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Gaiam Yoga Mat Review Facts
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The Gaiam Classic Print Yoga Mat comes in 35 various color patterns and schemes for a magnificent assortment of hues and intricate designs. Stylish and trendy, this excellent product will keep you focused and motivated during your exercise or yoga workout.

It is ideal for beginners or experts since it is lightweight and durable for the best cushioning needed for the joints. You can maintain poses better with enhanced alignment, plus your feet and hands will love the non-slip, light-tack, stable texture. This added traction and grip will prevent the sliding and slipping that is so common when doing difficult poses and positions.

It works on all surface types including grass, hardwood floors, concrete, and carpet. Made of PVC material, the Gaiam Mat is free of the toxins of DNOP, DIDP, DINP, BBP, DBP, and DEHP.  The dimensions of this item are 68” x 24” x 4mm, and the weight is 1.89 pounds, making it perfect for studio or home use. You get free access to the Gaiam Yoga Studio app and a free downloadable workout yoga class. The customer reviews are good for this marvelous yoga mat, and the negative comments are less than few.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Designs are stylish and trendy

35 various color patterns and schemes

Lightweight and durable

Correct cushioning for joints

Keep poses better with good alignment

Great for beginners or experts

Free of toxins DNOP, DIDP, DINP, BBP, DBP, and DEHP

Good for studio or home use

Works on many surface types


Can be too thin, sticky, and smelly

Slippery for some that sweat in active yoga



Many buyers will attest to the wonderful experience they have had with this company’s products for their yoga sessions and exercise routines. They have used them for years because they are top-quality for durability, design, thickness, and comfort. Gaiam is well-known in the yoga world for the excellence of their materials, craftsmanship, product design, and ingenuity in creating the useful items their customers want. They have been in business for many years and will continue to manufacture innovative products to make their users’ lives more comfortable and enjoyable.

Key Features

Keeps you focused and motivated on the workout
35 various color patterns and schemes
Correct cushioning needed for the joints
Feels good to feet and hands
free of six common toxic substances
Overall dimensions are 68” x 24” x 3/4mm
Weighs 1.89 pounds
Comes with a downloadable workout yoga class
Access to the Gaiam Yoga Studio app
Texture is non-slip and sticky for traction and grip
The sticky surface helps when doing difficult positions
Works on grass (for outdoors), hardwood floors, concrete, and carpet


The overall dimensions of this fabulous Gaiam item are 68” x 24” x 3/4mm, and the weight is 1.89 pounds. The packaging may list the thickness of the mat as 3mm or 4mm, so do not be surprised at this visible difference. All of the color schemes and patterns are the 4mm thickness. It is good for studio or home use and is longer than some other mat models.

The Classic Yoga Mat is not so thick that you cannot be stable during moves but is just thick enough to provide the cushioning you require for the activity. Some people said in their online reviews that it is too thin, has a sticky feeling on the surface, and has a smell. We tell you how to eliminate both the odor and the sticky feel in this review. As far as the thickness, it is stated in the product description, so this should not be a surprise to anyone who purchased it. It certainly cannot be considered a flaw or negative point of the product.


When compared to other mat products of the company, there are a few differences between them and the Classic Print Yoga Mat. It is most like the Solid Color Yoga Mat in material, use, and benefits.

However, the Solid Color Mat also comes in a larger size of 78 x 26 inches and another thickness of 6mm. The Premium Print Reversible has the same size, material, and use but differs in the thickness of 6mm and the benefits. This reversible mat is a versatile design, so you can just flip the mat for a varied color and patterns. It is like having two mats in one.

The Premium Print Yoga Mat is similar in material and use but differs in the thickness of 6mm, has another large size, and gives joints added support with the thicker mat. As you can, each one has their own particular benefits, sizes, and thicknesses, so choosing one is just a matter of personal preference and what thickness is needed for your practice area.


The outstanding colors, designs, and pattern schemes are worth mentioning for this item in a review. There are 35 various color patterns and designs to choose from which are stylish, modern, and trendy. You will have a very hard time trying to pick a favorite, plus they are all true to hue and print. What you see is what you get! We found no complaints of hue distortion or people unhappy with the patterns. It is quite clear that this huge assortment of designs is why this mat is so popular and desired.

Having an awesome mat such as this one will surely keep you focused and motivated during your workout or exercise. You will love it every time you are ready to roll out your mat, so you can gaze at the lovely hues and intricate patterns printed on it. Not only are the designs wonderful, but the exquisite names that go along with them are superb too! They include Pink Marrakesh, Balboa, Bohemian Rose, Chakra, Fading Flower, Hamsa, In Bloom, Indigo Rhythm, Kolkata, Lotus Rose, Mandala, Mardi Gras, and Midnight Fern, just to name some that caught our eye. Each one is simply scrumptious!


