ASICS GT-1000 5 Running Shoe

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ASICS GT-1000 5 Running Shoe Review Facts

The ASICS Men’s GT-1000 5 Running Shoe is best used for the activity of running but can be used for work, school, sports, and other activities. It is available in six different color combinations, but the all-black model is causing quite a stir among buyers. It seems that it is not common for a running shoe to be offered in such a color choice, which makes it perfect for wearing as work or casual shoe for other occasions. The implemented technologies of Impact Guidance System (IGS), Guidance Line Midsole, DuoMax Support System, and Guidance Trusstic System give the user the best protection against impacts with the excellent shoe structure. There are forefoot and rearfoot cushioning gel systems and SpEVAfoam material for increased bounce-back and less breakdown. The air-blown rubber outsole and the mesh upper panels ensure a very comfortable fit and wearing experience. This outstanding footwear is in fact so comfortable with its wide toe box, that is highly sought by those with foot problems such as arch problems, patella tendinitis, bunions, and plantar fasciitis. With no time needed for breaking them in, this ASICS shoe model is very popular with a great customer rating.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Has an all-black color option
  • Great for sports, activities, work, school, and general wear
  • Absorbs shock during toe-off and impact phases
  • Comfortable stride and shock absorption
  • Needs no time for breaking in
  • Shaft is low-top approximate from the arch
  • Perfect for over and neutral pronation
  • Good for flat feet, low arches, or foot problems
  • Best used for running and walking
  • Not waterproof for puddles and wearing in the rain
  • Some users with wider feet found the shoe to be too tight and narrow
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  • Most long-time fans of Asics have not been disappointed by these.
  • They are reasonably priced for the quality.
  • Buyers like using these for running on roads and hard-packed trails.
  • They are comfortable enough for all-day wear.
  • The structure provides good stability.
  • There are positive reviews from a wide range of ages.
  • Wide sizes are available.
  • They provide some support for people who overpronate.
  • With the right size, they can accommodate custom insoles.
  • The all black version has worked well for referees and restaurant staff.
  • A variety of runners like these. There are positive reviews from people who run marathons and cross country as well as from casual, short-distance runners.
  • Buyers say these are light yet supportive.
  • The cushioning adds a little bounce without being sloppy.
  • There are many complaints that the sizes run small. Most buyers say it is necessary to go up a half to full size.
  • The toe box is a little narrow and shallow.
  • The insole is not as cushioned as some other running shoes on the market.
  • Some reviewers needed a short break in time with these shoes.
  • Compared to some other brands, these running shoes are a little on the heavy side.
  • The mesh on the upper over the toe box tends to form holes quickly.
  • There are reports of quality control issues with the glue on the front failing.
  • The outsole is not super grippy.
  • Some reviewers say the lining of the heel cup can wear through and form holes quickly.
  • The wide sizes are more narrow than with other Asics shoes.
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ASICS has an interesting history and beginning that we would like to share with you from our research. This athletic footwear company was started in 1949 in Kobe, Japan and was named in 1977 with the acronym of ASICS. It comes from the popular Latin phrase of “Anima Sana In Corpore Sano” meaning the ancient wisdom of “A Sound Mind in a Sound Body.” ASICS makes a complete line of athletic performance-driven shoes and active, technical sports accessories, and apparel to aid the soul and the body. It is a well-known brand that is making great strides in competing with other company giants in this industry.


Running shoes should be breathable to give you the ventilation needed to prevent sweat build-up, hot feet, and fungal problems from forming on the foot. The GT-1000 5 has a mesh upper panels for increased support and breathability on the forefoot, so feet remain comfortable and cool for longer runs with enhanced comfort. This beneficial mesh upper material decreases blistering and irritation from traditional overlays that are so common on running shoes today. The problem with this well-ventilated mesh material is that it also lets in moisture from puddles or rain when you are outdoors. If you encounter puddles of water or streams in your running paths, then your feet will be wet inside these shoes.


There are several color combination options for this ACICS running shoe, but the one that is causing the most interest among buyers is the black-on-black combination or all-black running shoe. The all-black color seems to be an unusual offering for a running shoe, but it is much appreciated by those who use it for more than just running. It makes a good shoe for those on their feet a lot with a job, tasks, or chores on a daily basis. This color is great for travel because it is dual-purposed and can be used as a dress shoe too to keep from packing two pairs of shoes for short trips. We noticed that many buyers are purchasing this shoe specifically because of this black model to increase their opportunities in wearing it and to expand their choices for work shoes and other activities besides running. If you are on your feet for many hours of the day or night and need a supportive shoe that is accommodating to foot problems and arch differences, then the GT-1000 5 just might be what you are looking for in a shoe's comfort.


Above all else, a running shoe must be comfortable with a good fit for the foot. Even after long runs or walks, your feet should still feel great in these shoes because of the support they offer. The GT-1000 5 has forefoot and rearfoot cushioning gel systems and absorbs shock during toe-off and impact phases. It permits movement in several planes for the transitioning of the foot during the gait cycle with a comfortable stride and shock absorption. We mention the concept of pronation in a separate section below to indicate exactly what this marvelous shoe does to make our landings much more comfortable than just an ordinary running shoe. for those with problem feet or in need of a wide toe box, this is a great choice for an everyday shoe.


