Minn Kota Endura Transom Mount Trolling Motor

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Minn Kota Endura Transom Mount Trolling Motor Review Facts

The Minn Kota Endura Transom Mount Trolling Motor is an upgraded model for the Endura series of motors. Crafted for freshwater use, it has a five-speed motor, a lever lock bracket, a telescoping handle, and a tough composite shaft. There is a ten-position bracket with a lever lock and quick release that is unaffected by UV damage, warping, and flexing. Perfect for small and medium boats and freshwater activities, it is inexpensive, lightweight, silent, and cool. The ideal aspect of this model is the enhance bearing system that makes it free of noise. This is important when you are moving into water territories and do not want the fish or wildlife to hear the boat motor. The maximum thrust is 55 pounds, plus you get a power prop and a battery of twelve volts. Some of the qualities are lock/tightening for the steering, depth control, tilt shaft, and speed control. If you want an excellent motor for trolling at an economical cost, then the Minn Kota Endura may just be the product you need for your boat

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Long-lasting and durable for many years of use
  • Break away the mounting system on impact
  • Bracket is not harmed by UV damage, warping, or flexing
  • Composite shaft is indestructible and tough
  • Made for freshwater and small/medium boats
  • Lock bracket is stronger than before
  • Quiet, cool, and lightweight motor
  • Inexpensive and controls are easy
  • Buyers say the reverse speeds are not the best
  • Handle does not pivot from top to bottom like previous models
  • Wires for the battery connection could be longer


Minn Kota is well-known for constructing the most innovative and toughest trolling motors on the market. Their water anchors are the quietest, the fastest, and the deepest-reaching ones available. Those anchors possess battery chargers that are the most advanced in the industry. Chances are when you see a well-performing motor on the water today, it will be a Minn Kota model. It is a respected brand that has an excellent reputation to back up its well-engineered products. Many online customers sing the praises of this company and this model of trolling motor that they love and are glad they purchased.


The Endura is long-lasting and durable for many years of use. You can break away the mounting system on impact quite easily when you are finished for the day. It is simple to reset and will guard your boat transom and motor from hazards that may not be apparent at first. Plenty of users attest to the almost indestructible quality of this product, as they have used it in less than adequate conditions with it still going strong. It is a tough motor for hauling heavy loads in small and medium boats in freshwater.


With plenty of flexible features on this item, you can adjust your navigation as you like. Use the back-trolling mode instantly with the steering that is agile and quick. The exceptional motor will stow and then deploy with the simple button push. It is lowered or raised with a button when the fishing conditions and water depth change during the trip. There are five modes for steering and five speeds, as we discuss in another section. Being ever so flexible to your needs on the water, Minn Kota has you covered with this trolling motor made just for you.

Key Features

-10-position, rugged bracket with a lever lock and quick release
-5 forward speed settings and 3 settings for reverse
-Maximum thrust is 55 pounds; weight is 29 pounds
-Tough composite shaft of 36 inches
-Comes with a power prop and telescoping handle
-Warranty of two years
-12-volt battery
-New head design with comfort grip
-Lock bracket is stronger than before
-Motor shaft is guaranteed for life
-Enhanced bearing system decreases noise


This is a reliable motor that provides unyielding toughness, easy control, and instant responsiveness when you need it. The special tiller handles were created to make your fishing excursions comfortable and easy. It has a 10-position, rugged bracket with a lever lock featuring a quick release. The bracket is made of composite reinforce material that will not be affected by UV damage, warping, or flexing. When you are out on the water, you need your motor to be dependable and reliable for whatever comes up. The Endura is one of the best for responding to the needs of the freshwater fisherman.


There are five forward speed settings and three settings for reverse speed. The power prop gives you added power to cut through heavy vegetation you encounter. This particular model comes with the washer, nut, and prop pin for easy installation. We address the speeds in the Ease of Use section, but we want to mention here briefly what customers online are saying about the reverse speeds of this excellent motor. It seems like the three reverse speeds could use some improvement since some people report that their boat does not move well or fast in reverse. It is good for just simple backing up but cannot be counted on for any distance in reverse. Maybe this is just a safety feature that the manufacturer has put into place or something they need to improve for future models.


This is one of the more stable models of the Endura series. The composite shaft is indestructible and tougher than steel. This shaft will not corrode, kink, or break because when impacted, it flexes to bend and remain in perfect condition. Enjoy quiet and cool power from your model. Heat is dissipated well with the extra-large commutators and windings. This makes for an extended motor life, longer battery power, and much cooler operation. Friction is reduced with this power that would normally spook fish in the water with the special bearing system. This is one of the major improvements to this motor series. The ability to move the boat in the water and not alert the fish that you are there is now possible with this very quiet motor.


