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Hoka One One Tor Ultra Hi WP Review Facts

If you are looking for the best of both worlds when it comes to choosing the right hiking boot, then its time you were introduced to the Hoka One One Tor Ultra Hi WP. This hiking boot is a great mixture of a top of the line hiking boot and your favorite pair of lightweight sneakers. By combining so many important aspects in one boot, Hoka has provided those who are avid hikers with a shoe they can trust out on the trail that won’t leave their feet feeling worse for wear after the adventure is done.

The Tor Ultra Hi offers up some of the best-reviewed comfort, stability, and weight of any hiking boot on the market. By using the comfortable, cushioned, sole Hoka One One is known for and upper grants that are quite pliant, a stability that cannot be denied, and an amazingly lightweight feel, the Tor Ultra Hi quickly rises to the top of the list when you find yourself seeking a hiking boot that won’t leave you with aching feet. On the downside, however, you may find your feet don’t ache, but they may end up being a little wet if you find yourself caught out in the rain or hiking through a creek. You may also discover these boots to not be as durable as other similar hikers on the market. In this review, we will go over the good and the bad about the Hoka One One Tor Ultra Hi WP, to help you decide whether you want to add this hiking boot to your outdoor gear wardrobe.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Stability
  • Water resistance
  • Durability
  • Stability depends on terrain


Let’s start at the top, the upper. The Tor Ultra Hi WP offers a very impressive lacing system. At the start of the laces, you’ll find a leather eyelet cutout, but that isn’t all. This eyelet is followed by four more, metal ones. Further down, in the center of the lacing system, you’ll find two more eyelet cutouts beside one another. This offers you a choice in how tight the boot fits and where this tightness is located. By using the forwardly located eyelet, you’ll find the top of the boot fits tighter. If you choose the farther back eyelet, you’ll experience a more snug, tighter, heel box. At the top of the upper, you’ll also find two hooks that will allow you to easily tighten the collar of the boot around the ankle. This ability to adjust how your boot fits and feels on your feet is a great addition to have in a hiking boot you may be wearing for several hours at a time.


The outsole of the Tor Ultra Hi WP is constructed of two kinds of soft rubber. This rubber combines both soft, pliability and dense, stiffness into textured lugs. This allows the wearer to have good smearing ability while out and about. In tests performed by reviewers they found these boots able to great when it came to gripping, allowing them to traverse easily in these types of situations. The outsole is also quite wide and oversized. This allows for less than average traversing ability across treacherous terrain such as loose sediment and rocks. If you are a fan of these types of areas, you may find yourself in need of another hiking boot.


The Tor Ultra Hi WP has quite the extensive heel. This provides quite a bit of stability to the back of the foot, but this doesn’t come without issues. Due to this extensive heel, you’ll feel a bit of bulkiness and lack of good agility. With an ankle collar that isn’t stiff and protective, turns and sharp twists can cause issues if you are not careful.

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One of the biggest advantages to adding the Tor Ultra Hi WP to your hiking or backpacking arsenal is the superior comfort provided. Most reviewers found they had no reason to break these shoes in. Off the top these boots can be worn out and about on whatever adventure you find yourself partaking in. Even when carrying spare weight such as backpacks or added hydration, no discomfort was felt. Many also commented on the excellent toe room and movement abilities. This in addition with the lack of sore feet and blisters makes for a great hiking boot.

Heel to Toe Drop

Known for their zero drop shoes, Hoka has decided to go against that tradition with the Tor Ultra Hi WP. By introducing a 4mm heel to toe drop this hiking boot they have also introduced rocker to this boot. When taking on inclines or hills you may feel as though you are leaning back. It is also important to note that rocker can take a bit of getting used to.


The traction provided by the Tor Ultra Hi WP is hit or miss. The thick rubber soles are great for gripping to certain surfaces like bumps and grains in rocks. The same can be said for other areas where slippage could be an issue. Where traction issues come into play is in looser type sediment like mud. The soles simply aren’t able to grip in these types of environments as they should. It is also important to remember the oversized soles makes edging quite difficult.


One of the areas where the Tor Ultra Hi WP excels is in comfort. With the thickness of the soles used in construction, these shoes provide hikers with an excellent pair of boots to hit the outdoors with. Hours of hiking and traversing can be taken part in without feeling as though your feet are paying the price. The included rocker technology even allows you the feel of being pushed forward while on the move. The addition of breathability and a lightweight feel provides you with an enjoyable experience while wearing these boots.


