Katadyn BeFree 0.6L Water Filter

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Editor’s Conclusion
We decided to take a closer look at the Katadyn BeFree, as there are a few interesting combinations of features. The filtration system is designed to be light and useful while on the go. This has a high flow nozzle filtration unit (fibrous) attached to a soft plastic bottle. The bottle scoops into the water, a quick squeeze, and it's ready for drinking.

The flow rate is comfortable, user feedback mentions with regular squeezing, these bottles have some durability limitations. They can eventually leak or break so it is a good idea to bring along a reserve bottle in case it's needed. Or, you can go for the option to purchase a more durable bottle. because the filters are compatible with other bottles.

The design of this bottle and filter is good for outdoor activities where you don't want to carry bottles of water. Being on the move and scooping up water allows trail runners to stay on the go while they rehydrate. If you are looking for one of these in a larger capacity, Katadyn also makes the BeFree 3.0L version, which is good for groups of campers and backpackers.
Editor's Pros & Cons

Very easy to use

A quick flow rate

Lightweight, great for ultralight kit



Could be a little more durable

Will not filter viruses

Key Features


The water gives a steady enough flow through the hollow filter system. The flow rate is not dissimilar to drinking from an ordinary bottle just a lightly lower flow rate. This does not require so much work. Many other similar bottle filter systems require a lot of suction to get a good flow of water.

It certainly feels and behaves like a comfortable bottle to drink from while on the go.


This is as easy as it can get. Hold the bottle and scoop up some water from the nearest stream or river, screw on the top and you're ready.

The setup works fine when at a small flowing stream or river it's not so simple if you try in very shallow water. Scooping a bottle requires a reasonable depth of water. If the water is very shallow you will probably pick up a lot of grit and dirt mixed with water. These challenges always arise when using a filter bottle in very shallow water. This can be solved at the time with creativity and determination to get a good amount of water into the bottle.

The Katadyn BeFree has a specific design purpose for people on the go, passing by water sources where it's deep enough to scoop out water. If you're planning a route with shallow level water sources. You should consider the Seychelle Rad/Advanced Water Filter Bottle because it can suck up shallow water through a built-in straw.

Portability and weight

We like this product because it is a well-designed option for bikers and trail runners. Carrying a filter and a soft-flask type bottle that is so light that the weight is meaningless. This is a good alternative to actually carrying a liter or two of water.

This ease of use is why these systems are popular despite the not-so-long durability of the bottle. Soft plastic bottles are available at various levels of durability and easy to replace.

The bottle and mini-filter only weigh 2.1 oz, the filter is short and compatible with many other available plastic bottles. The Katadyn bottle collapses down to fit comfortably in the palm of the hand. Try it in the pocket of a running vest, it fits securely. This is certainly a useful feature that most other bottles do not offer.

Filtering speed

This has on the go speed, fill up the bottle, screw the cap in place and take a sip. For filtering speed, this happens when you start drinking

Unlike most other bottle filtering systems, filtration is immediate and this means you don't have to hang around and wait.


The durability of the bottles eventually raises leaking and breaking issues. You can swap over the filter to a more durable bottle. But you will lose out on how small the Katadyn bottle can collapse down. This will be a durability trade-off that allows the continued use of a very good filter.

The constant collapsing and inflating of the plastic bottle do appear to eventually lead to durability issues. Do bring along a spare collapsible plastic bottle, this can be really useful if you're going for a long distance. User feedback points out that leaks can occur when least expected.

The filter unit is certainly well built from durable plastic and good for about 1000 liters. As a self-contained filter unit, this is sturdy and not prone to breaking. The filtration system does not use any chemicals and is good for stopping bacteria and protozoa.


Cleaning this filter is quick and easy. Hold it under running water to rinse and flush the filter. This is certainly a good filter to purchase, it gives good performance and easy maintenance.
When buying this, consider buying a backup bottle just in case the first bottle produces issues after being used.

Quality of the water

The BeFree filter takes out protozoa and bacteria but cannot remove viruses. This means you will need to judge your choice of sourcing water and certainly avoid stagnant water.

The clear pros are that this filter does remove any unpleasant taste while producing good quality drinking water. With a micron of 0.1-microns, this means a highly effective filtration system through a lattice of filtration tubes.

This filter will clean around 1,000 liters of water before it's time to replace it.


The Katadyn has very similar performances when compared to other water filter systems for ease of use and filtration time. It offers the most collapsible style of water bottle for carrying,

Comparable differences are in how the filter system functions, the filter system size. and can it be used on the go?

The Platypus GravityWorks has comparable water cleaning performance but would slow down a trail runner or mountain biker. It can't scoop and allows a person to stay on the go. Running and carrying the Platypus system would be problematic, it is bulky.

The Sawyer Squeeze has very similar features and performance but weighs more than double and takes 40 seconds for drinkable filtration. However, the Sawyer does have a more durable bottle.

For using while on the go the BeFree is problem-free, easy to scoop up water, and gives the option to immediately drink while moving forward. This is the design purpose and it leads the way for use while running or biking. The filter is excellent, a good investment, and serves the design purpose effectively.

The only con is that you need to look at possibly carrying a backup collapsed bottle or upgrade to a more durable bottle. The filter is the core of this product and offers unique quick performance.


For those looking to be on the go, don't want to carry water but be able to quickly access water. This system is certainly a very good choice. It is designed with on-the-go use in mind.

When empty, this can be carried in a pocket with the filter. The bottle is able to collapse down to very small dimensions. This can be taken out and filled very quickly by scooping up water. The filtration system allows immediate use at a good flow rate.

This is a worthwhile filter system and the bottle durability issue is easy enough to overcome.