof poles are thinner, they are designed this way because they take less pressure than the corner poles.


Thhe extra size when stowed away is due to the use of thicker durable fabric known as 150D fabric. Coleman has brought in this type of fabric for making tents because it has high durability; it gives a lot of protection against adverse weather and wear and tear due to ongoing regular use in different weather seasons.


Another aspect of the tent's fabric thickness is the design in rain-fly; there are good and bad points to incorporating a ran-fly directly into the structure of the tent fabric. For those who prefer using a separate rain-fly sheet, they can buy it and add it to use with this tent. The extra protection will ensure more protection from heavy prolonged rainfall.


Looking at the tent floor, we can appreciate the thick durable tarpaulin which means little chance of being punctured when on the ground. Tarpaulin is flexible, it even gives a layer of comfort and moderate protection from the cold beneath the pitch of a tent.

The groundsheet is the part of the tent which is subject to people walking and sleeping on it and so this model has gone for long term durability.


Tents need ventilation and this cabin design features a window on each side and a window in the door; for air-flow, there is a final vent in the roof. Does a vent in the roof let in rain? It depends on how well-angled the vent design has been put into the tent. In hot weather, the roof vent is very effective. Therefore ventilation for the tent is very effective on hot sticky nights.

In comparison to Other Tents

There are comparisons which depending on a camper's preferences, can be considered good or not so good. The double-thick fabric is partly due to a designed-in rain-fly.

This is convenient when assembling the tent quickly but other brands have stayed with always offering a separate rain-fly because the water defense is separate from the main tent structure. This method is traditional and certainly has stood the test of time for being effective. So unlike some other brands, you should consider purchasing an additional rain-fly.

There are some rival brands that provide a lighter tent fabric because they focus on the separate rain-fly being the main defense against heavy rain. Therefore, this tent is heavier than a number of other 6-people tents from other brands.

The Coleman tent is great for warm and moderate weather; it is a leisure designed cabin tent and unlike some other tents on the market, it does not perform well in heavy prolonged rainfall.

A window for every tent wall and vents in the roof is great in good weather but in serious rainy weather, these can fail to keep out water. Other makers are known to sacrifice ventilation capability in return for more defense against rain.

As a leisure tent for camping, the Coleman instant cabin is a good tent but it does not outperform a lot of other models on the market for wet weather protection.

If you are aiming to camp out in decent weather, this tent is a great choice. If you are aiming to camp out in heavy-duty rainfalls, you may want to read more tent reviews and get some good comparisons.


When used in design context, you get excellent ventilation, lots of windows, a very durable groundsheet, thick fabric for the upper structure, and exceptional floor and height space.

This is a family sleeping tent designed for warm or moderate weather; it is not designed for heavy-duty stormy weather.

Considering most leisure camping trips are planned for spring and summer weather, this tent will perform and give space, comfort and appropriate weather protection.