Speedo Biofuse Swim Training Fins

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Speedo Biofuse Swim Training Fins Review Facts

The Speedo Biofuse Swim Training Fins are ideal for swimming laps, racing, or just hanging out at the beach or pool to have fun. Useable for men, women, and youths, they come in six different sixes and six various bright and vivid colors of blue, black, yellow, white, navy, or green. They are made of super-soft 100% silicone material, so they are free of latex material that is harmful to people and the environment. Made to increase propulsion and strength of the user in the water, the Biofuse Fins will maximize your swim time. Their construction combines soft and hard silicone for ideal comfort and performance. They are well-made, long-lasting, and neutrally buoyant in the water. the foot pockets are comfortable, non-chafing, and soft to the skin, so you will love the fit and the feel of this material and design. The sturdy material will resist chlorine and sun damage to remain in pristine condition for a long time. With all of the positive reviews online from satisfied customers, the Biofuse Fins from Speedo are an excellent purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Foot pockets are comfortable, non-chafing, and soft
  • Neutrally buoyant in the water
  • Resists chlorine and sun deterioration
  • Safe for the environment
  • Increases propulsion and strength
  • Useable for men, women, and youths
  • Good for strength training and endurance
  • Walking on the ground is easy with these
  • Gives the thighs and abs a terrific workout
  • For swimming laps, racing, or fun at the beach or pool
  • Can be too stiff, heavy, or short for some users
  • Edge by the toe bothered some people
  • Sizes were a problem with most fins being too big


Speedo is the leading brand of swimwear in the world and has the best innovative gear for competitive swimming. There have been more gold medals in the Olympics won using Speedo products than any other brand according to the manufacturer. This incredible brand gives the swimmer style, comfort, and great performance that they crave and need to do well in their training, practice, or just for fun at the pool or beach. Their expert craftsmanship, durable materials, and modern designs make them the leader in this industry.


You will be hard pressed to find complaints about comfort when it comes to the Biofuse Fins. The superb foot pockets are very comfortable, non-chafing, and soft. The fins are neutrally buoyant in the water, taking some strain off swimmers to keep them from floating to the top. When swimmers have to struggle with floating fins, it can create problems with the back twisting. You will see negative comments concerning the heaviness of this product, which we do address in full in the section on weight. However, it is a component of comfort, so we will mention it here briefly too. Some people said that these were too heavy for them to use, and they compared them to lighter models that float. Those are made of a foam substance, so they float and are light. This is not ideal for the best swimming form. On another note, you can use fin socks for a snug fit that does not allow rubbing if that is a problem for you. If the fins are a bit too loose, then socks may help with that issue.


You can count on these fins lasting for many years of rugged use, whether you use them at the beach or in the pool. They will resist chlorine and sun deterioration and are very durable. Some people said these were too stiff for their tastes, but this stiffness is needed for the proper force in the water when using them. You have maximum power with the stiff blade that is incorporated into this product. Many customers commented on how well-made the Biofuse Fins are and long-lasting. Another terrific point about these fins concerning durability is the fact that they are safer for the environment because they are made without latex substances. They are 100% silicone through and through. Whether you use these for training, racing, fun, or exercise, they will not break down easily and be usable for years.

Key Features

-Has maximum power with the stiff blade
-Well-made and long-lasting
-Soft and hard silicone for comfort and performance
-Maximizes your pool time
-Six sizes of extra-small to extra-extra-large
-Free of latex material
-Made of 100% silicone that is super-soft
-Choice of six bright and bold colors


The outstanding build of these fins is what makes them so wonderfully responsive to your needs as a swimmer. Some people bought them for race training, while others purchased these fins to help with exercises in the pool. They have been recommended by doctors as a short stiff fin to help those recovering from knee surgeries and back problems. You can maximize your pool time with this item to get the most out of each session that you work out. The Biofuse Fins give outstanding performance with the trademarked Speedo Biofuse construction, which combines soft and hard silicone for the best comfort and performance. If these fins were too flexible and light, as some buyers said they were expecting, then they would not give you the force in the water that you need for great propulsion. The mixture of the soft and the stiff silicone is perfect to provide the resistance needed for the best workout.