Engineered for freshwater use, the Minn Kota Endura has a five-speed motor with a lever lock bracket and a telescoping handle of six inches. It comes with a power prop, a tough composite shaft of 36 inches, and a battery of twelve volts. The maximum thrust is 55 pounds, and it weighs just 29 pounds. This model is the upgrade for the proven Endura series. It comes with a warranty of two years and an enhanced bearing system to decrease noise. The head design is new with a handle of comfort grip, and the lock bracket is stronger than before. The motor shaft is guaranteed for the life of the product unlike other models, plus it runs quieter and cooler. You will have a hard time finding a trolling motor that can beat this product for the same economical price.


The enjoyable features that you get with the Endura model are lock/tightening for the steering, depth control, tilt shaft, and speed control at a affordable price. Using this motor is so easy because of the several qualities it has to make your boating and fishing that much more enjoyable. We want to address some negative points we found in customer feedback online in this section. It has to do with using the motor, so it is most appropriate. The most repeated complaint we found was about the reverse speeds that we mentioned briefly earlier. These speeds do work, but they could be much better for navigation and maneuvering the watercraft. You can reverse, but it is not usable for long distances in reverse, such as backing out of reeds or marsh for several yards. A couple of buyers stated that the handle does not pivot from top to bottom as previous models do. This was not a frequent complaint. Another point that was brought up by more than a few people were the wires for the battery connection. These could be longer to be more user-friendly, as some people had to be crafty in positioning their batteries in a usable way for the motor. Otherwise, using this terrific motor is simple and easy.


There are several versions of the Endura Trolling Motor on the market, and even this one has various thrust amounts. The C2 55 version has a 55-pound thrust and a shaft of 36-42 inches. This review is mostly geared toward the Endura C2 50. You can choose from 30, 40, 45, 50, and 55-pound thrusts for this model depending on your needs and boat size. The Endura C2 is the most trusted and hardest working transom-mount known in the industry today. The Endura Max has the digital maximizer to booster the battery and is legendary among fishermen for being one of the best trolling motors being offered.


The steering control with the telescoping tiller is convenient and comfortable for anyone to use. It will extend for versatile fishing for as much as six inches. By extending, it gives the driver a lot of freedom in how close they must be to the motor for steering. There is also a chart on the company’s website for help with the depth of the motor to the water line when in use. it is quite helpful for those who might be new to using this type or brand of boat motor. This tiller is on both the Endura Max and the Endura to please both types of buyers of this model series.

Ease of Use

The product details and descriptions are essential to have and understand, but we feel that the true measure of a product comes from the ones who have bought it and are using it regularly. These folks are the customers who leave their valuable feedback in their reviews. For the Minn Kota Endura, the results are great. We want to repeat what others are saying about this superb item. They say that it is still going strong after abusing it a lot, it pulls heavy loads, and is silent when operating. It is energy efficient, easy to operate and install, and lightweight enough for a young child to tote. The battery is long lasting, and the controls are easy. As an inexpensive and great motor, The Endura is ideal for small and medium boats for freshwater activities.

Power Source

The life of the battery for this incredible motor really surprised plenty of people. Some buyers used it all day long out on the water and returned home with over 50% of their battery left. We noticed that a lot of customers were pleasantly pleased with the long battery life when fully charged. This is very important for a boat motor battery since a dead or low battery would mean that you could not get back to land without paddling. It is nice to see that this vital feature is so noticed and applauded from so many buyers.

Bottom Line

Taking all the aspects and characteristics of this item into account, we have to admit that the pros outweigh the cons by a very large margin. The negative qualities of the Endura are minimal when you consider all that this motor does to make your fishing experience pleasurable and easy. The reverse speeds not working as well as users would like them to might be a flaw or it could possibly be a safety feature the maker imposed on the product. You should be able to go in reverse for a distance if you want to without any problems. The non-pivoting handle and the wires for the battery are minor issues that are not so much flaws with the item as they are features that were built into the product. With each model of this marvelous series of trolling motors, the manufacturer adds in the features and aspects that customers would like to have. the Endura is easy to use, flexible, dependable, durable, and has a long battery life. We think it is an excellent freshwater trolling boat motor, just like the majority of its satisfied and happy customers do.