One of the areas where the Tor Ultra Hi WP struggles is in water resistance. This boot incorporates an above average flood height of 5.5 inches but still had issues when it came to keeping moisture at bay. Many reviewers found issues when hiking in wet areas or through streams and puddles. Although areas were below the flood height, they still found their feet getting wet. If you are in need of a hiking book for wet conditions and climates, you may need to put your trust in another boot.


The Tor Ultra Hi WP incorporates eVent lining that is located below the leather upper. This allows these boots to breathe quite easily. This breathability adds to the comfort of this boot by helping keep your feet free of sweat issues. This advantage can be quite welcome when hiking on hot, summer, days


The stability of the Tor Ultra Hi WP is another area where you’ll find its performance to be quite high. The high ankle shaft and wide base combine to provide wearers with the feel of stable footing while wearing this boot out and about. To achieve this, Hoka makes use of a stiff midsection and a flexible front. This makes long distance hikes quite easy. The above average lacing system of the Tor Ultra Hi WP also aids in the stability provided by this boot. When laced tight, you will find yourself experiencing security around your ankles when you are on the move.


Hoka has incorporated both low-density rubber and lightweight synthetics to make the Tor Ultra Hi WP one of the lighter-weighted hiking boots on the market. In most instances, you would expect a lightweight boot to lack in stability. This isn’t the case here. The Tor Ultra Hi WP is one of the leaders when it comes to the stability provided by a lightweight boot. This allows you less weight to lift when hiking or backpacking while leaving you with confidence in your footing thanks to the great stability.


In this area, once again, Hoka finds itself struggling slightly. With all the amazing aspects they’ve combined such as nubuck leather, rubber, and mesh the likelihood of long-lasting durability isn’t definite. The full leather, beefy, brands of hiking boots in this category will in most cases outlast the Tor Ultra Hi WP but you may find yourself compromising other aspects such as comfort or weight.


At first glance, you may feel the price tag of the Hoka One One Tor Ultra Hi WP to be quite hefty. When compared to others in its category it actually falls in the middle in terms of price. Yes, there are other hiking boots on the market that cost less money, but you may find yourself losing the comfort and other highly rated aspects of these boots. When making this decision it is important to compare the Tor Ultra Hi WP to the other boots you are considering. For the money you will pay, these boots can be considered top notch.


The Tor Ultra Hi WP hiking boot is great on numerous terrains. In tests, this hiking boot excelled across rock and granite thanks to its superior outsole design. However, issues will arise when you face off against other types of terrain. Narrow areas may be out of the question due to the oversized soles. Loose sediment and mud are also troublesome thanks to the lack of stability involved. No matter what terrain you face, keeping safety as your top priority is important. If you feel a loss of stability, perhaps returning with a hiker you feel more secure with is the answer.


When looking at the Tor Ultra Hi WP you’ll see this hiker isn’t afraid to offer a bit of style. By bringing together the best of both your favorite running shoes and your most trusted hiking boot, this hiker allows you to hit the trail looking great. With the look and design of this hiking shoe, you’ll also feel confident when you find yourself needing to stop by for supplies on your way to a destination. You’ll fit in anywhere with this stylish boot keeping your feet supported and comfortable.


The Tor Ultra Hi WP is great for those who struggle to find a boot that fits how they want it to. If you are one of those people who wants a bit of wiggle room for your toes while ensuring your shoe doesn’t cause slippage, then this is the one for you. With a narrow heel that offers support at the ankle, you’ll be pleased that this boot doesn’t rise when walking. At the toe, you’ll find a wider area, making movement and flexibility easy and enjoyable.

Best Applications

This hiking boot is made to wear. For those who want to adventure, whether it be backpacking or hiking, you’ll find this boot is great for these conditions. The ultimate comfort provided by these boots allows you to take on miles and miles of terrain without putting your feet through any pain or agony. The breathability also allows you to keep sweat and moisture out on those hot days.

Although these boots are great out on the trail, it's important to remember they don’t handle all terrains well. If you are facing narrow areas, loose soil, or slippery mud you may find yourself with issues.

Bottom Line

When wearing Hoka One One Tor Ultra Hi WP hiking boots you’ll immediately notice a difference. These boots embrace comfort. Combined with the lightweight construction and breathability you will feel light on your feet while taking on miles of terrain. Although the price of the Tor Ultra Hi WP hikers can seem a bit steep, you’ll find yourself paying for a hiker that cradles your feet while taking on your next adventure.

As with any product on the market, keep in mind that this boot has a few issues. If you find yourself able to deal with lack of weather protection and issues with durability and stability the comfort aspect of this boot makes it well worth the trouble.