Buck Knife 110 Folding Hunter

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Buck Knife 110 Folding Hunter Review Facts

Are you looking to purchase a sturdy pocketknife that will last a lifetime? The Buck Knife 110 is such a knife. It is made of a 420HC clip blade of stainless-steel. In addition, it is heat-treated and resistant to corrosion with a nail notch for easy maneuvering.

Best used for hunting, fishing, camping, and general outdoor use, the Buck Knife 110 has a gorgeous handle of ebony hardwood. It is nearly indestructible and grown in the Congo Basin. The features for comfort and effective use are a lock-back of the blade, finger grooves for traction, and a belt loop on a leather sheath. With the lock-back quality, when the blade is in use, it will not fold or close accidentally as you try to work. This knife is extremely sharp when you receive it, so take this as your warning when unwrapping it.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Will not close accidentally

Good for slicing, piercing, and detail work

Very sharp when received

Hardwood is sturdy and almost indestructible

Excellent edge retention and strength

Corrosion-resistant and heat-treated steel


Few complaints of the blade not closing tight with good tension

Some noticed tarnish on the brass after several weeks


Buck Knives is a long-standing manufacturing company of high-quality knives since 1902. Its products are sharper straight from the box and will remain sharp longer than other brands. The original folding hunter product was designed in 1963 when it was determined that this gear piece was required by outdoorsmen.

They wanted a short portable knife to carry that was sturdy. This is now a best-selling knife in America because of the high demand, the quality, and the portability of such a useful knife. This modern version has some modern adaptations that we will touch on further in this review. Keep reading to find out more!

Key Features

-Leather sheath with a snap fastener
-Belt loop for easy access
-Finger grooves for comfort
-420HC clip blade of stainless steel
-Brass bolsters and a classic handle
-Blade nail notch for quick opening
-Lockback on the clip-shaped blade
-Blade length is 3 ¾ inches
-Opened length 8 ½ in; closed 4 7/8 in
-Ebony wood for the handle


A couple of qualities were incorporated into the Buck Knife 110 for the user’s convenience and comfort level. There are finger grooves for a comfortable grip. These also make the knife more secure when you hold it, especially if you are handling something wet or need to use plenty of force to accomplish the task.

Just imagine trying to gut or scale a fish with this product. This task would be daunting with a knife that did not have the finger grips to give you the secure hold you need for this chore. Also working with water, such as cutting water hoses for gardening purposes is more efficient with this incredible knife.

It comes with a protective high-quality leather sheath that has a snap fastener.The belt loop permits secure and safe belt carrying to be easy to access. As a few customers have stated in their feedback online, this item is more than likely to be too heavy to carry loose in a pant pocket but is very comfortable to carry on a belt using the clip.


Manufactured in the USA, the Buck Knife 110 is heavier than most other similar knives that are less expensive. You feel the superior quality and workmanship and soon as you pick it up out of the packaging. Plenty of people wrote in their online remarks that they were surprised with the excellence of this product considering the economical price.

It is made to last for generations most certainly. Buck stands behind its work and products with its Forever Warranty. This agreement does have some stipulations about things it will not cover, but it guarantees that you will receive an item of their high standards or you can return it.

The Buck Knife 110 is constructed of a 420HC clip blade of stainless steel with excellent edge retention and strength that is corrosion resistant.It has brass bolsters and a classic handle for a wonderful combination of balance and beauty. With a 4.6 out of 5-star rating, the majority of buyers are quite pleased with the build of this knife.

A couple of people said that they have dents and chips in the blade after it was tapped on something hard. When you understand the heat-treated process the steel goes through, this is highly unlikely. Still, we wanted to mention it.


Once customers see and feel the Buck Knife 110, they eventually purchase more for relatives and friends because of the exceptional quality. Many buyers have remarks online about the economical price and how the knife is such a bargain for the long-lasting and outstanding product. This is a pocketknife that is so durable; you can hand it down to your kids and grandkids for them to use. Once you do the research and investigating of other knife products on the market, you will see that this is one reliable knife to have.


One of the marvelous aspects of the Buck 110 Knife is the lock-back feature. The blade locks open for safety and strength as you work due to this mechanism. This means that it will not close accidentally when you are trying to use it.

The original 110 Knife made decades ago did not have this quality or the finger grooves in the handle or a nail notch that we will talk about later. The lock-back quality is possible by way of a rocker or lock bar that goes into use when the blade is opened. When the rocker is pushed down, then the blade will close.

