Gregory Deva 60 Women’s Backpack

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Gregory Deva 60 Women’s Backpack Review Facts

The Gregory Deva 60 Liter Women’s Backpack fits torso lengths of 18 to 20 inches and can hold as much as fifty pounds of gear. Ideal for backpacking, camping, trekking, and hiking, it is comprised of a strong internal frame and high-density fabrics. The sleek profile is best-suited for women with a smaller build, as the many belts, straps, and harness customize for an optimum fit. It features five pockets and compartments, external shock cords for equipment, a sleeping bag section, and an integrated rain cover. This is a top-loading pack with a U-zip opening, so you can see everything inside all at once. The many sections keep everything organized well for locating quickly when needed. Offered in three terrific solid colors, the Deva 60L includes a weather shield pocket for digital devices such as cell phones. It is noticeably heavier than some other popular backpacks currently being offered, but the excellent features of the Deva 60 L are usually not offered on those lighter models. We explore the characteristics and qualities of this superb backpack in our full review below.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Has a compartment for a sleeping bag
  • Offered in blue, red, or black solid colors
  • Made of high-density nylon and polyester material
  • Weighs 4 lbs 8 oz when the pack is empty
  • Fits torsos 18 to 20 inches in length
  • Can hold as much as fifty pounds of weight
  • Developed with a woman’s smaller frame in mind
  • Keeps gear organized, neat, and easily accessible
  • Has a strong internal frame and sleek profile
  • Best used for backpacking and hiking
  • Includes five pockets in total
  • The belts and straps were troublesome for a few people
  • Smaller users felt pressure in the lower back with a heavy load


The hip belt panels and shoulder straps pivot on this incredible pack for a custom fit. Users have three size options for the harness and five for the hip belt that combines to provide fifteen varying combinations for ideal comfort. You can also alter the curvature of the panel on the lower back with the detachable lumbar tune to fit your particular body shape. This can mean the difference in a pack that is miserable to wear and one that is super comfortable for long periods of time. This is one of the most comfortable packs when you can get the weight distribution correct and the framework situated properly.


Featuring the technology of A3 response suspension for best control of movement in tight difficult situations and terrains, the suspension of the Deva 60L is customizable to the user. It has aluminum 7075 HDPE suspension also to give you the framework and support needed to carry the heavier loads. This control also aids the wearer with pack shift and weight distribution on the body. It is also one of the reasons why this sturdy pack is heavier than some other popular and lighter models. There is an integrated rain cover with its own zip external pocket to protect this pack and your gear when the weather turns unpleasant. When it is not needed, you can stuff it into the pocket made just for it to get it out of the way. it is on the outside of the pack for quick and easy access.


For the flexibility aspects of this Gregory pack, there is a sidekick daypack that is removable and can be a sleeve for hydration when used in the main pack. There is also a weather shield pocket for protection of digital devices in bad weather and a hip belt section that is TPU-coated. Many comments were made online about the weather shield pocket that is supposed to protect electronic devices when there is precipitation. It seems that the manufacturer made the size of this pocket with older cellphone version in mind. It is about one inch too small to fit modern smartphones comfortably where they can be easily accessed. If you do get one of these larger phones in that section, you will have a hard time getting it out. This disappointed the users that wanted to take photos along the way as they walked and traveled. In this case, you would have to walk holding the phone or put it in another pocket that was not protective of the device. Either way, this feature did not satisfy some the buyers of this superb backpack.

Key Features

-Hip belt panels and shoulder straps pivot
-Integrated rain cover with an external pocket
-Sidekick daypack that is removable
-Weather shield pocket for protection of digital devices
-Has an internal divider that is removable
-A compartment for a sleeping bag
-Many straps on the exterior lash points
-Exterior shock cords for trekking poles or ice axes
-Strong and durable internal frame
-Has a U-zip and is top-loading for quick access
-Has a pocket for trail stash and one for a water bottle


The majority of the complaints about this women’s backpack concerned the weight of the pack, how it felt on the body when loaded, and the straps against the body. The Deva 60 is a pack made for smaller-framed women, so it has the support and the frame that they need to carry heavy loads. The many belts and straps were uncomfortable for a few people when wearing the full pack. We noticed several comments from smaller women about lower back pains or pressure in toting the pack. The packs also felt heavier to some users than the stated weight, even when they were empty. A few buyers purchased this pack because they could not find one with a lighter weight that had the same features. This great backpack was created to hold sixty liters of weight with the sturdy frame and long-lasting materials. The positioning of the pack on the back is completely up to the wearer and how they carry the load.


