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Polar A360 Fitness Tracker Review Facts

The Polar A360 Fitness Tracker with Wrist Heart Rate Monitor has sports profiles of more than 100 sports and activities and is completely waterproof. It does not require a chest monitor as other tracking models do because the monitor is right on the band. Choose from five different bold and vibrant colors for the band and three terrific sizes. Unisex, elegant, and sleek, the A360 lights up when you lift your wrist to look at the touchscreen. It monitors steps, calories burned, workouts, distance, and sleep quality anytime along with inactivity alerts and smart notifications that vibrate. Compatible with most iOS and Android later model devices, it will track activities 24/7 and alerts you of updates, messages, calls, and notifications from your phone. The bright touchscreen of 1.75 inches is colorful and alive with your data or graphs displayed, which is an appealing aspect of this product. The overall online customer rating for the Polar A360 is not a good one, as there are many aspects that buyers are unhappy about.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Tells you how to reach your goals each day
  • Lights up when your wrist is lifted
  • Offered in pink, white, green, blue, and black
  • Has an elegant, unisex, and sleek design
  • Three wrist sizes of small, medium, and large
  • Does not require a chest monitor
  • Keeps fitness training easy and simple
  • Compatible with most iOS and Android devices
  • Connects for updates, messages, calls, and notifications
  • Bright touchscreen is colorful, waterproof, and alive
  • Syncing problems for many people
  • Clasp failing to keep the item on the wrist; it falls out easily
  • The time not appearing when the wrist is raised
  • Removable cover for charging comes off often and gets lost


You can enjoy some very flexible aspects of the Polar A360 that are unique to this device. It not only tracks your goals throughout the day each day but also tells you how to reach your goals with suggested activities and the minutes needed to accomplish each one. for example, if you needed four more hours of activity and your chosen activities are walking, swimming, and cycling, the A360 might tell you that you could do two hours of walking, one hour of swimming, and one hour of cycling to obtain your goals for the day. The colorful, bright face of the product lights up when checked by lifting your wrist to look at it. it may take a few tries to get this right, as some buyers had trouble with this. There is a Do Not Disturb function to keep the screen from lighting up at night or any other time you do not want it to shine. You will not get a notification when this aspect is on, but the alarm still works when the Do Not Disturb feature is on. That does not really make sense, though.

Key Features

-Do not disturb function
-Accurate monitor for heart rate on the tracker
-24/7 tracking of activities
-Sport profiles of more than 100 sports and activities
-Monitors steps, calorie, workouts, distance, and sleep
-Has inactivity alerts and smart notifications
-Free web service and apps
-Display size is 1.75 inches


We noticed many comments about buyers not getting what they thought were accurate results from the band for the heart rate data. As one person said, it is not going to be as precise as one with a chest strap that fits on your body. The A360 is taking the heart rate at the wrist, so it will be slightly different. As a few people stated, tightening the wristband before workouts will give you a more accurate heart rate reading than if it is loose on the wrist. The clasp to hold the tracker on the wrist is another issue that bothered many customers. It seems to come undone often for some people, but others were not bothered at all by this. Even the device can sometimes separate from the flexible band and pop off unexpectedly. The feature of the time display coming on when the wrist is raised to check it did not work for several buyers. They had to annually press the screen to get the time when they wanted it. The removable cover for charging comes off often and gets lost quite often to the point of aggravation that a few people returned their activity devices. As you can see, there are many problems with this product. Hence the reason it does not have a good rating online.


The issues continue into the section of stability too. From what we have seen in customer feedback, this is not one of the most dependable devices to count on for your activity data. It does not automatically sync or when it does there could be many problems. Unlike most current devices today with time features, this item only has one alarm to set. This means that if you need to be warned of several times during the day or night for various reasons, you will have to manually set each alarm each time. This was a big enough issue for buyers to return products too. When you turn on the notification characteristic, you get them all. There is not an option to choose which ones you want. This means that if you have Instagram, Facebook, email, texts, and calls, but only want the calls and texts to go to this device, you cannot pick and choose. You will get them all. This information was provided in a customer review, but not mentioned anywhere else. We want to let you know about the possibility of this in case it would be a problem for you.


