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Brooks Ghost 11 Running Shoe Review Facts

Year in and year out, you can always rely on the world to deliver something you can look forward to. Football fans will always have the Super Bowl, smartphone junkies are sure to see a new iPhone or Galaxy, and runners can typically look forward to Brooks designing and releasing a new version of their Ghost Running Shoe.

Today that is what we want to talk about as we take a much closer look at the Brooks Ghost 11 Running Shoe.  What is most comforting about Ghost 11 is that it takes a lot of inspiration from its predecessors. In other words, if you have run in different iterations of the Ghost, then you are sure to enjoy this running shoe. If you want to check other models of Brooks running shoes, make sure you click here.

At the same time, Brooks also added and implemented new technologies. One of which is the revamped midsole. In addition to providing a much lighter feel than previous midsoles, it does not sacrifice bounce or softness. However, with new technologies and features always comes with its controversy. Some runners will think that the Brooks Ghost 11 is a step down as it is slightly less structured and less stable than previous versions. With that said, it is still another impressive entry in the Ghost series of running shoes.

Editor's Pros & Cons

The mesh upper almost disappears on your foot

Designed with a segmented crash pad

It has been revamped with a brand-new midsole

It can be used as a road running shoe

The outsole remains unchanged and performs quite well

Overall, it is an incredibly durable shoe

It comes in a ton of different colors


Not quite as stable as other iterations


Brooks sells their Ghost 11 in both men’s and women’s sizes, just for the record. With both iterations, there are plenty of sizing options for you to select from (with options also available for narrow and wide widths). However, in the sizing and fitting department, the Brooks Ghost 11 is much different than the Ghost 10 specifically.

The main difference is the newly-designed structured mesh upper. This upper has been engineered to virtually disappear on your foot and provide enhanced security in the process. It is quite stretchy, and it is optimized to fit snug through your midfoot and heel.

At the same time, some testers have commented on the narrower fit that this upper provides (especially when compared to the Ghost 10). Of course, this shoe is not narrow when it comes to its toe box. It is quite generous in this department (maybe too generous for some runners).

The good news, though, as noted, is that this shoe is available in narrow widths if you do not need a ton of room in the toe box. Due to the extra room that this shoe provides in that area, it is recommended to go with small sizes if you do not have wide feet.


One of the reasons why Brooks is one of the best running shoe brands in the world is because they know how to make comfortable and supportive running shoes. Well, their Ghost 11 is certainly no different. As noted, it has been equipped with a new foam midsole.

Unlike the original DNA material that was used for some of Brook’s other shoes, this new DNA Loft cushioning not only promises a lighter feel but also enhanced softness and responsiveness. Some testers even felt that it added an extra spring to their step when compared to previous iterations of the shoe.

Of course, in addition to the new midsole, the Brooks Ghost 11 also sports a fantastic crash pad. Known as their Segmented Crash Pad, this is basically an integrated system of shock absorbers and it cushions every blow and strides you take while running. Additionally, this crash pad is going to disperse impact more evenly which is only going to make your runs smoother. Indeed, let’s just say that the Ghost 11 nails this department.


It is time to address some of the technical specifications. First and foremost, this is a running shoe that is going to be suitable for those of you who have medium to high arches. Ghost 11 provides a ton of support while you run, and that is one of the many wonderful aspects of it.

Additionally, for the record, this is a neutral running shoe, and it is not going to be the best option for those of you who overpronate. This means that when you run, you roll too far inward. Ghost 10 also offers neutral support, so this is not too much of a surprise.

However, even though both of these shoes do offer neutral support, some reviewers did feel that Ghost 10 was still better in the stability department. Again, overall, the Brooks Ghost 11 does offer a ton of support; it is simply not the most stable running shoe on the market.


To be perfectly honest, this is one area where the Brooks Ghost 11 is just improved in every possible way from previous iterations of Ghost running shoes. That is not to say that the other versions were not breathable but the Ghost 11 simply takes it to another level. Again, the newly-designed mesh upper has a lot to do with this.

If you know anything about mesh then you know that it promotes breathable, ventilation and airflow. It is a popular material for shoe uppers so it is no surprise that it is present here. It is going to allow air in while keeping dirt and various debris out.