With an internal divider that is removable in the compartment for a sleeping bag, you have several options on how to pack and keep your gear. One of the most frequent positive comments from buyers about the Deva 60L concerned the many flexible compartments to organize all the pieces of gear in the pack. Plenty of people loved this feature because it helps them locate exactly what they want quickly. Many straps are attached that are adjustable on the exterior lash points for attaching items or giving the wearer added support. Included are exterior shock cords for attaching trekking poles or ice axes to the outside. depending on the activities and environment you are in when using the pack, you may need these tools to be easily accessible. Attaching them to the pack keeps your hands free and clear and the weight on your body core. This also adds speed to your movements and steps along the journey.


The Deva 60L is a strong and durable backpack for women with a sleek profile that weighs 4 lbs 8 oz when it is empty. Offered in blue, red, and black solid colors, it fits tors lengths of 18 to 20 inches. Made of high-density nylon and polyester materials plus open-cell foam for durability, it is a popular backpack for smaller-framed women. It is ideal for single day adventures or trips that can take numerous days on foot. With the many straps, belts, pockets, dividers, and compartments, it provides comfort and flexibility for the user and many places for their essential gear. Even the main compartment is sectioned to keep everything in place as you travel and endure possibly rugged territory. Most couples who purchased this product for the woman also bought a similar version for the man.


The Deva 60L can hold as much as fifty pounds of weight in its interior because of the strong internal frame and tough fabrics. The hip belt, back panel, and harness were all developed with a woman’s smaller frame in mind, so she would be able to carry the load needed for outdoor excursions and explorations. With the hip belt, the user should be carrying a portion of the pack weight on their hips. This feature also stabilizes the pack with the belt to keep it from swaying and moving on the back as the person moves along the trail or path of interest. The Deva 60L keeps your gear organized, neat, and easily accessible with the many sections and compartments both inside and out. Nothing can be more aggravating than to search for long periods of time for items that are lost in the huge main interior of backpacks. With this incredible product, you will not have to search as it is sectioned off nicely.


Best used for backpacking and hiking, this Gregory item can be used for many types of hauling of gear in different environments. Use it for trekking, camping, climbing, or hunting. When you need to travel on foot and bring along necessary items such as food, water, and accessories, you need a backpack like the Deva 60L. some other packs have adjustable collars or lids that are flexible with the size of the pack. This one does not have that accommodation but can hold a good amount of gear that you find vital in your journey.


Weighing just under five pounds, the Deva 60L is deemed as a heavy pack by some women. At this empty weight, it is heavier than some competitor models, but most of them do not have the same great characteristics as this one does. The extra weight is in part due to the added support from the frame, belts, and straps, and strong fabrics used in the construction. A pack can be of the lightest weight but still not be able to support the gear on your back comfortably and proportionately for optimum comfort and weight distribution. Sometimes it is better to go with a heavier option that can perform the job better than a lighter contender.


In the customers’ comments, we noticed that a few people did not like that a water bladder did not come with this terrific backpack. To be honest and fair, plenty of backpacks do not include a water container. Almost all of them have a special compartment or stretchable pocket on the outside to fit many sizes of water bottles, but it is most likely that you will not receive a water bladder with the pack. There are some on the market that do include the water container, but you must realize that when they do, the compartment will be customized for that particular size only. You will not be able to fit varying sizes of water containers in that spot. The Deva 60L does not include a water bladder, but it does have a flexible and stretchable external pocket where one can fit. The description of the product online is not misleading in any way, as it does not state that a water container comes with the backpack.

Ease of Use

Making this Gregory pack easier to use, it has a U-zip and is top-loading for quick access to the entire contents of the pack. This means that when you open the top, everything inside can be seen at once and better yet, all things inside can be accessed easily. Other openings would leave a portion of the interior hidden behind flaps or in the shadows of other gear. There is a pocket for trail stash and a stretchable one for a water bottle on the outside, so you can grab these items easily as you move along. The Deva 60L includes five pockets in all both inside and out.

The Bottom Line

There are several negative aspects of the Deva 60L for some buyers concerning the pack weight and feel on the lower back. It is a heavier pack than some other similar models but has the additional support needed to carry the heavier loads of gear. It will keep the user organized with plenty of space and easy access. This Gregory backpack has protection from precipitation and plenty of straps and belts to adjust the weight and fit on the back and shoulders. It is a good backpack for long or short hauls with the stability to keep your gear intact and neat.