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Garmin Approach S6 Review Facts

The Garmin Approach S6 is a golf activity tracker for both men and women that is lightweight, slim, hi-resolution, and feature-packed with innovative swing metrics making it first-in-class. The most important features are Swing Strength, Tempo Training, Handicap Scoring, Dedicated Course View, and Pinpointer. You can use these aspects both on and off the course as the incredible device is sunlight-readable with a rugged design. The color GPS touchscreen is glove-friendly and has a water rating of 5ATM or 50 meters to make it resistant to water. compatible with Garmin Connect, you can review, share, and save your scores with played strokes and preload more than 30,000 golf courses. The numerous qualities of the Approach S6 are almost too many to discuss in detail, but we will address the major points of this device in our full review below.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight, sunlight-readable, and rugged design
  • A color GPS touchscreen that is glove-friendly
  • Hi-resolution, feature-packed, and first-in-class
  • For both women and men
  • Has a water rating of 5ATM (50meters)
  • Get texts, emails, and alerts
  • Compatible with Garmin Connect
  • Review, save, and share scores with played strokes
  • Preload with more than 30,000 courses internationally
  • Battery is 20 weeks in watch mode; 10 hours in GPS mode
  • Battery does not last for the duration of a medium or long practice session
  • Manual is too basic and unhelpful for the advanced features of the device
  • Screen is not big enough for some people to interact with easily
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  • Using the scoring tool is easy and convenient.
  • Some reviewers claim using this device has helped them improve their play.
  • The band is secure and prevents the device from moving around while playing.
  • The GPS is accurate.
  • You can keep scores saved to be viewed later.
  • This is a great tool for knowing distance and making your club selection.
  • The S6 has some clear upgrades from earlier generations.
  • You can set up notifications from your phone so you don't miss texts or alerts.
  • Many reviewers like the tempo trainer.
  • The color screen has clear, high resolution display.
  • A detailed manual for set up is available online.
  • You can set a handicap to find your net score.
  • For more ease of use, you can use a stylus to navigate the touch screen.
  • There's a large variety of features and functions.
  • Long sleeves or gloves can inadvertently activate the screen.
  • The display is not easy to see in the dark.
  • This version is no longer available from some sellers.
  • There is a bit of a learning curve in using all of the features and functions.
  • Some prefer the simplicity of earlier generations of the Garmin Approach.
  • The unlock feature can be a bit of a hassle.
  • There are reports of defective units from some online sellers.
  • Fingerprints easily show on the touch screen.
  • The arrows to navigate the screen are small and can be difficult for people with large hands.
  • It is convenient as a wearable device, but that limits the screen size.
  • Using the GPS mode drains the battery. Many buyers complain that it won't last long enough for two full rounds of golf.
  • There are some notes that getting a secure connection with the charger can be tricky.
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When compared to other Garmin golf watch models, the Approach S6 does not stand up well. The Approach S20 is the leader of the Garmin golf watches with an excellent rating from hundreds of customers. It is the same weight but slightly smaller than the S6 and is for running and golf, instead of only for golf like the S6. The S6 only has just over 150 online reviews and an adequate rating. The Approach S60 is larger than the S60 but is similar in rating, number of reviews, weight, and sports type. The S6 is twice the price of the Approach S20 but considerably more economical than the S60. Customers that love Garmin products say that the screen visibility of the Approach S6 is not as bright and as the Approach S3. Compared to the S4, this model changes settings and locks up more, plus the S6 seems of less quality than the S4. Buyers that are familiar with the S4 also claim that the case has sharper edges, the battery does not last as long, and the notifications cannot be turned off. Positive remarks of the S6 include more information about distance, hole, layup, and screen than the Approach S4. As you can see, there are several other Garmin models that are in direct competition with this golf tracking version.


Sunlight-readable, durable, lightweight, and glove-friendly, the Garmin Approach S6 is a flexible golf tool with a high-resolution touchscreen display that is in color. The rugged design and long battery life are just two aspects of this device. Plenty of advanced features on the large easy to understand screen are created just for the sport and activity of golf. The overview of the golf course and distances are clearly defined, and the indicator for yardage is great. You can set your handicap to practice swing speed and rhythm and enter putts, scores, and fairway shots. The readings are accurate according to happy customers, but the screen can be tricky sometimes. You can pick and choose the aspects of this golf device that you want to use, as it is quite flexible to your needs and performance.


Any activity tracker needs to be very responsive to your needs and wants at the level that you perform. Users have plenty to say online in their feedback about the responsiveness of this golf device and unfortunately, a lot of it is not positive. The touchscreen, small buttons, and battery life are the main concerns that have some people wishing that they had shopped a bit more before purchasing. The screen is a large one, but for the many intricate commands and options you have, the small buttons combined with the smaller than preferred screen are not ideal. Some buyers found it hard to set up parameters of yards, time, and language. Often the tempo training quality does not provide the graphs and ratio that it should. Also relevant to the features, the score is not shown when using the handicapping aspect, but you see just a variance to par for the individual holes. Plenty of people complained about the life of the battery. We address what the estimated times are in the Power Source section, but we want to mention this here because it deals with the performance of the device. When customers took the Approach S6 out on the course, some of them found that it did not last for 27 holes, had 50% power at 18 holes, and could not possibly make it for 36 holes. There is definitely much room for improvement for these problems that Garmin needs to address.