This process would safely require both hands to operate when closing. Buyers say that the blade does not have any looseness in it when it is open either, much like some knives can have.There is also a nail notch on the blade to make it simple and quick to open.

Often, you might have wet hands or cold hands that cannot grip the blade surface well, so this small notch will give your fingers the bit of traction needed to get the blade in motion.


The clip shape of the blade on the Buck Knife 110 is a crescent tip for a sharper point and a thinner blade. It is a controllable point that is very sharp to give you maneuverability in tight places for cutting and detail work. This tool is exceptional for putting holes in things like belts, for instance.

It comes to you very sharp and keeps a good edge for a long time. This would have to be the most consistent point reverberated over and over from customers online. How sharp the blade and point are when the knife is received and how long the blade stays sharp is surprising to most people. The point is weaker than the points that are thicker on skinners and drop points, however.


Weighing 7.2 ounces with a blade length of 3 ¾ inches, the Buck Knife 110 is heavier than most similar pocketknives.This has to do with the fantastic materials the company chooses for its products and the processes that it puts these materials through before you get the final product. It is 4 7/8 inches when closed and 8 ½ inches when open.

How you carry this item on you is really up to you and how you feel the most comfortable. Some people like to have them in their pockets, while others feel it is too heavy for that each day. It comes with the belt clip so that you can carry it properly for quick access. Women can store them in their pockets or purses if they want to tote a knife as many women do these days.


To share a bit about the materials and processes that Buck goes through to ensure you get a splendid knife that you will cherish for years, we will mention a few things. Buck uses modern technology and premium materials to make the knives that meet their customer’s exact demands. It uses an ebony wood for the handle that is ethically sourced from the Congo Basin rainforest.

This hardwood is sturdy and almost indestructible.
The steel used for the blade outperforms other manufacturers’ 420HC steel because Buck treats it with heat to make it stronger and longer-lasting. It makes the blade durable and strongly resistant to corrosion, plus it is simple to re-sharpen each time when needed. As you can see, the stability or strength of the materials gives the Buck Knife 110 its superiority to other competing knives.


The Buck 110 Knife is a folding hunter knife that is a moderate revision of the original 110 model made many years ago. People trust this brand and this model for their general and outdoor knife needs. Even those that still have their initial 110 are purchasing this newer model to add to their collection and to give to family members for them to enjoy.

They know that they will be handing it down to the next generation to use for themselves. They love the ebony handle and the strength of the blade. It is what sets this model apart from the competition and even some of the other knife products the company produces.

So many people are pleased with this version of the 110 Knife that it has an overall good rating with buyers. We will tell you some of the complaints about it in the Ease of Use section here.


You may be asking yourself what are the usual purposes of this gear piece. Well, from what we have researched from buyers, anything you need a knife for indoors or outdoors is a perfect task for the Buck Knife 110. Mainly it is used for hunting and outdoors, but is good for slicing, piercing, and detail work anywhere.

People are getting them for their sons in Boy Scouts or other adventure clubs to give them a quality knife that they can depend on for life. Many buyers use them on the job for small tasks that come up such as cutting boxes, string, cord, tubing, heavy cardboard, or straps on packages.

The possibilities are endless, especially for those involved in an activity outdoors such as hunting, fishing, camping, backpacking, hiking, or trekking. You never know when a knife will come in handy, and it is always a relief when you have one when it is needed.

Ease of Use

A few complaints that we ran across from users in our research of the Buck 110 Knife are important enough to mention to you. We like to give a full complete picture to future buyers of products, so there are less disappointment and surprise later on. A couple of people experienced the blade not closing as it should tightly.

They said that the spring did not have enough tension. A few stated that the center rivet sticks out which bothered since it was not flush with the wood or the blade. Some noticed a bit of tarnish on the brass after just several weeks and included photos of this. Considering the rating that the Buck Knife 110 has, it is safe to say that these are isolated incidents that did not affect the majority of folks currently enjoying their knives.

Bottom Line

The few complaints concerning the use or effectiveness of the Buck Knife 110 are mainly cosmetic or minor in detail when you consider the enormous amount of praise that it has received in feedback. Buck has been constructing this knife and many others just like it for many decades now. Therefore, their excellence is well-known and appreciated by many people.

It makes products that not only serve the current user but also the generations of children and grandchildren they have in the future. Their manufacturing processes, materials used, craftsmanship, and design are outstanding and evident in every knife produced.