Essential Fishing Gadgets For Every Fisherman!

There’s a huge number of  fishing gadgets available for every kind of fisherman, some most advanced and necessary for some anglers than others but definitely, there are some gadgets that are a must have to improve your fishing outings and trips. Every fisherman needs to be well prepared for any inconvenient that could occur while casting your lines. Weather conditions, water conditions, time of the year and what kind of fish you are targeting, among others, are possible scenarios that you need to be prepared for.

Knowing each one of these possible scenarios, you can be prepared for anything. From bad weather to tangled lines, we’ve prepared a list of fishing gadgets that are essential for all fishermen, no matter the style of fishing you do, these items will surely help you in all of you fishing outings, so try to make sure to get as many of this in your tackle box and we promise you’ll have everything covered.

Needle nose pliers

When we get the fish out of the water, one of the first things we want to do is to remove the hook from the fish mouth. If we tried to remove a hook with our bare hands the most probable outcome is that, at some point, we will hurt ourselves. Believe me, a hook on a finger is extremely painful. This is why you need to have a set of Needle nose pliers they allow you to manipulate the hook on the fish’s mouth to safely remove it without the chance of hurting yourself.

They are also a good tool to give your hooks their shape back after fighting a big fish.

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Small first aid kit

While fishing it is extremely normal to get small cuts and get yourself hooked. Even if you are extremely careful and have never got a cut, you need to remember that some of the tools you are using while fishing are sharp and can be harmful even for the most experienced anglers so this is a gadget that must be in every fisherman tackle box. It doesn’t has to be big, or have all the things you find in a regular first aid kit. The ideal fishing first aid kit should include: a small container with isopropyl alcohol or oxygenated water to clean and disinfect cuts, band aids to protect and stop any wound from bleeding, aspirin for long exposure to sun induced headaches

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Something that have in common all types of fishing practices is that most of the time, unless you are fishing in Alaska in the dark season, you’ll be exposed to the sunlight for long periods of time but that takes a toll on our skin, being exposed to the sunlight directly for long periods of time can lead to insolation and skin burns, that it why it is extremely important to use sunscreen every time you go out for a fishing trip.

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Fishing Gloves

This gadget is a MUST have for every fisherman. Anglers are often dealing with situations that can be turn in to harmful situations, handling hooks, assembling your rods and lines, removing hooks from the mouth of a fish, and even having to lift the fish out of the water with your hand, avoid touching the poisonous barbs some fish have. All of these activities have a potential risk of injuring you, and as a fisherman you need to protect yourself form hurting your hands. For Fishing you need use your hands all the time, getting your hands hurt can mean to stop fishing for the day or for weeks.

It is really important to protect yourself while fishing and dealing with live animals and have a pair of gloves.

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Sinkers & Weights

One of the most used equipment’s in fishing, sinkers are something that must be on every angler tackle box, and this gadget allows you to get your lines longer distances and to sink to the bottom of the waters allowing you to catch the bigger fish that live in deeper waters. They are generally made of lead, they come in different shapes and different forms to tie them to your lines.

Sinkers and weights can be home made, all you need to do is to get some lead from tire repair shop for the wheel weights of from junk yards and melt them yourself and pour in in to a mold. It is not hard enough and the heat produced by a kitchen stove is more than enough to melt the lead. Even when it is seems very easy, always wear protective equipment while doing your own weights, melted lead can cause third-degree burns so if you decide to make your own, proceed with extreme care.

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Bobbers, also known as floaters are a great tool that allows you to know when the fish has taken the bait, most common bobber are the plastic white and red ones that can be attached to the line, or the elongated ones, there are also the slip bobbers which allow you to move them along the line so you can give more or less length for your bait to stay submerged at the exact deep you need it.

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Tackle box

This is simply the most important of your gadgets, this is the piece of equipment that will hold all of the stuff you need to do your fishing the way you like it. They allow you to store in an organized manner all of your fishing gears, from hooks to lures and lines, you can have all of your equipment well organized and with ease of access. They come in different many materials and shapes. From cases to bags, there is a tackle box for every fisherman, some more comfortable and lightweight for  kayaks and  other heavier with higher capacities for off the water fishing.

