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Misfit Shine 2 Fitness Tracker Review Facts

The Misfit Shine 2 Fitness Tracker & Sleep Monitor is the company’s most advanced tracking technology of monitoring sleep quality and tracking fitness activity. It is unique in that it does not have a numerical face, but one with colorful LED lights for display and notification. The excellent device gives feedback with these lights or vibration as it tracks distance, steps, heavy and light sleep, and calories. The design is futuristic, elegant, comfortable, and lightweight. Made of aircraft-grade aluminum, the Shine 2 is water-resistant to 164 feet or 50 meters and is compatible with numerous health and fitness apps. It features text and call notification vibration alerts, alarms, and movement reminders, in addition to pairing with most iPhone and Android device well. This product best tracks swimming, running, cycling, and walking activities and comes with a replaceable non-charging battery with a six-month life. We discuss the details of these features in our full review below.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Design is futuristic, elegant, lightweight, and comfortable
  • Tracks distance, steps, sleep quality, and calories
  • Motivates and encourages
  • Gives feedback with lights and vibration
  • Two color designs of rose gold or carbon black
  • Tracks swimming, running, cycling, and walking activities
  • Water resistance to 164 feet (50 meters)
  • Links with the health and fitness apps
  • Compatible with most iPhone and Android devices
  • Replaceable battery has a six-month life
  • Device pops out of the wearable band easily
  • Does not have a heart rate monitor


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  • The design is simple, stylish, and modern.
  • This is great for activity tracking when you only want data in the app.
  • The waterproof design makes this a great tracker for swimming.
  • Buyers have been able to swim and shower while wearing the Shine 2 with no problems.
  • The unique time display adds to the sleek design.
  • The battery does not need to be charged.
  • Misfit has released an improved band that reduces the likelihood of the tracker falling out.
  • The band is comfortable and flexible.
  • This activity tracker is lightweight and has a low profile.
  • Inactivity alerts keep you moving.
  • Phone and text notifications are an added convenience.
  • The app is user friendly and easy to sync.
  • Compared to other activity trackers, the price is below average.
  • Shine 2 can track a variety of activities.
  • The silent alarm is a good alternative to other alarms which can wake up sleeping partners.
  • The tracker disc can be clipped on shoes as an alternative to wearing it on your wrist.
  • The sleep monitor has worked well for many buyers.
  • The main complaint about the Misfit Shine 2 is the band. A significant number of reviewers claim the tracker can easily pop out of the band. This has led to a lot of lost trackers.
  • Although Misfit has improved the band, some reviewers still claim it is not secure enough to keep the tracker in place.
  • Many buyers report syncing issues within the first 3 months.
  • Although it is convenient to have a watch battery instead of a rechargeable one, there are reports that battery replacements are needed every few months.
  • There are a few reports of connectivity issues after software updates were installed.
  • Sleep monitoring is limited to certain hours and will automatically stop and need to be fully restarted with common disturbances such as nighttime restroom visits.
  • It does not have a stair count feature.
  • Although some buyers like the convenience of only using the app to read data, others find it an inconvenience.
  • Although rare, there are some reports of having issues with the app on an android phone.
  • The tap-to-view function is not reliably responsive.
  • There are a couple of reports from buyers who received defective trackers.
  • There are limited reviews from runners.
  • Buyers give mixed reviews about their Misfit customer service experience when addressing issues with the Shine 2.
  • Some reviewers note that there are often delays in syncing.
  • The alarm feature has been unreliable for some people.
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Of the 1289 reviews we found in total, 33% were negative, and 67% were positive.


Lightweight and comfortable to wear, the Shine 2 has a design that is futuristic, modern, and elegant. It can also be worn as a necklace if you purchase the accessory for it separately. Plenty of people will ask you about this tracker because of its odd appearance if you decide to get one. it looks like a watch right out of the old Jetson cartoons or Star Trek because of the design and gorgeous colors. You will love how it feels on the wrist and responds to your activity or inactivity during the day. The Shine 2 is a nice change from the usual numerical face of most tracking devices.

Key Features

-Motivates with lights in rainbow colors or vibration
-Futuristic and modern sleep monitor and fitness tracker
-Company’s most advanced tracking technology
-Made of tough aircraft-grade aluminum
-Uses vibration alerts, alarms, and movement reminders
-Tracks swimming, running, cycling, and walking activities


Sleep and activity monitors are responsive to your actions in the day and quality of sleep during the night. the Shine 2 is part of the Shine series of devices. These are unique in their display and feedback with LED lights and vibration. It will motivate and encourage the wearer with lights in rainbow colors or a nudge of vibration to start moving. With its stable connection, it automatically tracks distance, steps, heavy and light sleep, and calories. One of the features that it does not have that most other popular models do these days is a heart rate monitor. This is an important enough aspect of an activity and health device to be a deal breaker for someone who needs that function. Heart rate is an important part of heart health, so not having it on this device can turn away potential buyers. If you have looked at any of the negative online comments from customers about this product, you have noticed the many complaints about the device popping out of the wristband and being lost. Many people have experienced this happening as there is a flaw with the attachment holding it together. Some people like the product so much that they buy another one because of the low cost, while others just switch to another brand or model after having taken the hit from the loss. This issue is the main reason for the low approval rating of the device online.


The Misfit Shine 2 is a premium and advanced sleep monitor and fitness tracker that contains the company’s most advanced tracking technology. Offered in two different color designs of rose gold or carbon black, it is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and encourages a life that is more active. Even though this device is part of the growing series of Shine products for Misfit and gains new functions with each new edition, it is still a basic activity monitor that does not have the advanced features that most modern mechanisms have, such as a heart rate monitor. In addition, it is mostly functional for just the activities of swimming, cycling, walking, and running, which does leave out quite a few exercises and activities that can be monitored today with similar devices. For the basics, it is decent, but if you are looking for something advanced with all of the bells and whistles, you may want to keep shopping.