The Approach S6 is a color GPS touchscreen watch that is lightweight, slim, hi-resolution, and feature-packed with innovative swing metrics that is first-in-class. Used by both women and men, it has a large, easy-to-read face with graphics that are in color for the terrific maps. There is a reverse color for the background black/white/custom and a strong clasp and buckle. The particular model that we are reviewing has a band that is black on the outside, white on the inside and is perforated to give good ventilation on the wrist. It is also water-resistant with a water rating of 5ATM (50 meters). While Garmin does have other golf tracking and performance models on the market, the Approach S6 can hold its own for those that want all of the advanced golf features possible.


This Garmin golf model will support your golf experiences with smart notification, touch targeting, stat tracking, and layouts of CourseView Map. It has a compass but not an altimeter and does not come with a carrying case even with the hefty price tag. While the options are many for tracking your progress and getting help on the course, some people had a few issues with the included instruction booklet and the charging clip. The instructions for this device do not measure up to the product itself. It is not explanatory enough for all of the possible features and is considered too basic. This aggravated some users because they feel that given the high price that suitable instructions and guidance should accompany the product. Other had problems with the charging clip. They say that it has a poor design because the metal probes will not work after multiple times of charging. Replacement charging clips had to be bought. Although the Forerunner S6 has its share of negative reviews, it also has plenty of positive ones also, so don’t be so quick to write it off your wish list.


Of the many features that the S6 makes possible for the beginner or advanced golf enthusiasts, we want to discuss some of them in this section on using the device. Because the instructions can leave you wanting more, it is good to note that just playing with the watch will probably educate you more of its capabilities than any other process. Of the most important features are Swing Strength, Tempo Training, Handicap Scoring, Dedicated Course View, and Pinpointer. The Swing Strength calibration tells you how hard your golf swing is for consistency training and Tempo Training aids with synchronizing the mechanics of your swing. Pinpointer gives assistance with blind shots when you cannot view the pin. It will guide you in the correct direction. Swing Tempo helps to better your swing tempo as it indicates. The Dedicated CourseView aspect shows the true layout and shape of the complete hole, including the green, fairway, and tee box. As you can see, the features and characteristics of the technology are advanced and useful for high performance on the green.


Most comments from customers online concerning the accuracy of the data provided and collected from the Approach S6 are positive. It measures the distance of shots, has manual pin positioning in green view, and gives yardages of the middle of the green, back, and front. You also get distances of dogleg/layup, a round timer, and you can print and save your digital scorecard. Once you have learned how to maneuver the handling and upload of information from your activities, you will thoroughly enjoy all of the accurate data that the Approach S6 can give you each time. Some users said they never play golf without this product because they enjoy it so much.


Connecting to get your stats and analyze them is just as easy as any other tracking watch. It is compatible with Garmin Connect to review, save, and share your scores with played strokes. Compare and share your rounds with others in the Garmin community and also enjoy Lifetime Course free updates. As with other popular and high-quality activity monitors for the wrist, you can get texts, emails, and alerts on this device from an iPhone. Once you are connected, you will enjoy your golf games and practices even more than you do now because you will be armed with the tools to guide you and better your game.

Ease of Use

The jury is still out on how easy the Approach S6 is to use. some people love it and can navigate the touchscreen well, while others feel that the screen and buttons could be larger. Connecting to Garmin Connect and staying connected is not a problem. By touching points on the screen, you can view the exact distance to that particular spot for the fairway, green, or hazard. It gives options for handicap scoring for each hole and saves locations of water hazards, bunkers, and so forth. You can preload the device easily with more than 30,000 courses that are internationally located. It has free course updates for the lifetime of the watch, plus the Green View displays the green layout and shape. Many people love this device for all that it can do, as they are either not bothered by the few glitches that it has, or they are overlooking them. it is easy to use and beneficial for the needs on the golf course.


Interacting with the touchscreen is fine for some people and an issue for others. the face is high resolution with a color display touchscreen. The graphics are in color for the maps, and the face is easy to understand and read. You have the option to reverse the color for the background of either black, white, or custom. Even when you are out on the green in the sun, you should still be able to read your figures and see the maps clearly because it is designed to be usable in those bright conditions.

Power Source

The battery life will probably be the purchasing decision factor for most potential buyers, as it is a controversial topic. Garmin states that the Approach S6 will last as much as 20 weeks in watch mode before needing a recharge and as much as 10 hours in GPS mode. as we addressed in one other section above, the battery has not lasted long for those on the course that are going for more than 18 holes. For such an activity tracker that has so many useful features on the course, it is puzzling as to why Garmin did not give this product a longer lasting battery. If you cannot use the device at the most beneficial place, then what is the point of purchasing it? Garmin needs to work diligently on correcting this because the item is functional. However, a dead battery at just 27 holes is not acceptable or enjoyable.

Bottom Line

The Approach S6 golf watch has an excellent assortment of usable and interesting features for the golf enthusiast. The issues are the battery life, included instructions, and in some cases the touchscreen and small buttons. The majority of buyers love this watch and do not want to practice their sport without it. Others that are not so happy are wishing that they waited for the next model to come out. The Approach S6 is worth serious consideration for all that it can do. If you are willing to overlook its several negative points while looking at that large price tag, then it is well worth the purchase.