Sizing was a big problem for many customers. The company states under its sizing chart to get the smaller size if you are between sizes. For those that did not follow this suggestion, they had fins that were too big on them. more people complained of them being too big rather than too small. The silicone material does stretch, so the foot pocket will form around the foot. If the size is too big, then the fins will flop to one side or the other as you try to swim or walk in them. they should fit snug but not tight. The Biofuse Fins are offered in six sizes of extra-small to extra-extra-large, so you should be able to find your perfect size with the chart. If you measure as the company says to, then it should be easy. Remember to buy the smaller size if you fall in-between the sizes. This fin type can be too stiff, heavy, or short for some users as they complained in their online feedback. Granted that not every type of fin is for everyone, but the type and size are clearly stated in the product description. It is not a surprise as to how long or stiff these are. Another sizing or fitting issue was the edge by the toe that bothered a couple of people. The open edge by the toe can rub on the toes and irritate them, depending on the fit of the fins.


Designed to meet swimmers’ precise swimming needs, the Biofuse Fins are made to increase propulsion and strength in the water, encourage a kick that is natural, and enhance stroke technique. Power is increased as the user slices through the water with this product on their feet. As one reviewer stated, they can make you “swim just as agile and fast as a dolphin.” They also keep the kicking tempo the same as the arm stroke with the design of the short blade. This makes you swim faster and more efficient because you are perfectly balanced and aligned in the water as you move. When speed counts, you can count on this Speedo product to make you a much better swimmer.


This training fin style is unisex, as it is ideal for men, women, and youths with the many sizes and colors available. they come in a choice of six bright and bold colors including black, blue, green, navy, white, or yellow logo and foot pocket on light gray fins. These are naturally free of harmful latex material and are comprised completely of silicone that is super-soft on the skin. You will love these if you go in the water often and want to improve your swimming performance. Many buyers are also using these for exercise purposes to work hurting or recovering muscles in joints, as they are recommended by doctors for therapy.


Good for strength training and endurance, the Biofuse Fins are short enough to allow walking out of the water with these on. You may feel like a duck at first, but after a while, you will love how they feel on the feet. They aid with swimming faster for races and are perfect for swimming laps or just a fun day out at the beach or by the pool. One customer stated in their feedback that these fins will give the thighs and abs a terrific workout over a period of time. You may not see results quickly, but if you keep using them, the resistance in the water that they provide will build your body’s stamina and strength. For whatever use you need a pair of short fins, the Biofuse Fins are hard to beat as they are high-quality and used for various training and exercises.


When compared to other Speedo fin models, the Biofuse is similar in some respects but unlike them in other features. The Biofuse Fins are made of silicone just like the Speedo Short Blade Fin model, while the others are comprised of rubber. They are good for sets for endurance just like the Speedo Switchblade Fin, Speedo Trialon Fin, and the Speedo Short Blade Fin. It is also alike with these three models in that you can use them with all types of Speedo paddles for additional power in the water. The Biofuse Fin is good for doing speed sets but not breaststroke sets. Only the Speedo Breaststroke Fin is good for doing the breaststroke sets properly. Make sure you get the correct type of fin for performing the abilities and exercises you want to do.


Due to the weight of this product was an often-mentioned comment online, we will address it here. Some fin models are made of a foam substance to make them float near the surface of the water. because the Biofuse Fins are engineered of silicone, they will not float as foam fins do. They are neutral in the respect of floating, as they will not sink or be too heavy either. When compared to the foam fins, these will seem quite heavy, but they are not heavy to use. With fins that float, there could be extra strain on the user to keep them at the level of the legs and feet in the water. this could cause back and hips problems for some people. These fins are the proper weight for training and exercise done correctly in the water. Speedo should know exactly the ideal weight for their products as they are the leading swimming gear company for such items.

Bottom Line

The sizing and the heaviness of the Biofuse Training Fins are the current main concerns from buyers online. Sizing is not a problem if the sizing chart is used before purchasing this item. The manufacturer gives specific instructions for sizing on the chart given. Since these are made of sturdy and durable silicone, they are naturally heavier than other models that are made with a light foam material. there is no comparison of quality between the Biofuse Fins and a foam product. These fins are the correct weight for their intended purpose of racing, training, laps, or exercise. We have explained the positive side of this material for this product. You do not get to be a world-class leader in the industry of swimming gear used during the Olympics by the gold medalists by not knowing your trade. The Biofuse Fins are comfortable, durable, long-lasting, and quality-made. They will improve your performance in the water whether you are swimming professionally or for fun. You cannot beat the size and color selection and the fact that anyone can use them, except small children. We agree with all the buyers who think that these are exceptional fins, and we highly recommend them to you.