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Multi Tool

Most of the times you go out fishing you’ll have to deal with hooks inside the fish, fish barbs, tangled lines, bait cutting, fish cleaning and more, if you like to save space and have a single gadget with many functions, then a multi-tool is best suited for you, you get at least two different knives, needed nose pliers, two different screwdrivers very useful when you plan on giving your reels a maintenance session. Depending on your budget, and on what your needs are you can find multi tools with different set of features that suit well for fisherman use.

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Scissors or Clipper

Everyone has have to deal with a tangled line in their fishing careers, in fact tangled lines are very common,  among fisherman of all levels, and of  the most important things you need to be able to do is to effectively cut tangled lines from your equipment to avoid any damage. And the most efficient way to do it is believe it or not, ask around among other fisherman, one of the best ways to deal with tangle lines are nail clippers, they are extremely easy to use and store and unlike knifes or scissors, that need to be stored in special pockets, you will never have to worry about getting hurt while cutting a tangled line.

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Fishing Hat

Every fisherman should have a fishing hat, not only because it is a great protection from the sunlight but it also reduces the excessive amount of light over your eyes, it  protects against neck burns and insects while giving you the right ventilation systems to keep your head and neck cool while fishing. Also there are a ton of different option on waterproof fishing hats that will allow you to fish even on rainy days. And never worry about a strong wind ripping the hat from your head as they also come with a chin strap that allows you to use your hat and secure it to your body so no weather conditions can take your hat away

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Fish Finders

Are you planning to go fishing on a kayak or a boat then having one of these might be very handy. These devices, derived from the fathometer, a device for measuring the depths of the water, use a sonar system to give the angler the right information to identify the presence of underwater debris, schools of fish and the bottom of the water body to improve the fishing experience of the angler.

Two of the most important things you have to  consider before buying a fish finder is what are you going to use it for. Are you going to use it for lakes or deep waters? Are you going to use it for open ocean fishing? Depending on the answer to these question you might need something different. Usually the amount of power they have reflects on the wattage. In simple terms, the greater wattage means faster screen readings but also are better for deep waters, while lesser wattage is more recommended for shallow waters

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Bait, Lures and Plastic worms

Bait can be subdivided in two categories, natural bait and artificial bait. Natural baits often come in the form of worms and insects and even fish (dead or alive) and have to be attached to a hooks so when the fish eats the piece of bait they will get hooked

Lures and plastic worms are different, they are manmade bait that takes the form of small fishes or plastic worms, these gadgets use their unique design features to mimic the movement of real live bait and comes with one or more hooks inside the body of the lure.

The great thing of artificial bait is that simulating an actual prey, they force the bigger fish  to take action and eat the hook disguised in the bait of the lure and are extremely reusable and well-made lures can last for a life time

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Fishing Scales

You have got a huge fish out of the water, what’s the first thing you want to do? To measure how much it weights, there are small scales for fishing designed for every kind of fishing, from small to big fishes can be weighted right at the time of the catch no matter if you are on solid ground or offshore in a boat, this is a huge tool to help you know how much carrying capacity you have left and how much more fish you can carry.

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There are a huge amount of different nets for fishing, most of the anglers will need of the kind of net that works to help you haul out your fish from the water. Other types of nets include the rounded weighted ones used in net fishing to catch several small fish at the same time throwing a large net over an area.

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Fishing vests

Vests are just extremely useful for the modern day fisherman, they come with enough storage spaces to help you carry around all that you need to do your fishing without having to carry around all of your tackle. The come in different styles and lengths featuring different number of pockets but there one that suites every kind of need so make sure to look at your options before deciding

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Ice box

If you plan on eating the fish you catch, then you need to keep them as fresh as possible while you get home and store it in your freezer for when you want to it. But while you are out fishing the best option you have is to keep the fish on an icebox so they will remain fresh for much more time.

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