Featuring Impact Guidance System (IGS) Technology that uses linked components to promote the natural gait of the foot from the strike of the heel to the toe-off, the GT-1000 5 is a very flexible shoe for your activities, sports, and duties. The shaft is low-top approximate from the arch for the heel to toe drop. This footwear has a terrific sole and is well-cushioned without being too soft. You will not have to spend painful hours or days in trying to break these in because they are perfectly comfy right out of the box on the first day. Many happy customers claim they were able to wear this footwear pain-free as soon as they received them. The best flexible aspect of these shoes is the many uses they have. Plenty of people are wearing them for their jobs where they are on their feet many hours of the day or night, while some are using them for other activities and sports other than running and walking.


The SpEVAfoam material of the midsole increases the quality of bounce-back and lessens midsole breakdown. The midsole also has the technology of Guidance Line Midsole which features a flex vertical groove that paired with the tooling of the progression line makes for improved gait efficiency. Stability and support are increased with the double density midsole DuoMax Support System as well. as you can see, the main focus in engineering this footwear model for the manufacturer was optimum comfort and support for those with problematic and wide feet. All three of these technologies work together to give you one very comfortable shoe that you can depend on for long periods of reliable and dependable support.


The sole weight is reduced with the Guidance Trusstic System that maintains the shoe’s structural integrity. The outsole is constructed of air-blown rubber to make it very giving and supportive of your running and walking movements. Combined with the technologies of the midsole, the GT-1000 5 will feel very good on the feet even after many hours of walking or running. You have the cushioning needed for tired, aching feet that must endure hours and hours of activity with this type of shoe build.


When choosing shoes of any sort, but especially running or walking shoes, you should know the type of pronation that your feet have. this ASICS model is perfect for those with over and neutral pronation. Pronation is the human foot’s natural movement, as it deals with the way the foot acts during impact when it lands. If it rolls “over,” the foot bends to the outside. “Neutral” is straight aligned with the leg and body. “Under” means it rolls too much inward, transferring the body weight to the foot’s inner edge and not the foot ball. The second and big toe do most of the work in walking or running for overpronation. With neutral pronation, the foot lands and rolls inward just the right amount to support the weight and absorb the shock well. The foot front has an even distribution in the push off. Shoes for under pronation are ideal for those with flat feet or low arches, such as the GT-1000 5.


Offered in six various color combinations and made of 100% synthetic materials, the GT-1000 5 is a running shoe for men that is of ankle height with a lace-up closure and polyester lining. It is ideal for those with flat feet or low arches, patella tendinitis in the joints, problematic feet with bunions, or plantar fasciitis. This model is not marketed as a therapeutic shoe but has gained the following and high reputation as footwear that is exceptionally comfortable for those with foot issues. As we stated in another section, it is one of the few models of running shoe that is offered in an all-black style that is suitable for so much more than just running.


The best support of this shoe model is that it is so accommodating to those with problematic feet. Because of the several incorporated technologies and cushioning in the outer sole and midsole, it is great for those with arch problems or patella tendinitis in the joints. This footwear does not need to be broken in because they are comfortable from day one. The toe box is larger to allow for extra room for wider feet and those with issues. They are so comfortable for people with larger feet or problematic feet with bunions and plantar fasciitis that many are purchasing two and three pairs while the prices are low. Some online buyers with wide feet did, however, complain that this shoe was not wide enough for them as their other ASICS shoe models are. This difference was noted by more than just one person. Fans of this shoe brand are loyal to the manufacturing of the ASICS models and expected this one to be right in line with the ones they have purchased in the past. The happy customers do outweigh the dissatisfied ones in this aspect.


With a wide toe box for those that need more room for the toes, the upper section of the GT-1000 5 Running Shoe is comfortable right away and does not need to be broken in for wearing. The breathable mesh material of the shoe helps with and prevents athlete foot issues and is great for use in the hot summer months outdoors. However, it is not waterproof and will let your feet get wet in puddles because of the well-ventilated material. Without the ventilation, you will be dealing with high levels of perspiration and foot problems, so it is better to have them well-aerated and worry about the puddles and rain later or better yet, avoid those conditions.


Best used for running, the GT-1000 5 has many other uses for those that are on their feet a lot. Many people are purchasing this footwear for their jobs, school, or activities other than running where they must have a comfortable dependable shoe for daily use. ASICS has come out with a newer model in this footwear product line, so this previous model is now offered by some online sellers at a lower price. This is the reason that happy buyers are scooping this shoe up with purchases of two and three pairs at a time. One good quality that we have not mentioned yet is that this shoe has a reflective spot on the back of the heel to make you visible in low light or night time. It is a safety feature that will help others see you better in dim or no light conditions.

Bottom Line

Being purchase two and three pairs at a time, the GT-1000 5 Running Shoe is very popular with those with problematic feet of arch issues, wide feet, and other conditions. It has a wide toe box that allows extra room for the toes and has extra cushioning and support in the midsole and outsole to support all-day wearing. Although it was constructed for the activity of running, this footwear model is being used for work, school, sports, and other activities because an all-black model is offered in the color choices. The only negative aspect of this shoe that was mentioned by several people online was the fact that the breathable mesh upper material will let in moisture from puddles, streams, or rain. As this is not a major complaint and not a flaw of the manufacturing of the product, we think the GT-1000 5 is an outstanding footwear model and recommend it highly.