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Editor’s Conclusion
One shoe to rule them all, claims one happy reviewer. I agree; why buy multiple trail runners when you can buy one that does it all. So look no further for the perfect all-rounder. The Sense Ride 4 (SR4), upgraded from the Sense Ride 3 (SR3), is entirely beginner trail-runner friendly.

Reasonably priced, you're getting more than you pay for with the newest Sense Ride upgrade. Big on comfort, agility and durability, Salomon has done a stellar as minor tweaks create massive improvements, such as the reconfigured upper and new heel stack. However, Salomon ensures it keeps the best features, retaining the highly shock resistant Optivibe midsole and vibration absorbing heel insert.

New models always bring about a risk of alienating your old customers by changing too much. However, Salomon has the balance just right with the SR4. Lightweight, versatile, and incredibly cushioned, the Sense Ride 4 is perfect for trails of any lengths and difficulty.

This runner should suit you with a can-do-anything attitude, whether you're looking for an every-day, trail, or ultra-marathon runner.
Salomon Sense Ride 4 Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons



Fits well

Very grippy


Great value for money

Available in 5 colors


High heel counter

Quick laces can be fiddly

Key Features

Ease of Use

Every aspect of this upgrade works perfectly in unison to create an impressive trail runner. For example, the updated tongue is noticeably thinner and allows for the lace to tuck into the bottom rather than the top. Moreover, running over any terrain is easy with an upper that allows a precise foothold, resistant fabrics, and anti-debris breathable mesh.

The Sense Ride 4 immediately delivers a responsive ride with the right amount of cushioning and Optivibe™ foam, without feeling too spongy or too bare. This cushioning is essential for speedy runs as you don't want to feel awkward on your feet. The Optivibe Foam also allows the shoe to absorb vibrations and decrease muscle fatigue without your feet having to take the impact while staying lightweight.


I particularly like the all-terrain grip that you get with the new Salomon range. Building the Salomon Contagrip® MA into the Sense Ride 4 means tackling the broadest variety of surfaces is a breeze. The balance of geometry and rubber compound allows for no-slip confidence on any terrain, from wet to dry, hard to loose etc. You get the picture. This outer sole is hardy, flexible and responsive enough for both training and racing. The full rubber Contagrip® outsole and Profeel film are also terrific at protecting the wearers' feet from sharp objects.

Lacing System

I'm pleased to see Salomon add the Quicklace lacing system to the Sense Ride 4. Standard on a wide variety of their shoes, you'll find them more accessible than traditional laces, which are always tricky to adjust at speed or covered in mud. All you need to do is pull the reinforced cord to tighten and secure with a plastic toggle.


There is a noticeable increase in support across the whole shoe, including the upper and lower sole. However, one of the most impressive upgrades is the added cushion to the sole, providing a solid and safe ride even on tricky and enduring trail runs. Luckily, the cushioning is just the right amount of softness. Too hard, and you won't get any benefit, too spongy, and you'll feel like you're walking on clouds.

Further comfort is inevitable with a tremendously breathable upper sole that sheds water quickly, perfect for Spring or Summer days. In addition, Salomon is clever in its use of foams, using one foam to dampen and propel, which overall reduces vibration and muscle fatigue due to foot strikes.

A snug fit is essential for trail runners, and the trademarked SensiFit™ technology cradles the foot from the midsole to the lacing system. Thankfully, this genius bit of kit means your feet are snug as a bug in a rug, with security and an almost customized fit.

In addition, the Profeel Film keeps your feet free from injury and instability, keeping out rocks and sharp surfaces for added comfort. Lastly, the heel counter also appears to have slightly more padding than the SR3 for extra protection and comfort.


One thing I did notice about the many good reviews is the just-right fit. Very few, if any, individuals found a sizing issue with the newest Sense Rise series. However, there was mention of a clicking sound when running. On further inspection, I suspect this is a sizing issue, quickly resolved by choosing the correct size.


The materials used in the Sense Ride 4 are some of the things that make it so great. I'm also pleased to find that the SR4 has kept the comfort of the Optivibe EVA foam.

While the upper is made of a synthetic mesh that is highly breathable, wider, and more comfortable than expected, it also allows the shoe to dry out quickly. Utilizing the Salomon Contragrip rubber sole is also a good choice for added comfort, protection, and long-lasting wear.


Durability is never an issue with Salomon shoes. Being an expert in hiking, trail running and mountaineering equipment, Salomon chooses the best in materials that last. For example, the SR4 uses the Salomon Contagrip® MA, which is engineered to take on a wide variety of surfaces without heavy wear and tear, due to the balance of geometry and rubber compound.

Salomon claims this shoe can be used with a frequency of four times a week, and many reviewers seem to use this shoe daily with no issues and minor wear.

Comparison to Similar Trail Runners

With the lower sole of a trail runner but the upper of a heavy-duty hiker, the SR4 provides plenty of protection. The newest Salomon rugged trail runner easily fends off loose dirt stone, other mountainous and forestry debris. In addition, the blend of EVA foam densities protects the foot from injuries caused by loose debris, rocks, boulders, and pavement pounding.

However, you're never going to get the same level of protection required from a trail runner as you would a heavy-duty hiking shoe. Although they are often heavier and less agile, if you only need a hiking shoe, good options for you could be Nike Air Zoom Wildhorse 6 or Salomon S/Lab Ultra 3. But beware, there is a marginal increase in price with the Nike hiker, and the Salomon shoe is over double the price.

Salomon is not shy about the lack of waterproof membrane in the Sense Ride 4. That's probably because adding a GTX membrane would reduce the breathability and add extra weight. This wouldn't be ideal for a trail runner, and I think Salomon made a good choice. If you're looking for a waterproof trail runner, too, you could check out the popular trail runner La Sportiva Wildcat 2.0 GTX.


Some reviewers rightly refer to this Salomon shoe as Swiss Army Knife of trail shoes, and I tend to agree. If you're after a shoe that's well equipped to handle anything from short training runs to ultra-distance races, then the Sense Ride 4 has you covered.

The Sense Ride 4 is everything; stylish, light, agile, firm but flexible, with impressive cushioning and support. Indeed, that Sense Ride 4 performs as you would expect from such a prodigious brand.

Therefore, I would recommend the SR4 as a reliable and easy choice for walkers, trail runners, mountain runners, ultramarathoners, and hikers or scramblers alike.