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Salomon Outpath Pro GTX Review Facts

The Outpath Pro GTX is a ready-to-go mid-height hiking boot that needs no breaking in. Simply slip on, tie at the hikers desired height, zip up, fasten, and start the adventure. With the stability of a great hiking boot but with the lightweight feel of a runner, this is just the right fit for an experienced hiker or someone who has just discovered the love of hitting the trails. The Pro GTX will take its hiker anywhere they want to go.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Ankle support when needed
  • Hidden laces
  • Multiple layers of textiles
  • Waterproof but still breathable
  • Extra protection around toe, heel, and sole
  • Men’s and Women’s sizes available
  • Limited availability in wider widths
  • Less than five color choices


This incredible durability of this outsole has a deep tread to keep a firm grip on an array of different surface types. Be it large stones, sand, or riverside pebbles, the Outpath Pro GTX will allow continuous movement at whatever pace is chosen by the hiker without the worry of losing traction. The outsole is made out of a very high tech innovative material that provides for an extended life of the shoe and brings many great explorations to shoe owners.


A well-designed midsole seamlessly brings the shoe together with flexibility and durability. With a trusted water barrier, hikers can blaze the trails or create their own new paths without the worry of water seepage or damage to this innovative shoe. With protection surrounding the shoe and extraordinarily generous dimensions, the midsole is exactly what any experienced hiker needs and expects from a high-quality shoe. Not only does the midsole provide all this protection but it is also crafted with a nice-looking design to tie the appearance of the shoe together.


The amazing innovation of this versatile hiking shoe lies in the upper portion. With multiple layers of specially designed materials, fast pace hikers can rest assured knowing their shoe will not easily sustain rips and tears from vigorous hiking. With two lacing options, the mobility of the hiker is not limited to a tight lace mid-height shoe or a low lace quick pace running shoe. Rather the user can choose high lace for ankle support on steep terrain or a regular lace for quick movement. Whichever lace style is chosen the laces are then covered with an added layer of fabric that zips over the laces. This zipping protection takes away the worry of laces coming untied and becoming a tripping hazard plus it adds an extra layer to keep debris out of the hiker’s shoe.


The Outpath Pro GTX is amazingly lightweight. Weighing in at only 14 ounces the hiker who owns this shoe will not be disappointed in the comfort and airiness of this product. With the ability to provide the protection of a good hiking boot and the easy to maneuver weight of a runner will not disappoint. Finding the right balance of weight and lightness is a highly important part of a good hiking shoe or boot. The Outpath Pro GTX will not disappoint with its unique balance of these features.


Specially designed materials are layered on top of each other, in a crossing pattern to allow strength and breathing ability. To stop the inside of the shoe from becoming stuffy and overly hot this design is a perfect option for all hikers. Being able to allow air flow and still wick away water is a must-have for a multiple terrain shoe. When looking closely at the materials used to create this unique shoe the passage of air can easily be explained and apricated. But the layering of the different patterns of fabric help to provide the other great features of this shoe.


The comfort level of these hikers cannot be surpassed. The Salomon company has been in the shoe business for many years, they have worked extremely hard to perfect the comfort of a hard-working shoe. With the right amount of support in all the right places, hikers will find comfort that exceeds other shoes and allows the comfort to continue well after the hiking is done. The hiker using the Outpath Pro GTX will not feel the need to automatically take the shoes off and switch to a more comfortable pair when returning to their campsite. Choosing a comfortable sock to accompany the fantastic comfort of this shoe would only make the hike better.


The design is not lacking in this shoe at all. The look of the Outpath Pro GTX will not disappoint anyone. With modern and fresh colors these shoes are stylish and functional. There has been much thought and design put into even the smallest details, from the separate layers of textiles to the carefully designed midsole. A deeper examination of these small details can only add pleasure to the user’s experience. Astatically pleasing to the consumer's eye the fashion-forward material color choices make this a great modern choice for the modern hiker. Hikers will feel so stylish in these shoes they might desire to dress up more of their hiking wardrobe with a new fleece to sport with their fashionable new hiking shoes.


A combination of all the great design features of the Outpath Pro GTX was not only made to be pleasing to the eye, although they are, the main reason behind each detail is to assure durability. The longevity of these shoes comes first to the design team. This is obvious upon examination and use of the shoe. Salomon has a great track record of highly durable shoes across the board and this particular design does not fall short of their standards. The durability of these hiking shoes is so great hikers might feel as if they have a multi-purpose tool at their feet’s disposal.


With the added textiles added to the flap covering the laces that has a zipper closure hiker immediately know they have extra protection against things penetrating into the inside of the shoe. Some of the elements that could get into a low riding shoe do not have as high of a chance with the duel layers wrapped around the ankles. The textiles used are specially designed to have added protection against rips, cuts, and tears. Plus, the innovative materials used for the soles of the shoe with the deep tread leave the hiker not worrying if they are protected or not. The choice of materials used to make this shoe also helps wick away water. However, if the hiker is looking for even more waterproof protection adding in a waterproof sock would be a welcomed addition.