As we have said, the Polar A360 is not going over very well with buyers online. There are plenty of reviews and questions concerning the product, but the negative remarks and feedback is greatly affecting the overall rating for the product. It is offered in the solid vibrant colors of pink, white, green, blue, and black and has an elegant, sleek, unisex design. The A360 is available in three wrist sizes of small, medium, and large for you to pick the best one for a good fit.


The A360 from Polar has an accurate monitor for heart rate right on the tracker, as it does not require a chest monitor as other tracking models do. The manufacturer claims that this is the first fitness tracker offered to have the monitor for heart rate on the band and not as a separate feature. Enjoy 24/7 of all activities and sports, as you reach your goals for fitness with the training guidance that is personalized. When there are no problems of syncing or falling off the wrist, this terrific device is quite supportive of your daily activities and sleeping patterns.


With sport profiles of more than 100 sports and activities to choose from for customizing your device, you will have fun choosing your favorites. This is the most flexible and personalized aspect of the fitness tracker that makes it uniquely your own. Some of the ones that buyers are choosing are indoor swimming, yoga, running, walking, fencing, and cross fit. With over 100, you will certainly find the ones you like to do.


People that love this product adore the waterproof quality the most. The A360 never has to be taken off except to recharge the battery because it can withstand water well. It can even be fitted with wristbands that are interchangeable and waterproof. You can swim, bathe, and shower with this item because it is waterproof and not just water-resistant as most trackers are. Having to take off a wrist device before every water activity can be very tedious and is so much of a problem that trackers that cannot take water are often passed over when purchasing because of it.


The Polar A360 will accurately monitor steps, calories burned, workouts, distance, and sleep quality anytime. It has inactivity alerts and smart notifications that vibrate to make the user stay active. This item aims to keep fitness training easy and simple for busy active lifestyles that are constantly on-the-go. The actual functioning of these features works quite well, as we did not find any customers complaining of the functioning of the tracking itself.


Enjoy the free web service and apps you get with the A360 as it is compatible with most iOS and Android devices of the later models. It connects with Bluetooth to a smartphone for updates, messages, calls, and notifications that normally go to your phone. This way, you never miss out on important contacts when you are performing your sports and activities. Many buyers had issues with syncing the device to their phones and the Bluetooth technology to set it up. It was not determined if the problem is the device, the app, or the software, but it was a hassle mentioned in numerous feedback remarks.

Ease of Use

When the Polar A360 does connect without any issues of syncing, it is very easy to use and set up with activities and sports. Use the daily goals for activities to keep yourself on track of doing all you can during the day. You can know your distance and speed right on your wrist so easily when you are active, and sleep quality when you are sleeping. we found no complaints of being hard to operate or understand with this activity tracker. Having the heart rate monitor on the band instead of a chest strap is certainly a huge improvement to fitness devices as we know them now.


One of the most exciting features of the A360 is the bright touchscreen that is colorful and alive with your data displayed. It even has graphs or charts to show the information in a user-friendly format for monitoring. The display size is 1.75 inches to be a good size for viewing data even in poor or no lighting. Buyers noticed that there is no protective touch screen case available or included with the product. It is durable but will become scratched with use over time. The touchscreen was not sensitive for a few people, so they had to tap the screen multiple times to interact with it. We must admit that the colors and design of the tracker’s face is one of the most modern and trendy ones we have seen.

Power Source

The company states that recharging for the A360 is done every seven days, but a few people had to recharge every three or four days to keep it working. We did notice several comments about short battery life and that it could be improved to be longer. Even those who love it and gave it a perfect rating commented about the short battery life. Also, charging the unit is done under the monitor, so it must be taken off to charge. If you want to charge during sleep at night, then you will not get any data for sleep quality at least one night a week.

Bottom Line

Usually, products with low ratings have one or two issues that customers agree to be problematic of the item. The Polar A360 has many concerns from buyers that have made a good number of them return their devices to seek another model. There could be syncing problems, the charging cover coming off unexpectedly, the time not appearing automatically with wrist movement, and the clasp failing or the device separating from the band easily. There are other minor suggestions for improvement, even from those that like the A360 and have kept it. this shows that most people are not fully satisfied with the device. The execution of outstanding and innovative features needs to be perfect. The superb technology is there, but without it working as it should for everyone who buys the A360, it is only aggravating and dissatisfying to customers. There are simply too many problems with this fitness tracker to recommend it to future potential buyers.