Jetboil MiniMo Camping and Backpacking Stove Review

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The Jetboil MiniMo camping stove is the keystone for a successful camping trip in the wilds or a purpose-designed holiday camping site since you can make hot drinks, soups, or other basic meals. This lightweight camping stove weighing in at only 14.6 ounces gives a heavyweight cooking performance because of the built-in FluxRing cooking technology, so that in around 2 minutes the stove reaches a full boil while only using around half the fuel consumption of so many other stoves.

All of us have a must-use list for the kit we need when we go camping and a good reliable stove is high on the list. It is important to choose a stove that offers easy-to-use practical features and reliable high-performing cooking power. Here we take a look at why this stove is a really good choice for hikers and campers.

Editor's Pros & Cons

FluxRing technology

Incremental heat adjustments

Quick to reach boiling level

Start heating instantly, push-button igniter

Lightweight at 14.6 ounces

Low fuel consumption with high performance

Low spoon angle, cook and eat direct from the cup

Cooks for up to two people

Cooking cup with insulation

Bottom cover doubles up as a bowl

Metal handles

Fast, compact and efficient

For campers and hikers


For ignition, ensure a gap between stove and the wire, it can sometimes need adjusting, easy to do

Pot support is good but not always needed

Not self-contained and condensed, fuel canister has to be fitted into the stove when in use

Key Features

2-Person Stove

Creatively designed specifically for camping and backpacking, this stove stays with traditional use but is beefed up with a set of extra practical features to ensure efficient performance.

You won't be cooking a family meal with this as the stove cooks meal portions or drinks for up to two people. For families on camping trips, you will need a larger stove model.

The cooking cup comfortably holds a liter, easily enough for 2 people, and the insulated metal handle gives you full handling control.

Boiling Temperature

The FluxRing tech is a feature that places this stove ahead of other models; boiling temperature is quickly achieved in around two minutes but to do this; the stove uses less than half the fuel amount used by other traditional stoves.

Another great feature for more cooking control is the user-friendly proprietary-regulator system; it allows spot-on heat adjustment for soups, drinks, cooking greens, making a stew and so much more.

For those who do not want to use a dish that means more washing up to do after a meal, the Fluxring cup features a low-spoon-angle design, so it can double up as a dish for eating from.

Heat Adjustment

No messing around or needing to carry an electronic ignitor or a gaslighter; a quick press on the igniter switch and the stove is performing. The stove system effectively regulates down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing for a high boil or low simmer; you are in full control. Heat adjustment is set for 4 levels so which gives the user flexible control.


For ease of packing and carrying, there's a system storage burner that you can carry separately. When packing and carrying it, at 14.6 lightweight ounces, you will barely notice the weight in a hiking backpack.

Fuel Consumption

It's all in the design for efficiency; the bottom of the pot has a large surface area to absorb heat very quickly. This combination with FluxRing tech means a lot less waiting time for a cooking result and at a much lower cost because less fuel is used.


Versatility abounds from this stove; you can add pot support if you prefer more stability; a 1.5-liter FluxRing pot version is also available to push up the amount of cooking capability beyond two users. For those looking to cook on the go, you can buy a summit skillet and knock-up meals or hot drinks.

How Does the Jetboil MiniMo Compare to Other Models?

Let's take a quick comparative look at how well this stove performs in comparison to other stoves.

This stove is well designed and features better convenience of use, exceptional control over heat regulation and due to the unique broad pot base, you get cooking results much quicker than many other stove brands and you get this efficiency at a lower fuel cost.

Heat control: Precision cooking is a foremost feature that gives you 4 different heat levels for quick effective control. Other brands do offer regulated heat control but in terms of precision, the Jetboil heat regulation feature is in a higher effective performance range. This is something we will all appreciate when using a camping stove.

Heating speed and ignition: For precise heating speed, this means you can boil .5 of a liter in 2.15 seconds; compare this to other brands, and include fuel costs, you won't see this efficiency claim at a lower cost. Ignition is instant, other brands also offer a quick ignition but many do not.

Extra features: During our research, we found that a Jetboil system is clearly very fast and effective and this brand is the first to perfect this system. Also incorporated into the design are the extra features which we have looked at and which are absent in a lot of other brands.


For those looking for a lightweight cooking stove that cooks quickly, cheaply, allows a cooking cup to double up as an eating bowl, low spoon angles for eating, has insulated metal handles for easy use, uses less fuel but performs better and can even be used to make drinks or soups on the go, this stove is seriously worthy of being added to any hiker or campers kit.

We did find stoves that outperform this model. They are from the same company and they are the larger Jetboil FluxRing models for extended family camping trips or hiking trips where the stove will be serving more people.


The Jetboil MiniMo was the first in the market for hikers and campers; it's conveniently compact, cooks very fast, high efficiency cooking heat regulation, user friendly, exceptionally versatile, gives savings on fuel costs and truly the first Jetboil stove.

The makers offer a limited one-year warranty as an expression of their confidence in this high-performance stove.