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Nike ACG Dog Mountain Shoe Review Facts

The new and improved Nike ACG Dog Mountain Shoe is a bit of a throwback of sorts. Its sub-label ACG (which is an acronym for All Conditions Gear) has been around for quite a while now. Back when it was originally conceived, it was all about the playfulness.

For fans of the original, you will be thrilled to know that this updated footwear plays off of its ancestors very well. What makes the Nike ACG Dog Mountain Shoe so compelling?  Fact is that it sports a unique and vibrant design with the intentions of outdoor use.

In specific, this is a trail running shoe that hits every major mark that most runners will be looking for. From supportive comfort to a breathable construction, you will begin to realize just how good this shoe really is. However, at the end of the day, its biggest talking point is its vibrant design.

Ironically, it is also the reason why some of you will pass on this particular trail running shoe. Whether fair or foul, most of you will either love or loathe this aspect of the shoe. If you are interested to check other models, have a look at our list of selected Nike running shoes or Nike hiking shoes.

Editor's Pros & Cons

The vibrant colors match its overall playful design

Designed with rubber grommets for superior lacing

It seems to run true-to-size

Features a suede and mesh upper

The lightweight cushioning keeps you comfortable and supported

Equipped with an ankle collar

Overall, it is an extremely well-made shoe

Engineered and distributed by Nike


The appeal may be too outlandish for some of you


When it comes to a trail running shoe of any kind, you always need to be wary of the manner in which it fits you. You better believe that the Nike ACG Dog Mountain is not going to be any different. The good news is Nike provides you with a plethora of different sizes to pick from. If you want to combine this model with one of the best Nike tops, make sure you read our guide.

For the record, this shoe is available in men’s sizes. As for the range, any size between 3.5 and 15 (with several options for half sizes) could be available for you. And, the better news is that this appears to fit true-to-size. The majority of reviewers who have commented on the fit of this shoe have reported they were pleased with it.

Of course, the true highlight of this section is the lacing system that has been equipped onto the ACG Dog Mountain. Let’s just say that Nike spent a ton of time and research to try to implement the best lacing system they could. And, the ideology of the system was actually inspired by climbing rope.

Basically, with the help of rubber grommets (which are very similar to eyelets), the upper eyelet is going to keep your laces incredibly tight. And, what happens is the laces will pull through very easily but will come out much harder. What this does is ensure that the laces remain tied. This can also come in handy if you wanted to wear this shoe without tying the laces.


One of the many reasons why the ACG Dog Mountain is optimized for trail running is due to the design of the upper. It has been engineered with an all condition suede and mesh construction. And, for this section, the mesh portion of the upper is what is so important.

With any shoe that is made with a mesh upper, its breathability is going to be enhanced, and it is no different here. As the upper refers to the top of the shoe, the addition of mesh is going to allow air to flow inside the shoe. Even if the wind is not howling, this can make a big difference.

This is especially true if you plan to go some summer trail running with the ACG Dog Mountain. Your feet are going to sweat, so there is nothing you can do about that. But, that same sweat will be allowed to evaporate into the air.

Also, it is noteworthy that this shoe is relatively lightweight and not incredibly bulky. After all, the addition of more weight can make a shoe retain more heat.


This is just a flat-out comfortable running shoe. Many factors contribute to this, but one of the biggest is the foam midsole. Considering the midsole is the portion of a shoe that delivers cushioning and shock absorption, this makes sense. If you want to look for more similar models check our guide on the best-cushioned running shoes.

But, this same foam midsole is not necessarily bulky or chunky, either. Instead, it is rather lightweight, but it does provide enough cushioning and support to protect your foot. Even if you plan to wear this for other outdoor activities besides trail running, it will be comfortable.

Of course, there are two other main reasons why you will love wearing this sneaker. Firstly, the tongue is padded. While this is somewhat of a subtle feature, the padding of the tongue will prevent the top of your foot from feeling excess pressure or anything like that.

And, to stay on the theme of pressure (or lack thereof), the other feature is an ankle collar. This is going to help distribute the load of the shoe, as a whole. So, in other words, even while achieving a tight fit, the Nike ACG Dog Mountain will never cause pain to your foot (unless it does not fit you correctly, to begin with).


While it is not as if this shoe is going to last you forever (as no shoe will), it is hard not to be impressed by its build quality. From the reviewers and buyers who have used it, there really has been nothing but positive remarks in regard to the durability of it.

