Lowrance Elite 4x HDI Fish Finder Review

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A fish finder is a device that allows one to see fish and structures that he or she wouldn’t have been able to see otherwise. Therefore, it’s no surprise that fish finders are popular among avid anglers. The Lowrance Elite-4x HDI is one of the many fish finders available for purchase on the market. Due to its advanced technology and relatively low price, the Lowrance Elite-4x HDI is definitely a fish finder unit to consider.


The screen of the Lowrance Elite-4x HDI has a length of 4.3 inches when measured diagonally. While this is by no means large when compared to the display sizes of other fish finders, it isn’t incredibly small either. Something unique about this fish finder is the height of its screen. You’ll find that this fish finder’s display is quite tall, especially when compared to the screens of other fish finders. Many find that the extra height of the Lowrance Elite-4x HDI’s screen makes a huge difference in terms of viewability.

The Lowrance Elite-4x HDI’s screen is an LCD; therefore, this fish finder is guaranteed to produce sharp, bright images. Unlike many fish finders, which have black-and-white displays, the Lowrance Elite-4x HDI’s display produces color images. More specifically, the display type of the Lowrance Elite-4x HDI is 16-bit color TFT. The resolution of this fish finder’s display is 480 x 272 pixels, which is rather high for a 4.3-inch display.

Broadband Sonar

This fish finder device utilizes the 83/200 KHz Broadband Sonar in order to detect fish and structures located below your boat. This revolutionary technology enables you to see fish around structures, within structures, and even through structures. The Broadband Sonar is known for its great speed, and it can also function at very low depths. The Broadband Sonar uses an incredibly sensitive digital filtering process to provide sharp images of targets that would have been missed by the less powerful sounders of other fish finders.

The Broadband Sounder works in shallower waters by cutting through the water column’s clutter and presenting a clear image of both fish and structures in the water, along with the marine terrain. It’s no wonder why the readings of the Lowrance Elite-4x HDI are so detailed and crisp. The best thing about the Broadband Sounder is that, even in the most challenging conditions, it allows you to see the whole water column. When it comes to the sonars of most other fish finders, excellent shallow-water imaging ends up negatively affecting the clearness of the deep sounding returns. Another unique feature of the Broadband Sounder is the target separation. Have you ever wanted your fish finder to focus on one individual fish? Well, the Broadband Sounder allows you to do just that, even if the fish happens to be swimming through sea grasses or near rocks and reefs.

Down Imaging

Not only does the Lowrance Elite-4x HDI utilize the Broadband Sounder, but it also uses Down Imaging technology. The main advantages of Down Scan Imaging are how focused the images come out and the amazing accuracy. The Down Imaging allows fishermen to see greater details of the waters below their boat, such as individual fish within structures or even schools of other fish.

The Bottom Line

Overall, if you’re an angler looking for a smaller fish finder that will fit your limited budget, the Lowrance Elite-4x HDI may be the perfect fish finder for your needs. The advanced technology of this fish finder unit combined with its gorgeous display will definitely transform all of your future fishing experiences for the better.