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One of the biggest issues with smartwatches is that they are not always the most comfortable to wear. They can be relatively bulky and burdensome, and although they may have the ability to track sleep, they are not the most comfortable to wear in bed. On the other hand, smart wearables that are more comfortable are often obvious that they are fitness-related, adding a sporty touch that the style conscious may wish to avoid.

Ideal for the fitness fanatic who prefers a simpler approach, the Motiv Ring is a seriously impressive piece of kit. This 24/7 smart ring can track your exercise, heart rate, steps and sleep, and seamlessly integrate into your fitness regime. Using custom-designed microtechnology, the ultra-light titanium ring is a technological feat. Wearing a fitness tracker on your finger, rather than on your wrist, is a much more effective way of tracking your stats. This is because of the skin on your finger is much thinner, resulting in a pulse signal that is fifty times stronger and allowing for a more accurate reading. The Motiv Ring is waterproof, durable, and has excellent battery life, and you can connect to the app to keep an eye on your health data. I have to admit, although there are some limitations that will be discussed, wearing this ring will make you feel like we are actually living in the future.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Impressive features
  • Accurate measurements
  • Stylish
  • Comfortable
  • Expensive
  • Easily scratched


Compared to rings from other brands, one of the best things about the Motiv ring is that it is comfortable enough to wear 24/7. It does not feel as cumbersome as other options, and it is intended to be worn whatever you are doing. Whether you are swimming in the ocean, jogging, cycling, or even tucked up in bed, the Motiv Ring will be working away tracking and recording your fitness. Its diminutive size means that you will completely forget you are wearing it, and yet it still has all the features needed to keep an eye on your health.

Whilst the Motiv ring works great for traditional exercise activities, you may need to input others manually. The ring will just record an elevated heart rate, and you will need to add the activity via the app. Furthermore, it is important to note that there are some sports in which wearing a ring could be dangerous. For example, if you are rock climbing, wearing a ring could result in de-gloving your finger, which nobody wants. It is always important to put safety first, and if you are looking to track a sport that relies on your hands, you may prefer a more traditional fitness tracker.


The Motiv Ring certainly gets top marks for accuracy! The sensor should be placed on the palm-side of your finger, the skin here is thinner, and this will allow for a more accurate reading. There have been no issues reported regarding the accuracy of the optical heart sensor as far as I am aware. When wearing the ring and my Samsung Gear, the differences in my step count were minimal, with the Motiv Ring reporting 7658 and the Samsung Gear 7632.

Adults are supposed to get between eight and nine hours sleep a night, and a good night’s rest is essential for your overall physical and mental health and wellbeing. If you are still waking up tired or not getting the sleep that you need, tracking your sleep can be a great way of figuring out the issues. Featuring the latest features of much bigger fitness trackers condensed into a tiny ring, the Motiv ring is a great way to keep track of how many hours sleep you are getting each night. However, there have been some suggestions that the sleep tracker is not quite as effective as other models. It does not provide a comprehensive analysis of your sleep, for example, there is no option to track different stages of sleep or REM cycles. It is considered that the inclusion of more details would allow the wearer to judge sleep quality rather than quantity.

However, some users even suggested that even the more basic functions of the sleep tracking functions on this ring were not necessarily the most accurate. With one user noting that while the ring will track when you are in bed, it cannot always differentiate as to whether you are awake or asleep. Furthermore, some customers had suggested that the ring can get a little confused on occasion, with several noting that they had been recorded as sleeping when they were lounging around watching television.


You will need to connect your Motiv ring to a smartphone via the app, and this is free to download on either Android or in the Apple store. It’s a pretty basic app, but it is easy to use and intuitive. When you open the app, it will show off your daily activities as a series of cards and then when you tap on any particular card, it will provide more data about that activity. There is also a social element of the Motiv app, and you can add friends to a ‘circle’ and share your fitness info on social media, which is a great way to stay accountable.

You can also set goals via the software, although it does not remind you like other wearables. Plus, it has been noted that the app is lacking a calendar function which would make it easier to keep on top of your stats. Handily, the ring also has a Find My Phone feature, and activating this will cause your misplaced smartphone to play a song until you can locate it.

