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Allen Bike Rack Review Facts

Made in the USA, the Allen Sports Deluxe 4-bike hitch rack is tough and durable, featuring a strong construction, reliable durability, and superb functionalities. The individual tie-down design will ensure that your bicycles are safe and secure throughout your journey, and the padding will help to prevent scratches on either your vehicle or bike. Mounting an Allen Sports Bike Rack to your car will make transporting your cycle so much easier; making this the ideal choice if you wish to take your bikes camping, hiking, or out on a road trip.

Allen Sports’ useful and affordable bike racks are a popular choice amongst those who need to shift their rides from A to B. The rack has a vast amount of positive reviews online, with the majority of users having no issues at all and welcoming the fantastic affordability of this rack. If you are looking for a bike rack on a budget, the Allen Sports option could be the perfect choice for you. Although, this may depend on the model of your vehicle and bike, and it is always important to check whether your car is compatible prior to purchase. If you would like to find out more about the Allen Sports Deluxe hitch mount range, check out our in-depth review for more information and the highs and lows of this transportation solution.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Super affordable
  • Durable
  • Compatible with a wide range of vehicles
  • Comes pre-assembled
  • There may be some bounce
  • Possible scratches on either the bike or vehicle
  • Weight limit


Providing some of the best bike racks on the market, Allen Sports are well known around the world for being a reliable brand; offering excellent affordability without compromising durability and quality. Based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, they have been creating racks for the outdoor enthusiast for over 50 years.

It all began when Dick Allen, a Harvard- trained physicist, lost his job on the Apollo program in 1967. With a passion for cycling and a brain for aerodynamics and engineering, Allan decided to create a better solution to transporting your bikes; creating the trunk-mounted rack. There are now so many different variations of the Allen Sports range, and they are committed to producing bicycle racks that are high quality and user- friendly. Ensuring years of service, Allen Sports promises lifetime satisfaction.


Overall, the Allen Sports Deluxe bike rack is a versatile rack that offers exceptional value for money. The model discussed here is a four bike rack, with the ability to hold up to 4 bicycles at the same time, but it is also available in either a 2 bike or a 3 bike version. Keeping your bikes in place throughout transportation, the 4-bike rack is the perfect option for a family trip. You will easily be able to transport two adult bikes and two children’s bikes, but it is important to ensure that you consider the weight limit.

The 102D carry arms on this bike rack allow for excellent stability, and they rotate to allow for a wide range of different bikes. However, you may have some issues with a woman’s bike that has a low crossbar. If you are shopping for a bike with a non-traditional form or a particularly low crossbar, you may need to purchase an Allen Sports Bicycle Adaptor.
Conveniently, you can also tilt the rack back if when you need to gain access to your trunk and the rack also folds away into a compact size for easy storage. There have also been some concerns reported regarding this bike rack blocking your license plate, which could result in a ticket in some areas and we would definitely advise checking out the car compatibility page over on the Allen Sports USA website. It has been suggested that the rack is limited in functionality in comparison with other models and others have proposed that this rack is better suited to short journeys. Although, it is also noted that have been many reviews online where the driver has gone long distances using this rack with no issues at all.


Stability is possibly the most important feature to consider when you are choosing a bike rack, and it is important to select one that offers peace of mind. The Allen Sports Deluxe is reported to be a convenient and stable rack, but reviews online have suggested that there is a little too much bounce and movement to allow for an entirely comfortable drive.

Allen’s patented tie-down system will keep your bikes safe and secure whilst you drive, and the No- Wobble Hitch rack minimizes wobble whilst you drive. Aiming to eliminate rack movement when it is inside the hitch, there has been some that have suggested that this does not prevent sway. A number of online users have indicated that they do not have the peace of mind that they have with other models. It can be a worry transporting your bike on the road, and it is always important to ensure that your bicycle(s) is properly tied down to prevent the risk of an accident. We recommend checking your bike regularly throughout the journey and using extra ties to increase stability.


With regard to protecting and your vehicle, the padding on the lower frame of the bike rack ensures that your bicycles are kept away from the back of the car. The Allen Sports Deluxe also features rubber mounts to protect your vehicle and foam cushions that also work to support the rack and prevent scratching.

It is always a concern as to whether the bike rack will scratch your vehicle, and the Allen Sports bike rack does not have the best reputation for this. One reviewer even reported that the paint had been worn down completely on the crossbar of his bike and another suggested that scratches were inevitable with this model. As far as reviews online go, there have been several reports of scrapes with the Deluxe hitch rack, and we would advise ensuring that all of the contact points are kept clean.