You can receive text and call notification vibration alerts, alarms, and movement reminders with the Shine 2 as it supports your daily connection needs at home, work, and play. It is an aluminum anodized disc with LED multicolor time and progress display that functions as your personal coach to better health and activity. A surprising function of this great product is that connected devices of the household can be controlled with the smart button. Not much about this feature is discussed in the product details or the customer feedback, so we cannot elaborate on this aspect very much. The Shine 2 is a terrific basic item that will make you want to get out of that office chair and walk around and take that extra lap in the pool.


The Shine 2 tracks swimming, running, cycling, and walking activities and include a calorie counter too. It is perfect to wear anytime and anywhere as it goes well with casual, formal, and sportswear for everyday use, special occasions, and events. The device is eye-catching and gorgeous, so be ready for everyone to ask you what it does and where you bought it. it is pleasantly unusual and beautifully introduces innovative ways of interaction to meet your goals of fitness and health. Plenty of people that purchased this watch did so because they want to wear such a device while swimming. It is great for that because it is waterproof and can be seen in the water well with the lights and felt also with the vibration. If you like to swim a lot, then this just may be the mechanism for you.


Misfit has several previous versions of sleep and fitness trackers that have almost all of the functions of the Shine 2. There is the original Shine model, the Misfit Ray, and the Misfit Flash. All of them operate the same on batteries that are replaceable and do not charge. Compared to the Misfit Ray, the Shine 2 has the addition of the time display. Compared with the original Shine model, the Shine 2 has the added capable smart button and IFTTT Integration, smart alarm, movement reminders, incoming text and calls, and alert vibrations. Against the Misfit Flash, the Shine 2 has added water resistance, alert vibrations, smart alarm, movement reminders, and incoming text and calls. In other words, the Shine 2 has what these earlier models plus more. They do not have anything that it does not.


Swim-proof and water-resistant to 164 feet or 50 meters, the Shine 2 is perfect for swimming laps. This is the reason that a lot of people purchase this device. It is economical for this feature alone because you do not have to worry about it in the shower, taking a bath, while sweating, or in a downpour of rain. We have too much to worry about in our hurried daily lives to be concerned about protecting our watches and fitness trackers from water and sweat. Just for the peace of mind alone of being protected in water, this product is worth buying.


There are not many complaints about the accuracy of the Shine 2 online, so it has to be pretty accurate with its data. It has the most recent technology with 12-LEDs in tri-color, 3-axis magnetometer and accelerometer, piezoelectric vibration, a sensor of capacitive touch, and Bluetooth 4.1. Using the lights, the device motivates the user to not be idle and displays their level of activity. The method of the functioning of the lights and vibration may take some getting used to, but you should enjoy this item more than a normal tracking device because of its appearance and a new way of interacting with you.


Connect the Shine 2 with Misfit Link to enjoy internet services, play music, or take a selfie. There are also easy charts and information of activity by syncing with the included Misfit app. With the purchase, you have access to Misfit Bolt, Spotify, Logitech, Nest, Yo, and Harmony. The product is compatible with the health and fitness apps of Runkeeper, LoseIt!, MyFitnessPal, MapMyFitness, and IFTTT also for more options of enjoying the product and increasing your activity and sleep health.


To save, view, and share your fitness data, you will need to sync with a smartphone or similar device for the upload of the information. The Shine 2 is compatible with most devices of iPod, iPhone, iPad, Samsung Note, Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus, and some Android products. You should look at the product details online for the exact model numbers of each to make sure your phone s one that is suitable for pairing.

Ease of Use

Since the Shine 2 is not loaded with plenty of fancy and advanced functions, it is so simple to set up, use, and maneuver. It syncs quickly and simply with the app for the uploads and viewing of data and needs only a light tap to get activity progress. Those customers familiar with using the other Misfit models were pleased to see how sensitive the touchscreen was of this monitor. The others had to be pressed with some force making the device dig into the wrist some with each press. Just a light touch is needed for the Shine 2 with its innovative technology and capabilities.

Power Source

The terrific battery function is what appeals to plenty of customers when they purchase this tracker. The battery is replaceable and non-charging and has a six-month life. All of the wearable devices of Misfit have the same type of battery, so those familiar with their tracking products will not be surprised. It is a welcomed change for those that are tired of recharging watch batteries that eventually decrease in battery life with age. Because the device is so economically priced, it is worth it to purchase batteries every six months if you want to keep using the same tracker. At least you will not have to keep up with battery strength and power ever.

Bottom Line

The Misfit Shine 2 is a modern piece of technology and innovation that is an improvement with added features over its predecessors of the original Shine, Flash, and Ray. It is a basic tracker of activity and sleeps quality with a futuristic pleasant design. Unfortunately, we know that it only takes one major problem to ruin the success of a product and make it a problem and aggravation for customers. For the Shine 2, that issue is the fact that the metal device pops out of the wristband unknowingly and unexpectedly with it often becoming lost to the user. Many people have experienced this problem and have expressed their unhappiness online in their feedback. Because it is an economical product and a good one, some people just repurchased the item and were more careful or bought a different band for it. Others were embittered by the occurrence and sought another model or brand. You cannot confidently feel secure with the Shine 2 on your wrist during your busy day or when performing your activities because it may pop out and be lost. This problem is the reason for the low satisfaction rating with buyers and a good reason to keep shopping.