The Heritage Kayaks Redfish Angler 14 Fishing Kayak

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Editor rating: 8.8 / 10
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Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Length of 14 feet and a beam of 30 inches, Heritage Kayaks Redfish Angler 14 has a very efficient hull design and thus, it is one of the fastest dedicated fishing kayaks on the market today.
  • The deep cockpit combined with the adjustable backband make for a reasonably comfortable seat and adjustable foot braces accommodate different size paddlers. In addition, there is a considerable amount of flat space forward of the seat which provides plenty of foot room for standing in the kayak when fishing and the console is perfectly positioned for mounting a rod holder or a fish finder.
  • Paddle keeper mounted on the port gunwale which keeps your paddle contained when fishing and two flush mounted rod holders mounted aft of the seat for trolling.
  • The bow hatch provides a large dry storage area for bulky items and the day hatch is perfectly positioned aft of the seat where it is out of the way but still handy.
  • The biggest drawback to this kayak is its excessive weight of 84 pounds which makes it too heavy for many anglers to be able to load and unload the kayak from a vehicle unassisted.
  • With a length of 14 feet, it may not be as maneuverable as some anglers would like and with a beam of only 30 inches, some paddlers may feel that it is a bit tippy.
  • The seating can be described as a minimum at best and thus, I feel that it could benefit from a more advanced seating system.
  • It is lacking an anchor trolley which I consider to be an essential feature of a dedicated fishing kayak.


One of the first things you notice when fist sitting down in this kayak is the deep cockpit that makes you feel almost like you are sitting in a sit-inside kayak instead of a sit-on-top and the feeling of control that it provides is significant.

Cockpit design

The adjustable back band combined with the adjustable foot braces and the deep foot wells make the cockpit very comfortable and of course, the adjustable foot braces will accommodate paddlers with varying inseam lengths. Another feature that I really appreciate is the room provided in front of the seat unobstructed by either a day hatch or a console and thus, it is very easy to stand in this kayak while fishing.


In addition, the modified hard chine hull is very stable and the molded-in skeg in the stern causes the kayak to track well. However, I like the fact that it is also available with an optional rudder system for paddling on those especially windy days or for those occasions when you exit protected waters into unexpectedly windy conditions.

Additional features

In addition, I felt that positioning the day hatch between the seat and the tank well was an excellent idea since it both creates a large hold and gets the hatch cover out of the way while still keeping it within easy reach and I also felt that placing the paddle clip on the aft, port, gunwale was an excellent idea because it both contains the paddle and gets it out of the way when fishing but also keeps it within easy reach for minor adjustments to your position on the water. On the other hand, I was a bit disappointed to see such meager seating system on such a nice kayak and thus, I feel that it could definitely benefit from being retrofitted with a more elaborate backband/seat cushion combination.

Tank well

Last, the tank well in the stern is perfect for carrying a small cooler or a live bait well and the bow hatch provides access to a rather large hold for storing bulky items that you need to keep dry such as a jacket and/or extra clothing. Thus, although there are some features that I would change about this kayak, all things considered, it is definitely one of my favorites!

Bottom line

Although the seating accommodations and outfitting on this kayak are meager at best, both shortcomings could be alleviated with a little aftermarket customization.

Also, since I am an experienced paddler, I happen to favor long, slim, kayaks over short, wide, ones and thus, this kayak does meet my minimum standards for an acceptable fishing kayak.

Thus, with a little work, I believe that it would make an excellent fishing kayak for reaching those distant locations and/or for punching through the surf zone as well as for fishing on large lakes as well as open bays and sounds due its relatively long length and narrow beam.