Stanley Adventure Cooler (7-Quart)

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Editor’s Conclusion
Are you ready for an adventure? Since 1913, Stanley has been inventing reliable camping essentials. They’re most well known for their insulated drinkware. In recent years, they have taken this knowledge on a grander scale and begun to make coolers.

The Stanley Adventure Cooler is a great companion. It is available in three different sizes, but today we will discuss the most compact size- the 7-quart version. It’s an ideal size for a lunchbox for those who work long days, or for a hiking trip, or a casual day at the beach. It can keep its contents cold for up to 27 hours.
Stanley Adventure Cooler (7-Quart) Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Very strong leak-resistant gasket

Excellent customer service

Bungee cords on top of the lid

Double foam insulation


Hardware is very stiff at first

Difficult to open after big elevation changes

Only one carrying option

Key Features


This 7-quart cooler is incredibly portable. Empty, it weighs only 3.9-pounds. Of course, the more you pack into it, the heavier it will become, but that’s your choice.

The dimensions are 13.3” in length, 11.1” wide, and 8.6” high. There is a typical handle that can be propped up or pushed over the front or back when you set it down. There are three vertical line indentations that allow you to get a good grip on it. Unfortunately, there are no side handles and no shoulder strap.


A strong secure gasket (rubber lining around the top to keep in the insulation) is common in large coolers, but much less common in lunch box-sized coolers. The Stanley Adventure has an incredibly efficient gasket. It is leak-resistant and creates a very tight seal.

However, too much of a good thing tends to be a bad thing. Sometimes this seal is too tight and makes it difficult to open, especially if you are changing elevations.

Moving on to the insulation, this outdoor cooler can keep your food or drinks cold for up to 27 hours. This, of course, is the maximum amount of time. With normal use and sun exposure, you can expect to shave off a few hours. Either way, Stanley’s estimates were pretty close to reality. The walls feature double foam insulation and the lid has an extra layer. This is ideal because that means it can stand up to the heat of the sun beating down directly on it.

If imagining the size of a cooler by quarts is difficult for you, this product fits nine cans. It’s a great size for a one-day hike or to use as a lunch box for a long day of work. To create even more space inside, you can take advantage of the external bungee cords on the lid. You can secure a Stanley jug or any other insulated drink container.

The color options are pretty basic. You can choose from navy, polar, green, or red. There’s nothing that makes this cooler stand aesthetically out but it isn’t displeasing to look at either.


Unfortunately, this is where most of my concerns come in. That strong, sometimes too strong, rubber gasket I mentioned above comes out of place sometimes. With a bit of common sense and patience, it is usually easy to put back into place, but it is frustrating.

The entire product is made from durable polypropylene with stainless steel accents. It is not rotomolded but does seem to be strong. It won’t survive a fire, but hopefully, that won’t be an issue for you.

Another gripe I have about the durability is the clips used to open and close the cooler. At first, they are incredibly stiff. It’s like there isn’t enough room for you to wiggle your fingers under them enough to open it. I’ve honestly resorted to a screwdriver a few times.

However, once you do get them open, there are times when it seems as though the lid becomes unaligned and it’s difficult to make them lock back into place.

This is where great customer service comes in but these issues are likely to make you think twice about this investment.

Ease of Use

There is no organization built into this model. I’m not saying that’s a good or bad thing, it’s all personal preference. I do appreciate the option to secure a water bottle on top of the cooler to save room inside. Be careful what size bottle you choose to attach because if it is too big, it will interfere with the carrying handle.

If you are hiking or driving through different elevations with the Stanley Adventure, it would be wise to open the latches on your way down the mountain. This will help you avoid the issue of the inside being too pressurized to open later on.


In all honesty, I have to say that this cooler is priced higher than its worth. If you can get it on sale, give it a shot. While perusing the internet, I saw this product listed for many different prices across different sites. Don’t buy it for the first price you see.

One saving grace when considering the price is the great customer service that Stanley offers. They pledge to stand behind their products and they offer a warranty and replacement parts.

Comparison to Similar Coolers

Sticking with Stanley, the Adventure cooler is often compared to the Heritage 7-quart cooler. This version is better to use strictly as a lunch box. It includes an insulated bottle for a hot or cold beverage. The bottle conveniently snaps into place on the lid.

It is the same size as the Adventure cooler. Inside, there are different compartments that make it easy to organize different foods or courses. As an added bonus, the lid can be taken off, flipped over, and used as a lunch tray.

Going back to a classic cooler, the Igloo Playmate Pal 7-quart cooler is a household staple. While coolers have progressed over the past few years, many people forget about this simple, reliable option.

It weighs only 2.2 pounds and has a swivel lid that doubles as a handle. This doesn’t have the insulating technology that will keep the contents cold for days on end, but it’s sufficient for one day’s work. As you may have guessed, Playmate is a more affordable option.


You’ve read the good, the bad, and ugly. You may have noticed that this is not my number one choice in terms of coolers, but it works for some people. It’s not as durable or versatile as other options but it is very well insulated.

If you are looking for something to use lightly, like something to leave in your car while you work or for a picnic in the park, you can count on the Stanley Adventure to keep your items cold. If you are looking for something more rugged, check out some of my other cooler reviews, such as the Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze.