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Nike Epic Lux Tights Review Facts

Although it is pretty simple when you think about it, running can actually end up being an expensive hobby. Those who are serious about the sport, invest in the best because they know that the right gear can make all the difference. If you are looking for gear that gives you comfort while running, consider the innovative and performance-driven Nike Epic Lux tights for women.

They are typical of Nike’s premium running gear and offer a luxurious feel without compromising on support. The sports and fitness giants have utilized recent developments in the fitness world to create innovative sports clothing that is jam-packed with the latest features and technology to support your stride. Keeping you warm and cool when it matters, the Epic Lux are compression tights make a difference. We are often advised to choose function over fashion, but the Nike Epic Lux tights provide the perfect combination between both practicality and style. If you want to look stylish while you run, these endurance-building compression tights will fit and flatter. 

Editor's Pros & Cons

DRI-FIT technology wicks away sweat and moisture from the skin

Multiple pockets for secure and convenient storage

Spandex material for a close fit and maximum flexibility and support

Unique, stylish design

High waistband with an adjustable drawstring to a perfect fit


A little expensive compared to other Nike models

Higher levels of compression (not always a negative!)


Nike is a brand with a global reputation for quality and innovation, and it is quite certainly one of the most recognizable brands in the sport and fitness world. The ubiquitous Nike swoosh is a stamp of quality, as the brand uses only the best materials to create their iconic running gear. Producing everything that you need to take your run to the next level, Nike is a name that is associated with performance, and they are committed and dedicated to delivering the very best. Nike is a favorite in the outdoor and fitness world, and they have led the way in creating their world-renowned top quality shoes.


If you are in the market for a great pair of compression tights that look amazing and help you to keep feeling your best, the Nike Epic Lux could be ideal. Compression tights have grown increasingly popular in recent years, with evidence to suggest that wearing them while you work out can help to improve circulation, promote endurance, and reduce recovery time.

Whether you are a novice runner or a seasoned pro, the Nike Epic Lux tights are a decent choice. These are good running tights for colder weather, as they are warm and comfortable without being too thick and restricting movement. However, if you are planning to run in very cold or freezing temperatures, you may prefer a more heavy-duty option. Although the Nike Epic Lux leggings have been made with running in mind, they would also be suitable for working out at the gym, hiking, or any high-intensity or cardio workout.

Plus, the Nike Epic Lux tights also feature an ultra-handy sweat-proof zippered gel -pocket in the rear and two open gel pockets at the front. Ideal for carrying your keys and small essentials when you are out for a run, these zipped pockets allow for secure and dry storage. Moreover, the Nike Epic Lux tights are relatively easy to put on and take off, which is a huge advantage! As anyone who has ever worn compression tights knows, they are not always the easiest to wear.


They are comfortable and the perfect option for anyone who likes to hit the trail or the gym. Reviewers across the web agreeing that these tights offer the next level of comfort. They will be like a second skin- moving with you as you run and allowing for maximum flexibility.

The premium breathability and moisture wicking nature of the Nike compression tights makes them ultra- comfortable, even when you are taking your workout to the next level. They are reported to be slightly more compressive than other tights, with some reviewers saying that this is certainly a positive and others disagreeing slightly. Lots of reviews have also praised the adjustable drawcord at the waist of these tights. It is noted that the ability to customize the fit also promotes comfort and prevents the tights from coming down while you move.


Not only will the Nike Epic Lux ensure that you feel comfortable, but they are also stylish too! There are various styles available, from the bright and colorful to the simple and elegant and everything in between! One of the most notable options has been the floral print, they are so cute and ultra- feminine, and definitely my favorites from the selection. Alternately, one of the most popular choices is the patterned printed, which features triangles in greyscale for a cute and contemporary effect.

Whilst the majority of the Nike Epic Lux tights that are reviewed on the market are the 3.4 length capris, they are also available in full length and crops. The tights feature the famous Nike swoosh logo on the left hip. The high waistband not only keeps your leggings where they belong, but it also provides an ultra-flattering effect. The spandex also flatters the body, keeping everything held in where it should be and offering the perfect fit.


