Salomon X-Scream 3D

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Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Very tough and sturdy design
  • Good price overall
  • Great support
  • A bit of a heavier shoe


Salomon, the firm behind the X-Scream 3D shoe, was born in the French Alps – and this heavyweight trainer looks like it could stand to go a few rounds with a mountain.

This bruiser of a trainer was designed for running on hard surfaces - its creators intending it to be a hybrid trail and road shoe.

Despite the temptation of the trail I stuck to roads while testing this shoe, managing 40 miles over six runs, but it was before even stepping out the door that this trainer delivered its first surprise.

As it seems is common with Salomon’s footwear, the X-Scream 3D boasts what the firm refers to as its Quicklace system. In practice this means the laces are stitched together with the ends covered with a rubberised bar. You then pull a toggle to the desired tightness.

At first look, these thin little laces seemed out of place on such a tough-looking shoe. I was sure they’d snap super-fast meaning a tricky replacement job. However, the firm confirmed the laces are made partly from Kevlar – a material more commonly used in body armour (told you these shoes were tough).

What I didn’t quite grasp at first was that on the front of the tongue was a little pouch the rubber piece could be tucked into to stop the laces flapping about as you run. Once I discovered this I started to warm to the system – I’m rubbish at tying laces and so I’m extremely paranoid when running that they are coming undone – meaning too much time checking my feet and not enough time watching the road ahead.

Taking to the road, it quickly became obvious these tough-as-nails trainers were a little heavier than I’m used to. Weighing in at 323g they made previous shoes - 290g Adidas runners – look like featherweights.

I felt like my pace was taking a pounding on the first few runs – but as I got used to the extra weight this hardy shoe’s stability gave me the confidence to push it a bit more – making up the lost ground.

The heavy shoe also showed no signs of having a negative effect on my legs. In the past I’ve suffered from pain in my right glute. While the right-side is still pretty tight, running in the X-Scream 3D didn’t leave me with that all too familiar dull ache in my buttock the evening after a session.

These hardwearing bad boys look like they could shrug off 500 miles on the road or a good six months of wear without any tear. And putting their money where their mouth Salomon promise a two-year warranty on their shoes.

Retailing at about £110 - that's the price direct from Salomon - they aren’t the cheapest on the market, but neither are they astronomically expensive – particularly given their sturdy profile. Plus, if looks are your thing there’s a great selection of different colors – there’s a particularly garish yellow and red number out there.

If you are looking for a tough, hardwearing city shoe you’d do well to plump for the X-Scream 3D so long as you don’t mind carrying that extra bit of weight as you run.