Lightweight and durable for just the correct cushioning amount needed for the joints of the body, this Classic Print Yoga Mat aids greatly with any fitness or yoga routine. It feels good to feet and hands with the non-slip light-tack, stable texture and is ideal for beginners or experts alike. This terrific item helps you maintain poses better and enhances good alignment, so you enjoy your exercise or workouts better. Customers say that this is an excellent mat they have depended on for high-quality for years. They would purchase the same product again because of its high comfort level and ease of use.


We only found one negative comment concerning the durability of this Classic Mat from Gaiam. The review claimed that the mat peeled and flaked after just a few days of using it. So many more people state that the longevity and sturdiness of this item are marvelous. They say that it does not peel after time and with plenty of use as some other mats of lesser quality do.

You can count on it to last for many years of rugged or regular use during your sessions, plus it even comes with a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer. You will most likely experience a slight odor when you first receive and unwrap the product. The maker says to air it out for a few days to dissipate this smell.

The Gaiam 4mm Mat is a healthy choice for the planet and yourself as it is free of six common toxic substances. These are DNOP, DIDP, DINP, BBP, DBP, and DEHP. PVC is the main material from which this amazing item is constructed.


With the purchase of the Gaiam Yoga Classic Mat, a downloadable workout yoga class is free to you. It will aid you at the beginning of your yoga experience. These fantastic yoga video classes on HD are ready-made for 25 hours including commentary from an instructor.

The purpose of this additional supplement is to aid with yoga goals and provide more than 280 different yoga poses for you to try. Easy to download to numerous devices, the Gaiam Yoga Studio app has an iPad and iPhone calendar to schedule classes.
These exclusive classes in yoga are performed, taught, and developed by a yoga instructor that is qualified. He is Rodney Yee, a renowned global instructor for yoga. This extra information and guidance is so well worth the purchase of the mat to further your yoga experience or begin it with a bang.


One unique aspect of this wonderful Classic Mat is the super texture that is non-slip and sticky to give you great traction and a wonderful grip. You will not slip when doing the position of downward dog or any of the other poses that you need good traction and control to execute.

The sticky surface will keep you from sliding or slipping when doing difficult poses and positions. It also works on all surface types including grass (for outdoors), hardwood floors, concrete, and carpet.
This Gaiam item was slippery for some that sweat in active yoga but worked great for the calmer poses and workouts.

Remember, you can always remove the majority of this sticky surface if you do not like it with the methods that we suggest in another section. This surface type is there for those that prefer it to have no traction at all.


Any type of activity, exercise, or yoga positions can be completed on this incredible mat so comfortably. It is certainly much better than making do without anything for cushioning and is superior to most other yoga or exercise mat offered on the market currently.

Considering the large number of positive reviews giving this item much praise, we think that you will be pleased with it also. We do like to mention unique information and ideas that we find in our research, and we did find one very unusual use for this yoga mat for which a customer purchased it. The person has a disabled pet cat that needed extra traction when walking, and this wonderful mat provides that for the loved pet. We thought this would warm your heart as much as it did ours!

Ease of Use

We picked this section of the review to discuss cleaning the Gaiam Yoga Mat and removing the sticky surface if you do not want it on the product. We found these suggestions posted in buyers’ feedback online, so you may have to change some of the instructions to fit your own needs. Some people removed the sticky coating by wiping it down with vinegar or water and a washcloth. A natural cleaning substance can be used too.

A few users took a more aggressive approach that not only removes the sticky film but also thoroughly cleans the mat also. Just put it in the shower or tub and wash with soap and water. It can then be air-dried before using. The amount of rubbing or scrubbing that you do when cleaning the mat will determine how much of the sticky substance is left for traction.

Most people loved the traction that they experienced with this surface type, but others were bothered by it enough to not use the mat or use it for other purposes.

Bottom Line

The negative comments online from dissatisfied buyers include that the Gaiam Yoga Mat is too thin, sticky, smelly, and slippery when sweating during activities. We explain, as do many people in their feedback, how to clean and remove the sticky, slippery coating that is on the surface of the mat. Doing this will also eliminate the initial odor that you will experience when first receiving the product. Airing it out for a few days will also remove the smell.

As far as the size and the thickness of the item, that is given very plainly by the manufacturer in the product description. This should be read and understood before ordering. It is not a surprise as to how thick or thin this mat is, so it should not be counted as a flaw of the product.

The reviews are great, and the number of buyers is many for the Gaiam Classic Print Yoga Mat. We think you will not only love the amazing product, but also the wonderful and exciting experience of viewing the huge pattern selection and choosing your favorite.