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Nike Air Zoom Winflo 4 Review Facts

It is always a good day at the office when you get to review a running shoe from Nike. They have garnered a cult following over the years for creating some of the best running shoes known to man. The question is, is the Nike Winflo 4 among that elite class of Nike shoes?

That is a difficult question to answer but you can say this, the Winflo 4 is a neutral running shoe and it is another solid entry into this series of footwear. And, while it is not perfect, it excels in areas where runners require the most attention.

For example, it sports above average cushioning and overall comfortability while also featuring a highly breathable core for those hot summer runs. Then again, as you will see during the course of this review, the Nike Winflo 4 has also got some sizing issues. Overall, it is far from a bad running shoe, though.

Editor's Pros & Cons

It has been raved by users for its comfort

Designed with a mesh upper and mesh lining

The appearance is really good

Equipped with a cushion crash rail

Features Flywire cables

The rubber sole performs well


A little bit heavy

The arch is pretty narrow

Too loose in the heel area


Right from the get-go, this is one of the areas where Nike nailed it with their Winflo 4. Pretty much all runners are in universal agreement that this running shoe is highly breathable. And, there are two primary reasons why this happens to be the case. The first is the fact that it has been engineered with a mesh upper.

If you anything about running shoes, then you know that the upper is crucial when analyzing breathability. It sits right above your foot while you are running, so it makes sense. Basically, with the mesh in play, hot air is going to escape while simultaneously allowing outside air to flow in. This combination is going to allow your foot to breathe better.

Of course, what also helps is the mesh lining that has been implemented. The same core concept is also on display here. This adds another layer of temperature management and improved breathability. Let’s just say that the Nike Winflo 4 is ready for your long and grueling, warm spring runs.


Ironically, this is advertised as being a lightweight running shoe. The reason it is ironic is it is one of the areas where runners have had the most complaints. To give you an idea of the weight, men’s size nine clocks in at nine ounces. The weight is going to alter slightly based on the size that you pick.

Either way, the point remains that Nike Winflo 4 is not the lightest model on the market. This will come into play if you are someone who runs for significant periods. Heck, there was one reviewer who complained that their feet had begun to get tired after only a couple of miles of running.

Mostly, this extra weight is going to bog your foot down and make you exert more effort to run. Thus, this will then translate into your foot, getting worn down quicker and more efficiently. In other words, this is not the best long-distance running shoe out there.


There is both good and bad news regarding the sizing and fitting of this shoe. So, let’s get the bad news out of the way first. For starters, the arch is pretty darn narrow. Without question, this has been one of the most common complaints from previous runners. Some expert runners have even gone as far as to recommend going one size up to accommodate for it.

The other issue is that the heel is quite loose. It is designed this way, but it is going to present quite a few problems for several of you. But, there is a light at the end of the tunnel so let’s get to the good news.

Thankfully, there is plenty of room in the forefoot area of this shoe. In addition to providing enhanced comfort, this will also allow for a more natural toe-splay. Plus, around the midsection, the fit is snug enough to prevent your foot from moving without being too tight.

And, one last note, Nike engineered their Winflo 4 with their Flywire cables. This is an elite-level fitting system that maximizes comfort, stability, and overall fitting.


Alright, so let’s take a little bit of time to discuss the support that the Nike Winflo 4 provides. It is technically classified as a neutral running shoe and it is going to be ideal for those of you who have medium to high arches. Sorry low arch runners, this is not going to be the best model for you.

Anyway, this type of running shoe is typically not going to be suitable for runners who tend to overpronate (check our guide on the best shoes for overpronation). And, while this is not necessarily a stable running shoe, the Winflo 4 is actually built for those of you who tend to moderately overpronate. However, the word “moderately” is very important as this will not account for the massive pronator.

Really, this is best described as a shoe that provides a great combination of cushioning and stability. In this respect, it is going to suit the running styles of several of you reading this right now.


As was documented earlier, this has been engineered with a mesh upper. This is not news to you as you are already aware that this adds a significant amount of breathability to your running experience. But, there is much more to discuss regarding the upper of this shoe.

Most importantly, the fabric that has been implemented just feels incredibly soft and comfortable against your skin (or your sock). The upper is not scratchy or itchy in any way and is not going to cause even an ounce of discomfort on your runs.

