Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent with Screen Room

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For campers who have used 6 person tents, Coleman has produced a tent with more features than previous models. The WeatherMaster 6 people tent offers two rooms over a spacious groundsheet area of 17 feet by nine feet which is a huge increase compared to many other brands.

As with many of the tents produced by Coleman, the tent has standing room for 6 feet and 10 inches in the center area of the tent. Certainly, an improvement is the double doors one of which operates on hinges. The second room is floorless, with more ventilation, a place to sit together and eat, relax, enjoy a drink and plan days out while camping. This room is also good for storing backpacks, cooking gear, and other general camping kits. Campers will appreciate the built-in gear pocket in which you can store a good amount of camping gear.

Designing in two rooms for the tent has good benefits for campers as ventilation is increased a lot, air can flow, this makes being in the tent more cool and comfortable on hot sweaty summer nights. The screen room has an electrical plug socket feature which means that on some campsites, you will be able to plug into the electric mains supply.

If you're ready to upgrade your old 6 person tent to a more improved tent or you are looking for an exceptionally well-designed tent, this model is worth checking-out.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Separate rain-fly

Main room and separate screen room

Lots of storage space

Double doors, one of which is hinged

Side by side rooms each with its own door

Very large footpad area

Welded floors

Inverted seams-weather protection


32 pounds

Practice at putting-up the tent, it will get easier

Some campers want a groundsheet in the screen room

Key Features

Hinged Door

When the tent is assembled, the hinged door is an immediate eye-grabber; the door is very cleverly designed and means entering and exiting the tent becomes as easy as opening a door at home. A useful window is designed into the upper half of the hinged door, which can be used for extra ventilation.


Tent windows are a known source for rain getting into the tents by soaking through the window seams. The tent is popular and users are commenting about the good features this tent has and some are advising that it's a good idea to buy some seam tape to cover the window seams. This is good advice for any tents which have windows designed into the structure.

Electric Mains Socket

A very useful functional feature is the designed-in electric mains socket. Having access to electricity means power for cooking, a fan, TV or a computer and more. Many campsites offer mains electricity and access to power has allowed people to bring many more useful electric operated products to use while camping.

Spacious Rooms

The tent features two doors at the front and each leads to a separate room as the two rooms sit side by side rather than front and rear. The sleeping room is larger than the screen room, with enough space for two large size double airbeds. The screen room, though smaller, does not feel small; there is ample space for storage, including a wall pouch with a zipper for storing those many small items like watches, phones, batteries, car keys, etc..

This is also a great area to sit and relax with others, enjoy the views through the windows while keeping protection between you and mosquitoes.

The tent certainly offers a huge amount of space; the sleeping room is 11 feet by 9 feet and high enough for a 6-foot person to stand. The screen room is 9 by 6 feet and does not have a groundsheet; this is good because in this room you can set up a small camping table, stow away plenty of useful gear.


The tent fabric is durable polyester which has become a very popular tent material, reliably durable, easy to keep clean and reasonably weather resistant. However, as with all large camping tents, you should give them a waterproof spray coating at least once a year.

Weather Protection

For weather protection, the tent floor has been welded as this gets rid of the presence of needle holes, a known route for water into tents in rainy weather. All the tent upper areas have stitched seams and these are designed to be inverted so that wet weather cannot reach the needle sewn seams.

The tent comes with a rain-fly which offers good protection for rainy downpours. Most large tent designs are very challenged when it comes to staying waterproof in prolonged heavy windy and rainy weather. The feedback on this model from campers is that the tent can withstand rainy weather reasonably well.

This tent has zippers; in past years this was an area where prolonged rain would eventually seep into a tent, the answer to this problem is solved because this tent has weather cuffs fitted overall stitched zip seams.


The tent has a large cabin-style appearance and the aerodynamic of its shape can handle a lot of strong wind. The tent's structure is strong. The support poles are all made from fiberglass; a good feature is that the poles are color-coded to steer you through putting up the tent. The pole frame structure is held securely in place by secure insta-clips and a secure ring and pin design.


The tent requires work to put-up; working alone you can expect to be busy for half an hour, perhaps longer; two people working together should take about 15-20 minutes. It's the usual story with larger tents, the more you get to practice assembling and taking down the tent, the quicker and easier it becomes.

Compared to Other 6-Person Tents

The comparison will be all about what you want from a 6-person tent; certainly, the two side-by-side rooms with separate entrances is a feature which a lot of other brands never thought to include. The hinged door is a great feature and puts this tent ahead of many other standard 6-person tents.

This tent competes well against other less featured tents when it comes to protection from wet weather, but it is still a very good idea to invest in some seam tape and waterproof treatment; all tents eventually leak if the rain is serious enough.

The fiberglass poles used for the structure compare well with many other tent brands that use the same type of materials. The e-socket puts this tent ahead of most other large tents simply due to those tents not providing this feature.

Putting up the tent will require work but the effort is worthwhile and campers can feel comfortable they have a tent that offers good comfort, lots of protection, plenty of ground and height space, very good ventilation.

The current standards and ever-increasing number of features being designed into large tents mean a competitive market. People want value for money from tents and the Coleman WeatherMaster 6 compares well against other brands.


In conclusion, this is a very good tent; holds six sleepers, improvements in protection from wet weather, two side by side rooms with a separate entrance for each space. An e-power socket is certainly becoming a must-have for larger tents. Lots of sleeping space and a nice hang-out area in the screen room which can also be used for storage.

The tent is defiantly proving to be popular; the price is affordable when you factor in the quality, design, durability, performance and comfort.