Feelfree Lure 10 Fishing Kayak Review

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Editor rating: 8.2 / 10
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Editor's Pros & Cons
  • With a hull length of only 10 feet, the Feelfree Lure 10 is a highly maneuverable fishing kayak. Also, with an extra-wide beam of 36”, it is extremely stable when on the water.
  • Excellent choice for young and/or novice paddlers who need an extra stable platform while developing their angling skills.
  • The seat featured on this kayak can only be described as awesome! In fact, Feelfree’s Gravity Seat is the best kayak seat I have seen so far and, when combined the adjustable foot braces, it makes for a very comfortable seating arraignment.
  • The wide, unobstructed, “standing platform” is the best I have seen on any kayak so far. But, to put icing on the cake, Feelfree has also included a “standing pad” to cushion your feet while fishing!
  • The outfitting is about as complete as you can ask for with four Uni-Track rails and a pair of flush mounted rod holders and there is plenty of dry storage space accessed by the huge bow hatch and a quarter-turn hatch located underneath the center console.
  • Feelfree’s “Wheel-in-the-keel” makes it easy to transport from and back to your vehicle
  • With a length of only 10 feet and an extra wide beam of 36 inches, this is one of the slowest kayaks on the market. Also, with a weight of 69 pounds, it is a rather heavy for such a short kayak.
  • A Large part of the added weight is due to the Gravity Seat which features a rather elaborate molded plastic base with metal framework and thus, I am certain that the kayak could be lightened significantly if the seat was replaced with a simple seat cushion and backrest.
  • This kayak is lacking are a paddle keeper to keep your paddle contained when fishing and an anchor trolley for positioning the kayak either into or with the wind or current.


I have to admit that the designer of this particular kayak has done an excellent job of laying out the cockpit since it incorporates everything you need within easy reach but, still manages to provide a “standing platform” forward of the seat that provides plenty of foot room for standing in the kayak while casting and/or fighting large fish.

In fact, this kayak has one of the best cockpit designs I have seen on any fishing kayak yet! For instance, the Lure 10 features a multi-level, extra wide, patent pending, Gravity Seat which offers a wide range of seat heights that are adjustable with a simple lever and, the seat is removable for easy transport. But, what really sets the Gravity Seat apart is its ability to sit flush on the deck of the kayak when additional stability and a more efficient paddling position are needed for longer distances combined with its ability to be raised to a position of your choice upon arrival at your fishing location for greater visibility.


Also, complimenting the Gravity Seat, are a pair of adjustable foot braces to accommodate paddlers with different inseam lengths and a stand-assist strap to aid you in gaining your feet while in the cockpit as well as a “standing pad” to ease pressure on your feet! Now, if that is not comfortable enough for you, then I am not certain that there is a kayak on the market that will accommodate you!!! Complimenting the excellent seating and standing arraignments are a center console with a quarter-turn hatch for dry storage of small items combined with a pair of Uni-Track rails mounted on either gunwale forward of the seat for positioning your electronics and a pair of flush mounted rod holders on either side aft of the seat. Plus, there is a huge, hinged, bow hatch that enables access to a large, dry, storage hold in the bow and the tank well in the back combined with Uni-Track rails and a bungee cord retainer system is perfect for carrying a small cooler or live bait well.


Last, the Lure 10 also features Feelfree’s patented “wheel in the keel” which makes it easy to transport the kayak to the launch point and back to your vehicle again by simply lifting up on the molded bow handle and then pulling the kayak along behind you as it rolls along on the built-in wheel.

Bottom line

Personally, I find this kayak to be way too short and way too wide for my taste and thus, in answer to this question, I am afraid that “no”, I would not buy one.

On the other hand, if you happen to have a need for a highly maneuverable and extremely stable kayak, then quite frankly, it would be difficult to go wrong choosing this kayak because it does feature an excellent hull design and the seating and outfitting are second to none.

However, due to its emphasis on maneuverability and stability over speed, it is best reserved for fishing on ponds, small lakes, and protected estuaries.