Also, always be careful when you are loading and unloading your bike and put steps in place to reduce the risk. When you are driving, the wind can result in the tire moving, which causes the pedal to move and increases the risk of damage, so we would always recommend making sure that you tie down the pedal properly. You could add extra padding, straps, and ties to keep things secure, with many reviewers saying that they tied the handlebars and put socks over the pedals. However, even with such safety measures in place, it may not be wise to use this rack to transport high-end premium bicycle due to the possibility of some scratch or frame damage when the rack is at maximum capacity.

The lack of security is definitely a concern for some, and you may wish to invest in additional security features if you plan on leaving your vehicle unattended. There is not a lock on the rack, and it features very little protection from theft. Anyone with the appropriate wrench can easily remove the bikes from the rack, and this is definitely a deterrent for those who have top-tier premium cycles.


The durable steel construction and careful design mean that this Allen Sports bike rack is built to last. It features black aluminum tubing, black padding, and rubber caps, and a black powder coat finish. Overall, the Allen Sports bikes rack is fairly dependable, and you can enjoy the extra peace of mind with the knowledge that your bike rack will be backed by Allen Sports’ lifetime guarantee. This lifetime warranty has been discussed by several customers online noting the excellent customer service and support available with the company.

The fabric straps are tough and durable, and the rubber caps are reported to be top quality. However, there have been some reviews online stating that the bars on the rack have been bent. This is possibly due to the user over exceeding the weight limit, and it is important that you take this into consideration. For example, the maximum capacity of the 2 bike rack is 70lbs. Now, with most premium cycles weighting at around 40-50lbs, this would mean that two bikes would be over the weight limit. Also, children’s bikes can be heavier than adult’s bikes, and it is important that you distribute weight evenly. It should also be noted that the rack attaches your bike to the hitch using the frame as a primary attachment point, which many is an issue for some.

Ease of Installation

Many reviewers have highlighted that the Allen Sports Deluxe bike rack is so easy to install, the straps allow for wider flexibility, and the added support of these side straps has been particularly praised amongst fans. The rack uses spring loaded clips to open up and quickly snap into place. It is easy to adjust, and it is compatible with a wide array of bikes and cars. Usefully, the Alan Sports bike rack comes pre-assembled, so you do not need to worry about the set up too much. As long as you already have the hitch installed, it should be quick and easy to install the rack and load up your bikes. If you are not confident, we would definitely recommend seeking professional advice to make sure that your frame is properly secured.

The instructions are clear and easy to understand, and the Low loading height makes it simple to work out the best position for your bikes. However, it can be frustrating to try and load up a bike that does not conform to traditional front-triangle, and you may need to practice a few times before your trip. Once you are comfortable with the rack, you will be able to load and unload in minutes. It is so important to read the instructions properly as some people have mentioned losing their bikes when it has not been done properly. As we have already mentioned, once the rack is strapped down, you may wish to use bungee cables or cord to ensure that everything is extra secure.


The Allen Sports 4-Bike Hitch Rack is 25 x 13 x 3.5 inches and weighs in at 23 pounds. It has been designed to carry four bikes, although there have been reports to say that this is a bit of a push. Several reviews online have even suggested that the 4-bike rack would be ideal for some who normally carries two.

There have also been some suggestions that the rack is a little bulky, indicating that when it is fully loaded, it can affect your drive. It should also be highlighted that the rack needs to be compatible with your bike and the vehicle.


The price of the Allen Sports bike racks has to be one of their most redeeming features. It is certainly wallet-friendly at around $100, which is significantly lower than models from competing brands.

Bottom Line

Okay, so there are probably better bike racks available that are sturdier and more durable, but for the price that you are paying The Allen Sports bike rack does the job. However, if you are concerned about stability- you may prefer to opt for a more expensive version.

Regardless of the critiques, this is a popular rack, and there are thousands of positive reviews online. With the functionality of much more expensive racks, this is an affordable bike that is ideal for the budget conscious and the newbie cyclist. It could be the perfect option if you don’t transport your bike often and would be an excellent choice for a family who likes to take their bikes on their outdoor holiday.

It is a no-frills rack, which is super easy to set up and install — with the narrow arms on this bike rack, ensuring that it is able to fit a whole host of different bike styles and sizes and a long list of compatible vehicles. With impressive performance, Quick loading and unloading, and such a great price, the Allen Sports Deluxe bike racks are versatile, well-constructed, and could be a great choice if you want to hit the highway and take your bike on your next adventure.