The app is continuously updating, and new features are coming out all the time. However, if you prefer a more in-depth approach to your fitness, you can export your data from the Motiv Ring to Apple Health and Google Fit. It is also important to note, that when the app was first launched, it was only compatible with iOS devices, and it took a while to become available on Android. There have been some users that have suggested that the Motiv app is still not quite as seamless on this platform, which may be worth considering if you are an Android user.


The Motiv Ring has excellent connectivity, pairing with your smartphone using Bluetooth. Unfortunately, it does not have the ability to connect through Wi-Fi, but there have been no complaints about this impacting on functionality. The Motiv ring auto syncs up to your phone, but if you like to force the process, you can rotate the ring on your finger, and it will communicate with your device. However, if you are unable to sync your ring to your phone for a while, the ring has enough memory to keep hold of your stats for an impressive three days.

You can also connect up to your accounts with the Motiv Rings two-step identification service. If you are logging into a website that requires your password and then a secondary form on authentication, the site will usually send you a message with a six-digit code. However, you can now verify your identity using your Motiv Ring. All you need to do is flip your hand over a couple of times, and it will let you into the site in no time at all. However, while this does have some uses, this is still a relatively new addition to the Motiv ring. It is still a pretty limited service, with several online reviews suggesting that it was not always effective.


This ring has been designed so that you can wear it all times, and the excellent battery life makes this a possibility. The Motiv Ring changes in just 90 minutes and last, on average, three days. It is easy to charge, just plug in the USB charger and balance the ring on top, and it will connect magnetically. The light will change to green when your ring is fully charged.

However, it has been noted that there is no notification from the ring to let you know that the battery is running out. The app does inform you, but this is not always practical if you are not near your phone. Furthermore, the charger does not come with AC Adapter, which would have been useful. Several reviews have noted that the charger is quite small, and would be easy to misplace. However, Motiv does provide two chargers, one of which comes with a clip that would be ideal for clipping onto your keyring so that you never lose it.


The Motiv Ring is pretty tough and durable with an impressive waterproof rating up to 5 ATM, which is around 165 feet or 50 meters. You can use it in both freshwater and in the sea, so it is certainly okay to wear it in the shower. It is resistant to almost any chemical that you would be likely to out your hand in, and it is reported to stand up to wear and tear.

However, it should be noted that there are many reviews online that have highlighted the way in which the ring shows heavy signs of wear after just a short period of time. Furthermore, several users have suggested that there are serious design flaws with the ring, with one user stating that the color had completely worn off the underside in you’re a couple of weeks. Motiv has recently updated the ring, and the new version is less likely to scratch. To avoid excess damage, it is usually recommended that you wear your Motiv ring on your non-dominant hand.


The Motiv Ring is a discreet way of tracking your fitness. From just looking at the ring, most people would have no idea that it is a smart ring, and with such a sleek design, this smart ring is a pretty fashionable accessory. It is a small and slim ring, made from titanium and featuring a thin LED strip. Overall, it definitely has a sleek design, there is a slight bulge where the sensors are placed, but this is not noticeable when you are wearing the ring.

There are three different colors available, including slate grey, rose gold or silver. However, there have been some that have suggested that the colors are not quite as advertised. It has also been proposed that this ring may be a little bulky if you have particularly small hands.


Getting the right fit with the Motiv ring is essential for its success, and the comfort of the ring is definitely dependent on picking the correct size. When you make your order, Motiv will first send you a sizing kit in which there are seven plastic rings. To you find the best fit for you, Motiv recommends that you wear it for at least 24 hours before you place your order. This allows for your choice to be worn as your fingers change size throughout the day and will make sure that your Motiv Ring always offers premium comfort.

Bottom Line

Okay, so whilst it may not necessarily record the same detailed stats that a smartwatch could, the accurate detection on the Motiv Ring makes sure that your stats are up to date and it will certainly help to ensure that you are able to meet your fitness goals. Providing consistent tracking every time, it is a nice piece of kit that will keep you motivated and looking great. It is certainly one of the smallest trackers available on the market, featuring a subtle, stylish design and prioritizing comfort.

The ring does have its limitations as we have mentioned, but when you consider the functionalities that are packed into this tiny package, it truly is an impressive feat. The simplicity of the Motiv Rings tracking abilities means that it provides excellent user-friendliness. Recording your adventure every step of the way and making sure that you are getting enough shuteye, the Motiv Ring has the potential to transform your fitness journey.