The flexibility of this shoe gives an amazing response time to both the hiker's movements from within the shoe and the response to the terrain underfoot. With a good gripping deep tread sole, the terrain does not stand a chance. Then with the added mid-height ankle support the hiker has more control and support over where the shoe goes and how it handles its self. The Outpath Pro GXT is top notch in responding to the hikers every need and movement. A lot of hikers have their large breed dogs along with them for the adventure. While hiking is an amazing bonding time with fur friends, they can sometimes throw off our balance. With these shoe's responsiveness, hikers can feel more in control of the hiking situation. There are many other tools that help hikers with fur-mates in tow.


The added option of high lace or low lace gives the hiker a choice of ankle support when laced all the way. The textile choices of the design team allow for a flexible support system that gives just the right amount of versatility. Supporting the hiker's foot very well while still allowing all the other needs of a lightweight flexible hiking shoe. Without having to make the choice to buy a high-top shoe or a regular height shoe makes the need to choose obsolete. The design team of this shoe really outdid themselves with the ankle support that wraps around not only on the inside when laced to the top but also after the zipper is zipped and the fasten is pushed down to its counterpart.


This is a highly capable shoe. The places you can hike are endless. It could be on a light trail, or off trails. The types of terrain these could be found when the hiker is walking along a river bank that is sandy, or a forest covered by freshly fallen autumn leaves. Perhaps a mountainside with narrow paths and loose stones, large and small. The hiker who owns these shoes can go all over the place. All the hiker needs to do is pick a starting trail and see where the terrain takes them. The endless choice of terrain options means endless possibilities for the hiker to choose from. The hiker will be able to experience so many new amazing locations that they will need an amazing camera to document the adventures.


The price point is important with any purchase. Everyone has experience with getting what they spend their money on. These hiking shoes are at the perfect price point where the buying hiker will get every penny they spend out of the shoe plus they will be getting a high-quality product at a reasonable and affordable price. When hiking is a part of life, hikers need the right equipment and to get the best they spend what they need to in order to be prepared. With these shoes, hikers can have the shoes with budget room for other hiking accessories!


While these hiking shoes fit the foot pretty well, one thing that cannot be ignored is the traction quality. It is superb and highly comparable to similar high-end hiking shoes. The tread of these shoes has been tested for its flex and depth to assure the buyer of quality and a high-performance level that is amazing. In order to not limit the hiker to only a few types of terrain, the traction on these shoes gives the owner the freedom to travel to many locations with different types of terrain and not worry about if the shoe will be suitable traction or not. If the hiker is looking for high altitudes they might also want to check out the best altimeter watches out there, to help track and log how high they can climb with the Pro GTX!


Versatility and flexibility is something that is obvious when wearing the Outpath Pro GTX hiking shoes. To have the ability to go from flat ground to pebbles, to rocks, to boulders and back to camp again gives the hiker the flexibility to wear the same shoes without lugging extra shoes around for different environments. Not to mention the actual flex of the shoe, to bend at such degrees while wearing give the hiker a good grip on the trail. Many runners use hiking to improve their running abilities, so the flexibility of the Pro GTX goes perfectly with this plan giving the runner/hiker the best stretch in their foot.


The strength of these shoes tells the hiker wearing them that they are stable. With a well-balanced level and good depth tread, the shoe is given a superb stability rating. Stability is a very important factor in shoe especially a hiking shoe with such versatility. Although the shoe flexes and bends with the ease of each movement the hiker gives it the stability is unwavering. To keep the foot in a structured formation, but still flexible, while protecting the foot gives the Pro GTX the best Stability a hiker could ask for.

Heal-to-Toe Drop

The distance from the heel to toe drop is a carefully calculated height and weight equation that Salomon has configured to a T. They have done a great job of knowing how to make the most functional most responsive drop possible for their hiking shoes. This is one of the main reasons for the continual comfort level and longevity of the Outpath Pro GTX. The actual measurement of the drop is difficult to list because each size of shoe would change that measurement, however with the precision and consideration of every other aspect of this shoe the gate of the drop is spot on.

The Bottom line

Any hiker looking for a new top of the line, versatile hiking shoe that can handle quick speed and most terrains the Outpath Pro GTX is the right choice of shoe. With the added ankle support and specifically designed comfort worked into every aspect of the shoe makes for the only hiking shoe a hiker will need. This hiking shoe is the ideal all-encompassing workhorse of hiking boot/shoe that every hiker will be satisfied with.

Hikers could choose to buy multiple pairs of hiking shoes and boots to get the very best out of their hiking experience, but Salomon’s Outpath Pro GTX shoe model has wrapped everything up into one very nice package to last through all stages of the hiking experience. Hikers can now save the space in their hiking packs and simply let the adventure begin with versatile and comfort wrapped around their feet knowing they have gotten the very best hiking shoe for a great price.