Breathability is so important when you are choosing running gear, with proper ventilation helping to prevent chafing and blisters and ensuring that you remain cool even during high-intensity workouts. Whether you are at the gym or running the trail, the built-in ventilation on the Nike Epic Lux tights will help you cool and comfortable due to their innovative, sleek Dri-FIT fabric. This is a moisture-wicking material, in that it has been purposely designed to lift moisture from the surface of the skin to the outer layer where it can evaporate. Doing everything that a good pair of running tights should, the Nike Epic Lux tights also feature mesh panels behind the knee for extra ventilation. Allowing your skin to breathe and enabling you to maintain optimum body temperature throughout your run.


There are undoubtedly benefits to having the best running gear, and whilst you might start with normal sportswear, after some time you may prefer to invest. Running-specific garments can help to keep you cool, promote better movement and can prevent blistering and chafing.
The Nike Epic Luxe tights are available in a range which may be considered pricey in comparison to other models from different brands. However, this is common with all Nike products as you are paying for the quality and longevity that are synonymous with the brand. Plus, many reviewers have noted that while the Nike Epic Lux tights are on the more expensive side of the market, they are definitely worth the price due to their exceptional durability and comfort.

Overall, they do come at a cost and may not be the right option if you are just starting your workout regime. However, if you are looking for performance-driven workout wear, they are possibly one of the best compression running tights for women on the market.


Due to the form-fitting nature of tights, it is important that you pick the perfect size for you. It can always be a challenge to find the ideal size compression tights because they should be relatively tight. Many people assume that they have chosen the wrong size after purchase and that need to go up, but in fact, having tights that are too big can reduce the effect of the compression. There should be defined pressure on the lower legs, which helps to promote blood flow from the extremities to the heart and can improve muscle repair and performance. There is real science behind it, and the evidence so far has supported the positive benefits that they can have.

The Nike Epic Lux tights are designed for women and are available in XS to 2XL. They should be a tight fit that hugs close to your body, allowing for maximum movement while still providing support. The curved hemline at the ankle also provides for a non-restrictive fit, and the adjustable drawcord in the waistband enables you to customize the size to some extent.


Good running tights should keep you warm without restricting any movement, offering compression to help warm up the muscles, and obviously, look great
The Nike Epic Lux are not only good, but they are also a decent pair of running tights when it comes to flexibility. They are fast, functional and ultimately super comfortable, as well as being engineered to flex. The high use of elastane and spandex in the material adds more stretch, moving with your body as you work out. A lot of reviews praised the tights because not only did they allow for full range of motion, they will also stay put no matter what activity you are doing.


Nike is committed to coming up with new and innovative ways to ensure that their running gear goes above and beyond the rest. The difference between the Epic Luc and Nike’s previous models has to be the material. Offering a particularly comfortable and supportive feel, this fabric is significantly more durable
However, a review did suggest that the previous version of the Nike Epic Lux tights was better quality and that their more recent purchase was not quite up to scratch. To ensure durability, it is important that you care for your Nike Epic Lux tights correctly. Check the care label inside your tights to ascertain the best way to wash them. Many reviewers have suggested that the Nike Epic Lux tights wash well, keeping their shape and color for longer than other models.


The Nike Epic Lux tights offer next level protection and have been designed to protect you from rubbing and chafing. These tights are particularly ideal if you have sensitive skin, as the seamless effect and moisture wicking capabilities will keep your skin protected. Many reviews have noted that the gusset lining is particularly effective, with minimal sweat build-up.

The tights also feature reflective strips in several places. These added reflective elements are a great option if you frequently run early morning or in the evening, providing increased visibility and safety on the roads.

Bottom Line

If you are looking to invest in top quality performance running gear that will take your run to the next level, the Nike Epic Lux has to be amongst the best compression tights in the business. Whether you are a beginner to the trail or a seasoned city jogger, these running tights will help you to take your workout to the next level.
In comparison with other Nike compression tights, the material used for the Epic Lux contains more spandex, which allows for increased comfort and support. This also ensures that the tights will fit and flatter, keeping you looking your best while out on the trail. Delivering support and breathability, these top quality tights are performance driven and offer premium comfort. They are super soft and will feel like a second skin as they move with your body as you run.

Spruce up your workout wardrobe with compression tights that will feel like a second skin. Whether you are hoping to take on those most challenging routes or shopping for the best workout gear, the Nike Epic Lux offers unparalleled hold, and excellent durability.