As noted in an earlier section, it sports an upper that is made out of both suede and mesh. Now, for those who are not familiar with what suede is it is a type of leather. The reason it is not simply referred to as “leather”, however, is that it is a different type of leather altogether. If you need help with the cleaning of the shoe, make sure you read our guide on the best sneaker cleaner.

And, as it is made from the hide’s dermis, it is a bit more delicate and thinner than other leathers out there. Then again, the suede utilized here is of excellent quality so do not think otherwise. Of course, it is also worth noting that suede is not exactly designed to get wet.

As such, this shoe is not advised to be worn in the rain. If you get caught in an unexpected downpour, though, allow it to thoroughly dry afterward by lying it on its side. It will not be ruined this way so that is a plus.


Even though this is a lightweight running shoe and it may not look like it sports a rugged outsole, it does. Again, this is just another reason why it works so well out on the trails.

With the addition of its rugged outsole (which is the bottom-most part of the shoe that physically makes contact with the ground), you will be provided with ample traction and grip on a wide variety of terrain. Even if the trails you are running on are unpredictable in their terrain, this outsole will adapt to them.

Plus, it has also been equipped with an exaggerated traction pattern. The tread is quite chunky, in fact, and this only allows it to deliver further traction for you.

There is also something special and incredibly unique about the outsole of this shoe. It is designed with reverse branding, but what exactly does that mean for you? Well, for starters, it merely just flips how your footprints will appear on the ground.

It was conceived so that way your imprints in the dirt could be read right side up. While it seems quite silly, it just goes to show the depths that Nike will go with their footwear.


There is no reason even to sugarcoat it; this is not a dull shoe by any stretch of the imagination. Typically, the color of a running shoe will not be that big of a deal, but this one is entirely different. It just would not be right to review the Nike ACG Dog Mountain without bringing up its most popular talking point.

In all seriousness, the best way to describe the appeal of this shoe is colorful, vibrant, and full of life. Yeah, that pretty much sums it up perfectly. Even the most critical users out there would probably not go as far as to call this ugly, but it is an acquired taste.

Let’s say that if you are looking for subtlety, you are not going to get it here. Most likely, you will probably turn a few heads with this bad boy laced on your foot. If that is not what you want and you believe you will feel too subconscious with this on, you may want to pass.

It is also worth noting that there are a few different color options at your disposal. All of them are vibrant and playful, but it is still worth mentioning that there is a decent selection.


Nike is one of those rare companies where virtually anyone who is anyone has either heard of them or purchased some of their apparel. Their brand name is plastered everywhere, and there is a reason for it. However, speaking for their Nike ACG Dog Mountain, this shoe is not exactly one of their most popular models.

This is somewhat ironic as it is unquestionably one of its most unique. Even in spite of this, it is always nice when you can put your trust in a brand that you know has delivered in the past. After all, why did you even click on this review, in the first place? Chances are it is because you saw it was a Nike shoe.

Furthermore, there are several professional athletes out there (both past and present) that have been branded by Nike. All that needs to be said is one name: Michael “Air” Jordan. That places further emphasis on how good Nike is at marketing (which is why they are so popular).

But, the main reason Nike is so good is that they spend hours on end coming up with innovations and technologies for their Nike apparel. You can see this on full display with their ACG Dog Mountain.

Bottom Line

This is not your ordinary trail running shoe, and it does show. It is one of the most unique models (not only from Nike) in the entire world, and this is what makes it so compelling. Life can get pretty repetitive at times so you may be sick and tired of buying the same old bland types of running shoes.

It all starts with the Nike ACG Dog Mountain’s unique and vibrant appeal. It just screams that the shoe is full of life and joy and sets the tone for what the rest of the shoe has to offer. Heck, it is designed with an outsole that sports reverse branding for no other reason other than to be different.

Even subtle nuances like the time Nike took to design their lacing system, and the efficiency of it can easily go unnoticed. But, amidst all the uniqueness and innovations of this shoe, there are still features that are close to home.

This includes the sheer comfort that it provides with its padded tongue, ankle collar, lightweight midsole cushioning, and breathable mesh upper.

Of course, this is just a well-made shoe, and you are going to get your money out of it. It all comes down to how you feel about the visual nature of it. From a quality perspective, however, there is pretty much nothing bad that you can say about it. Yeah, it is that darn good of a trail running shoe.