There is something else that enhances the breathability of this running shoe, though. Going back to the new midsole, the Ghost 11 manages to shed some of the heavier overlays that were present on the Ghost 10. The result is a running shoe that is much lighter by comparison. In addition to feeling better, these weight savings will also allow for better breathability overall. Let’s just say that this shoe is ready to accommodate your sweaty foot.

Heel-to-Toe Drop

All of you running fanatics out there will know precisely what heel to toe drop signifies in a running shoe. But, if you are new to running, then this is a metric that you need to get familiar with. The heel to toe drop in a running shoe is the difference between the heel height and the forefoot height.

A lower drop will promote forefoot striking while a higher drop will promote heel striking. But, what area does the Brooks Ghost 11 fall into? With a midsole drop of 12 millimeters, this is considered to be a high-drop shoe. What this means is that it is going to promote heel striking, as was just outlined.

However, what exactly is heel striking, and how do you know if you do it? In the simplest of explanations, a heel strike is when you make contact with the ground (while you are running) heel first. As the heel of this shoe sits higher off of the ground, it is easier to heel strike in.

This may not be your running style, though, and if you prefer forefoot striking, then you may or may not feel comfortable in this running shoe. It is just something you need to think about is all.


Brooks advertises their Ghost 11 as a road running shoe and that is really the terrain in which it thrives the most. However, thanks to the design of the outsole, this shoe is actually much more versatile than that. It can handle a wide variety of different terrains and running conditions so that is a huge plus.

Now, when compared to the Ghost 10, this iteration pretty much brings along with it the same outsole. If you were a fan of the manner in which the Ghost 10 gripped then you will find the same delight with this running shoe. Many users and testers have even commented on their experiences when running in the rain with this shoe.

Most agree that it provides suitable traction in such conditions and is not slick or slippery at all. The true joy of the outsole is the deep tread that it sports. Due to this, it allows the Ghost 11 to be suitable on different surfaces such as light mud, gravel, and even wet grass. This will certainly come in handy on your runs.


From an overall perspective, you would have to say that this is a well put together running shoe. With the combination of its rubber outsole, new and well-built midsole, and well-made mesh upper, this is going to last as long as a normal road running shoe would last (granted you treat it with care).

You also have to realize that this is a road running shoe. Due to the abrasive nature of these types of surfaces (whether its gravel, concrete, dirt, etc.), the Brooks Ghost 11 is going to wear down quicker than a trail running shoe would. Basically, much like any other shoe you ever buy, it is not going to last forever.

At the same time, it is not unrealistic to expect around 400 to 500 miles out of this shoe. Then again, various outside factors such as your weight and the style at which you run will play additional roles. As crazy as it sounds, this running shoe may last someone else longer than it will you.


Do you want to know another reason why Brooks has been so successful over the years at designing running shoes? It is because they also understand that runners are still human beings. Naturally, someone is going to be more appealed to something that they find visually pleasing.

What is all this getting at? It is simple; Brooks designed their Ghost 11 in a plethora of different colorways. They also sell the shoe for both men and women and each variation has different types of color options available.

Everyone’s tastes are going to be different so that is why it is nice that the Brooks Ghost 11 has such an epic variety of styles. From light colors to darker colors to even colorways that are more vibrant in appearance, you are sure to find an option that suits you.

In general, this shoe also allows you to add a bit of personality to your running wardrobe. Look, sometimes it is the simple things in life that hold the most meaning so you can’t fault Brooks for this.

Bottom Line

It just seems amazing that the Ghost series of running shoes seem to get better and better after each iteration. While not everyone will feel this way, clearly, there are many runners out there who will feel that this is the best Ghost version yet (though the Ghost 12 was released this year). With its terrific combination of comfort, cushioning, support, and weight, it is going to be a running shoe that so many of you will be delighted to utilize.

Not only that but it also is going to be a go-to model for so many different types of runners out there. After all, it is a neutral running shoe that promotes heel striking and provides support for users with mid-to-high arches. This is not even mentioning all the new and improved technologies that have been implemented (such as the upper and the midsole).

For some of you, though, the Brooks Ghost 11 may actually be somewhat of a step down from previous versions. It is not quite as stable and the upper is a bit narrower. Even if you believe these issues will play a role for you, it is still hard to not call this an incredible running shoe overall. This shoe also looks great and is going to last you for several miles. For most of you, though a little steep in price, the Ghost 11 is going to be worth every single penny you pay for it.