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Sea to Summit UltraLight Mat Review Facts

The goal for hiking and backpacking is to have the lightest pack with the most comfort features possible, right? Well, the Sea to Summit Ultralight Mat can help out with this by providing a comfortable sleeping place on the ground that has the lightest possible weight. This award-winning design has excellent support and comfort from the new Air Sprung Cell technology that makes it compact, durable, and lightweight.

Made of 40D face fabric nylon, the material used is weldable and airtight with an application of TPU on the inside. An antimicrobial substance prevents growth and habitation of bacteria and germs. It also has an R-value of 0.7.

Since this model is not insulated, it is best suited for summer when just a light ground mat is needed. The Ultralight Mat is ideal for lightweight backpacking, hiking, and much more. Plus it is perfect to use in hammocks.

The sturdiness of the Air Sprung Cells makes it possible to use on all types of ground surfaces such as desert, forest, and mountain. Inflating is a breeze with the included Airstream Pumpsack, so you do not have to use your own breath for the mat. Let’s get a closer look at the Sea to Summit Ultralight.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Supportive and comfortable

Lightweight, compact, and durable

Award-winning design

For backpacking, bike packing, and adventure racers

Best for summer use

Good for surfaces of forest, desert, and mountains

Perfect for hammocks and lounging

Debris underneath is not felt

Inflates quickly


No color choices

Not meant for very cold weather - not insulated

A bit noisy said a few people

Key Features

Key Features

-Created with 174 cells that are air sprung
-Made of 40D face fabric nylon
-Fabric is weldable and airtight
-Interior application of white TPU
-R-value of 0.7 for summer use
-Silver treatment inside to kill germs
-Antimicrobial substance on the yarn of the fabric
-Airstream Pumpsack and Air Sprung Cells
-3M kit for repairs and a nylon stuff sack


Most people are surprised at the level of comfort that they experience with the Ultralight Mat because it appears to be quite thin. There is exceptional support from the new Air Sprung Cells. Even larger users are comfortable with this product.

The Sea to Summit UltraLight is created with 174 air-sprung cells. You will not have to give up comfort for a lightweight mat. This design was inspired by the many springs you find in a modern mattress of pocket springs.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of small interconnected chambers to conform to a person’s body contours and support the weight correctly.

Comfort is not compromised with the smallest and lightest packed volume product that has one layer of these incredible cells. You can be quite cozy in the wild without having to tote around a heavy mat to sleep on any longer.


Lightweight, compact, and durable, this Sea to Summit UltraLight is made of 40D face fabric nylon material. It is a yarn of high tensile and a thread count that is high. The fabric is weldable and airtight with the interior application of white TPU, making it the sturdiest fabric for air mats available.

You will be able to use and enjoy this fantastic mat for many years of exciting outdoor adventures. Surface slipperiness is decreased with the exterior application of a proprietary coating that also enhances water resistance and aids the repair of punctures.This helps with the problem most people have of slipping off a sleeping mat in the middle of the night as they toss and turn.

The Sea to Summit Ultralight is not slippery, so you should remain on it much better with your sleeping bag. We did not notice any comments from buyers concerning the durability of this item. That's likely because it is long-lasting and tough for the outdoor environment.


Even though this mat is not one of the company’s insulated mat models, it still has a minimal R-value for some body heat retention. The R-value is 0.7 making it great for summer use when just a bit of help with warmth is needed.To keep down germs and bacteria build-up on and in the mat, two featured aspects will help.

The antimicrobial treatment and TPU extruded lamination prevent internal growth of bacteria and delamination. A silver treatment is combined with the TPU application that goes on the inside of the mat to give an effect of germ-killing that is permanent. This antimicrobial substance is also applied before weaving to the yarn of the fabric.

Even after cleaning the mat many, many times, you will still benefit from the properties of these germ-fighting applications. They are incorporated into the mat materials when it was manufactured. With proper care, you won't need to worry about the Sea to Summit Ultralight building up bacteria.


Do you hate inflating an air mattress or pad with your breath? Yes, we all do. The good news is that this ultralight mat comes with an Airstream Pumpsack that is optional for some of the company’s models.

The Sea to Summit UltraLight inflates quickly without a pump. It is a smart design in which the air mat stows into on one end and the other end becomes the ready-made pump. The valve of multi-function integrates deflation and inflation along with pressure adjustment to form one design that is low profile.

The Pumpsack inflates with just one breath and needs only a few cycles to fill. It is faster than mouth inflation, and there is less breath condensation going into the mat.

You will avoid being dizzy too from inflating by mouth the entire mat. Almost all comments online from customers have some positive reference to this incredible pump design and how easy it is to use.