Additionally, it is also worth mentioning that the included collar and tongue have also been padded. Though these are subtle details that Nike rarely forgets about, they make a huge difference. This is especially true if you tend to run for more extended periods. Oh yeah, and finally, the upper is also not cheaply engineered or anything like that.


One of the many reasons why runners always seem to come back to Nike is because of the midsoles of their running shoes. Well, in regard to the Winflo 4, it is as good as it gets from Nike. It all comes down to the Nike Zoom cushioning technology that has been implemented as it truly allows this shoe to stand out on the market.

In the briefest of explanations, this technology consists of a lightweight layer of cushioning. It sounds simple but it is oh so amazing the performance advantages that this technology provides to you. In specific, it is wicked and rapidly responsive every time your foot strikes the ground.

This is all thanks to the tightly stretched tensile fibers. You see, they compress to cushion the impact but then, just as fast, return to their original state to provide you with an explosive and powerful response while you run. Even though this specific running shoe certainly has its issues, its midsole is not one of them. Then again, it is also not as if it is the only Nike shoe to incorporate it.


Complaints are not going to be geared to the outsole of this shoe. And, there are two primary reasons why and both of them are equally as important. The first of which is the fact that the Nike Winflo 4 has been outfitted with a rubber outsole.

While this is far from a revelation or anything like that as hundreds of running shoes will sport rubber outsoles, it is still worth noting that this particular one is quite good. In addition to the durable rubber, it sports a waffle-tread pattern which adds traction and responsiveness to your runs.

But, there is something that else that makes this sole worthwhile, and that is the updated crash rail that has been implemented. Essentially, this is simply a unique system that allows the sole to create a wider footprint. In turn, this will then further stabilize your foot to create a superior running experience.

Heel to Toe Drop

The Nike Winflo 4 sports a heel to toe drop of 10 millimeters but what on earth does that mean to you? Even if you have been running for years, you may have never paid any attention to the heel drop of your running shoes. Well, it is time you understood what it meant so let’s look a little closer on what this 10-millimeter drop signifies.

For the record, this measurement merely refers to the difference between the height of the toe and the height of the heel. If you notice that a particular shoe has a heel that is much higher than the toe (while on the ground), it has a high heel to toe drop. As for the Winflo 4, its drop is pretty standard.

Unless you are someone who needs a low-profile or even entirely minimalist (or barefoot) shoe, you should have no issues with the heel drop of this model. While a 10-millimeter drop does technically promote heel striking, you could quickly get away with forefoot striking with this shoe. In other words, it will probably feel right at home to you.


This is one of those sections where it is impossible not to have a biased opinion one way or the other. Everyone reading this right now has their distinct tastes when it comes to their style. But, there is one thing that everyone can agree on; this sneaker sports a clean and polished look. For more info on this check our guide on the best sneaker cleaners.

As you can see from the available colorways, there is nothing too outlandish to speak of. Most options only combine two or three different colors. Furthermore, Nike had an emphasis on darker colors when engineering their shoe. In specific, several options incorporate dark blue, black, and gray color combinations.

From just a personal and opinionated point of view, the Winflo 4 has a striking appearance that will match well with virtually any wardrobe. But, it is fair to say that some of you will find that this shoe is too bland and ordinary regarding its physical appearance. Again, that is okay as appearance is like flavor; no one can tell you what specific food you like to eat.

Bottom Line

Look, the Nike Winflo 4 gets a ton of stuff done right, and it is an outstanding design overall. As many runners will attest to, it is best for its ideal combination of breathability, comfort, and overall performance. From its mesh upper and mesh lining to its comfortable interior, for the most part, it is a joy to put on.

But, its performance is where it shines. Its Nike Zoom cushioning technology is top-notch and provides elite-level response times while its well-designed outsole does the same. You can’t talk about this shoe without bringing up it's weight and sizing issues.

Even the few extra ounces to the design can be detrimental for long-distance runners. In just a few miles, you will probably be feeling this bad boy on your foot. And, as for the sizing problems, well these can weigh even larger.

The narrow arch, coupled with the looser heel makes it quite challenging to find a happy medium when selecting a size. The reality is it would be much better to try this shoe on yourself beforehand. Thankfully, Nike’s return policy does provide you with a 30-day window to return the shoe if it did not fit you properly.

If you have the patience to do this, then go for it. But, if you know you do not, you may find yourself passing on this particular shoe.