Skiing Etiquette: How To Behave On The Slope

Skiing Etiquette: How To Behave On The Slope Skiing Etiquette: How To Behave On The Slope

If you’re a beginner, there is a lot of chance that you absolutely have no idea about skiing etiquette. Finding yourself on a ski trail surrounded with other skiers probably doesn’t seem like a big deal to you and that’s why you have to be familiar with certain rules so you and those around you can have a blast during the ski holiday.

The Rules of Behaving While Hitting a Ski Slope:

  • Have respect for other skiers
  • Control your speed
  • Overtaking should be done carefully
  • No stopping on the piste unless it’s really necessary
  • Pay attention to information, signs and margins
  • Help other skiers
  • Forget about skiing on closed trails
  • Be kind to beginners
  • In case you want to ride the lift with your crew, wait for them outside the lift line
  • No cigarettes on the lift
  • Share your table or give extra seat to someone during lunchtime

Have respect for other skiers

Like in every situation in our lives, it’s important that we respect others. When you’re on the ski trail, you should behave in such a manner which doesn’t expose other skiers to unnecessary risk.

Speed Control

We know that in those moments when you’re pumped up with adrenaline and you’re full of energy, you want to see how fast you can ski, but there is a certain place and time to do that. Overcrowded ski trails aren’t the place for that.


When comes to overtaking, you should be aware of certain rules. It is okay to overtake another skier from the right or  left, however, you will need to make sure you leave the other person enough room to safely maneuver if needed.


In case you really need to stop on the piste, it’s okay, but you need to move off as soon as you possibly can. As you probably know, stopping in a narrow spot where there is less visibility is dangerous for everyone, including yourself.


Pay attention to information, signs and margins

Every skier must respect all margins and signs, because if they weren’t important they wouldn’t be there. Also, you should always pay attention to weather and snow conditions so you can be safe on the ski trail.

Help other skiers

When you see that a skier needs some help, you should stop and do your best to help him. As simple as that. You never know when you will need help so you might want to think about the saying “You rip what you sow”.

Forget about skiing on closed trails

Do we really need to explain this rule? For those of you who find skiing on closed trails interesting and exciting, you might want to think again about the risks that you’re exposing yourself to. Some people doesn’t seem to realize that the words “closed trails” actually mean “don’t go there under any circumstances”. There are various reasons why the trails are closed and it’s definitely not your job to discover them.

Be kind to beginners

Whether you alone are a beginner or not, you should be kind and respectful to other skiers that aren’t so confident on skis. Moreover, newbies can be quite unpredictable because they are still learning. So, next time you see a skier that needs extra space for skiing, make sure that you don’t bother him and keep a safe distance between the two of you.

In case you want to ride the lift with your crew, wait for them outside the lift line


We know that it’s exciting when you have friends around you but what isn’t exciting is when you cut ahead of other skiers to reach your friend. So, be aware of people around you and everything will be fine.

No cigarettes on the lift

Is there anything worse than people who light a cigarette on the lift? Actually, there isn’t. Not only that is rude but it’s also harmful. Keeping in mind that you’re not alone and that some people around you can have medical issues, will keep your hands away from that cigarette box. There are a time and a place when you can enjoy smoking, but smoking on the lift certainly is not appropriate.

Lunch time

Have ever happened to you that someone refused to share a table with you? Needless to say, that wasn’t okay and you felt uncomfortable. Well, we can’t control others around us but what we can do is to be an example. Next time, when you find yourself in the mountain eatery, keep that in mind. Be polite to other skiers and if you have an extra seat, offer to someone who is standing. That person will appreciate that a lot, and you will get a chance to chat a little bit. A mountain eatery is a perfect place for meeting new people.


Conclusion: Now that you’ve gone through these rules, it’s time that you implement them so you can fully enjoy skiing with your friends.