The Sea to Summit Ultralight Mat is an award-winning design with resolution cells in a single layer for the technology of Air Sprung Cells.It has won the Gear of the Year from National Geographic Adventure and also the Gear Institute’s 2014 award for Best New Gear. With an overall weight of 13.9 ounces (395 g), it provides a minimal weight and pack size.

Color is not a choice with these mats because the color indicates the type of mat it is. This yellow model is best for summer use when insulation is not needed for ground sleeping.The satisfaction rating online of this product is 3.8, which is not considered very good.

Most of the negative feedback we encountered concerned the thinness of the Sea to Summit UltraLight and the fact that it was not insulated. Some people found that they were not very comfortable on it, particularly those that sleep on their sides. The Ultralight is mostly meant to keep you off the ground with some cushioning in the lightest form possible that is very durable and long-lasting.


The Ultralight Mat is great for lightweight backpacking, bike packing, adventure racing, or any other time a comfortable ultralight sleeping mat is desired. This yellow model is made particularly for summer use since it is not insulated and meant for colder weather. Even though this superb mat is on the thin side, the technology of the Air Sprung Cells will keep you from feeling any kind of debris or hard surfaces under the mat as you sleep.

You can place it on all kinds of surface areas such as forest, desert, and mountain. It is even ideal for use in a hammock for lounging and enjoying the day or night. Those that are most comfortable with the Sea to Summit Mat are those that sleep on their backs.

Side sleepers may have some discomfort depending on their tolerance for body pressure points and level of cushioning needed. However, the majority of users appreciate the comfort that it gives them without adding much to the carrying weight of their pack.


This fabulous company makes five similar Air Sprung Cell mats that could confuse buyers as to which is the best or the one that they would prefer. We will try to shed some light on their differences and similarities for you here. There are the Ultralight Insulated Mat, the Comfort Light Mat, the Comfort Light Insulated Mat, and the Comfort Plus Mat besides this Ultralight Mat we feature in this review.

The Ultralight Mat is most similar to the Ultralight Insulated Mat in use, fabric, number of sprung cells, dimensions, and thickness. It differs in a lower R-value, season rating of just summer compared to the other with 2.5 seasons, packed size which is a bit smaller than the insulated model, and weight that is just three ounces smaller. These are both suitable for ultralight backpacking and bike touring.

The other three models are best for bike touring, camping, and backpacking. The fabric is the same, but the R-values are higher. They are good for 2.5 or 3 seasons and have 2 or 3 times the number of sprung cells than the other two versions.

The dimensions for all mats are the same 6 feet x 21.5 inches (184 x 55 cm). The packed sizes are not much larger than the other two smaller models, and these three products are just a tad bit thicker but substantially more in weight. The best R-values are for the insulated mats, of course. Your points for decisions among these six mat models would be insulated or not, the weight, number of sprung cells, and the seasons you will be using the mat.
Ease of Use

Ease of Use

Included with the purchase of this comfortable mat are a 3M kit for repairs and a nylon high-quality stuff sack. The sack is terrific for carrying and storing the mat when not in use. We want to mention some real testimony from buyers about the comfort of the Ultralight Mat, which may help you decide if this model is the right one for you.

We already mentioned that debris or hard surfaces under the mat would most likely go unnoticed by the user as they sleep. This is due to the Air Sprung Cells and the design of the mat. One person had real pinecones under the mat while he slept, and he could barely feel them. Yes, this seems hard to believe, but several people had similar comments about their use of this item.

It can be a bit noisy, according to some people. As you roll over or move in the night, the mat could make a bit of noise that could wake others, but it is not loud. Some were not comfortable with the movement of the air in the pad after getting on it.

They said the air inside moves to places where there is no weight to make you rest on flat parts of the mat. The best way to combat this is to inflate the mat before you want to use it. To top it off before using it to have it the firmest possible for sleeping.
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

Although the Sea to Summit UltraLight does not have a stellar approval rating from customers, it does not mean that the product is not a good one.

It just indicates that some people felt the Sea to Summit UltraLight was not the right mat for them for one reason or another. Several of these issues are that there is not a choice in color, not insulated, best for only the summer season, and can be a bit noisy when moving on it during the night.

As you can see, these are not flaws of the product but just individual preferences of the product. The included technology and build of the Air Sprung Cells, and the Airstream Pumpsack make this sleeping mat easy to use, simple to inflate, and comfortable for its thickness and lightweight.

The Ultralight Mat is comforting, lightweight, durable, simple to use, easy to inflate, and long-lasting for many years of use outdoors. When minimal weight and comfort are important factors, the Sea to Summit UltraLight can be an essential piece of gear in your pack.