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Polar Vantage V Review Facts
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The Polar Vantage V fitness training watch is a top of the line training watch that brings as much to the table as it possibly can. A waterproof training watch designed to keep track of running power, distance as well as swimming distance both in the pool during lap swims and in open water environments.

This training watch is perfect for triathletes that are looking to make an in-depth analysis of their training data. This watch is also programmable with 130 individual sports so that you can train and work harder across the board, regardless of what kind of athlete you are. The watch's numerous features will help you to keep track of how these exercises are impacting your body and where they tend to place the most stress while also letting you know how fast your body is most likely recovering.

This helps you train better and smarter and prevent injuries by keeping you informed on when your body could use a break and when you can push yourself a little more to get the result that you're working for.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Waterproof
  • Run Power Tracking
  • Polar Precision Prime
  • 130 Sport Profiles
  • Bulky


This fitness watch comes with a slew of different features that are all designed to help you track your workouts and training and become a better athlete.

The level of design that has gone into this watch make it a premier choice for a number of different reasons. The Polar Precision Prime system offers an in-depth and accurate look at your heart rate by using the watches numerous different readers that employ both red and green lights so that your watch is able to get as accurate of reading on your heart as possible.

Whether you're running, swimming, or biking with all of these features offered by this gadget you'll be able to keep track of your progress and do so correctly with the help of its many different trackers.


This watch in general is going to have an all-purpose use for tracking your workouts and sports activity thanks to its 130 programmable sports allowing you to keep track of how hard your body is working and training, how well it's recovering, and how certain exercises are stressing your body and where that stress is being placed.

The watch, however, shines brightest as a fitness watch for hardcore runners, swimmers, and triathletes. The watch's waterproof design and distance tracking make it an ideal option for both lap swimming in the pool or open water swimming, continuing to track how far you swim even without the dedicated lap lengths. This allows you to stay on top of your training and keep track of how far you're swimming in more open and free conditions as you swim along the shoreline or to a point of your liking without needing the added company of someone tracking you or doing the math for how far you swam once you're done.


This is a premium designed fitness watch that is built to benefit the most extreme of athletes in their training and as a result, is not only designed to work well for runners but also swimmers.

The watch's waterproof design gives it an extra edge in the water so that you can track yourself and your progress with ease as well as being able to withstand stormy conditions for runners who want to train through any type of weather. Its design makes it viable in both pool and open water environments so that you can gain the benefits of tracking your training and progress whether you're swimming laps or doing long distance swims along shorelines.

Ease of Use

The in-depth run tracking and running power tracking makes this watch one of the best to use especially for hardcore distance runners. This gives you an in-depth analysis of your run and how it affects your body as well as you're performing by just being able to wear the watch on your wrist. So, easy, one must agree. This also helps you work on runs that are more beneficial to you as well as being able to get a better sense of what you're putting yourself through so that you can recover better and see more improvement in your running distance and times with just a simple look at your wrist.

Overall the watch is almost completely designed to be a triathlon training watch. The waterproof design will make sure that you don't damage it while swimming giving you a way to keep track and the in-depth analysis of your runs makes it so that you're getting to understand the most of what you're doing on the ground.

The 130 different programmable sports allows for you to keep track of your cycling as well so that you can begin full and deep analysis of your circuit routine and training up until you participate in the event as well as reflect afterward as a means to see where you can improve even more.

This device has the potential to benefit almost any athlete but you will definitely see yourself getting the absolute most out of it if you plan on using it for triathlon training at some point as a way to take advantage of as many of its features as possible.


At its core, this watch has been noticeably designed for triathletes and operates that way. The watch continues to tack your swimming distance regardless of if your swimming laps and lets you gauge just how well you're performing in open water scenarios so that you can develop better training regimens and prepare yourself to be more competitive.

The waterproof design and ability to track running data as well, along with 130 different sport types, means that you can go from running on land to swimming in the ocean to biking to the finish line all while being able to track your progress through this watch's many different fitness features.

This product has been designed as the crème de la crème when it comes to fitness watches and the waterproof design helps it to outperform its competitors while it continues to track accurate and useful data about your workouts. Whether you want to work on your lap swimming to become a better sprinter in the pool or distance is your thing this waterproof fitness watch is going to be able to help you achieve your goals showing you in-depth readings of what you're doing and how your training is affecting your body.

Advanced Features

For cardio trainers that are looking to be more fit and efficient heart rate monitoring can be extremely important not only for health reasons but also for training. This heart rate monitoring system offers a way to accurately gauge what your heart is doing and why so you can know not only your active beats per minute but also your resting heart rate and other detailed facts that help you to understand what you're doing to your body and whether or not you're working and training as efficiently as you can be.

The Running Power tracker keeps track of the intensity of your runs so that you can get an in-depth look at what your body is doing and how well it is doing it.

The intensity of your run can dictate a lot about how your body reacts and what benefits you'll be able to gain from your training. This means the power tracking system will help you understand your runs more in-depth and with greater detail so you can adjust what you're doing correctly and get the most out of every run.


Every athlete wants to be competitive but you'll lose your edge when not giving yourself enough time to recover and risker greater injury to yourself when you continue to push past your limits without keeping an eye on everything you're putting your body through during and after every workout.

The training load pro also helps with this by quantifying what you've achieved during your workouts and showing you the strain you've been putting on your body and where you've been putting it. This helps you visually understand what you're body is going through and how your specific style of training is affecting certain regions of your body. Does a tendon feel sore or certain muscle groups aren't bouncing back the way you expected them to?
This feature helps you to see and understand why so that when you're training you can be mindful of what you're doing and work smarter and harder without injuring yourself through repetitive exercises that put your health and well being at risk.


The watch itself works to do all this by facilitating the tracking of 130 different sports that can be programmed into the watch.

This allows you to train for triathlons and much more by using this watch and its app. The watch itself is waterproof so that you can use it both on dry land for running and other sports or perform in the pool and open water to get the upper edge and keep track of your training.

It also includes a variable pandora's box of features so that you can constantly keep a deep in-depth view of your training ready and handy. Tracking not only your running power, but the intensity of different workouts, the distances you travel, and the type of stress workouts put on your body including where you'll be feeling it most this watch is designed to help you understand what you're doing more and get the most beneficial result possible. This is possible in part because of the many different features that have been configured for this fitness watch including how much your body has most likely recovered since the last workout but also because the watch can be programmed with 130 different sports.

At its heart, this watch is designed to help you train and perform smarter for pretty much any sport that you could want so you can become the more competitive athlete that you know you can be.

Bottom Line

The bottom line here is going to be the fact that this fitness watch is going to be one of the most advanced, in-depth, and high-quality fitness watches that you'll be able to find on the market. Its waterproof design takes it a step above the rest of many other fitness watches. While many watches may be water resistant so that you can wear them in the shower not all are waterproof allowing you to swim laps in the pool.

This watch even continues to take that feature one step further as it is also capable of being used in open water conditions. In both circumstances, the watch is able to track the distance that you swim so that you can continue to see how you're training and how you can most benefit. This is fantastic for swimmers that enjoy participating in both pool-based events like those that are sprint races and do different stroke styles as well as for people that are looking to do long distance swim event on the open waters of lakes and oceans.

All of these features together make this watch one of the highest quality fitness watches that you'll be able to buy and also provides you with the capability of getting the most information you can about your training. If you're someone who is looking to get smarter about how they're training than this watch can and benefit day in and day out so that you know you'll be able to work to where you want to go.