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Nike Hypervenom Phantom III DF Review Facts

If you are a fan of the beautiful game and you are searching for soccer cleats that will maximize your goal-scoring capabilities, take your player performance to the next level with the Nike Hypervenom Phantom IIIs.

Each section of the Phantom III’s has been created with scoring goals in mind. With an attack-minded mold, these cleats feature Nike’s innovative HyperReact Strike Zone. The Nike Hypervenom range has been worn by world-class footballers, and it is not hard to see why. Enjoy optimal traction and premium comfort while you move across the pitch with agility and control. Ensuring deadly finishing every time, the Phantom IIIs have been created to maximize potential, free-flowing passing and controlled dribbling and technique.

If you want to get the boots that you need to keep up, check out our review for an in-depth breakdown of the various components of the Nike Hypervenom Phantom III.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight feel
  • Excellent responsiveness
  • Super soft Flykit Upper
  • Exceptional grip and traction
  • Flywire Cable Laces for increased adjustability
  • None to minimal breaking-in time
  • Can collect dirt and debris
  • Expensive
  • Some users experienced blisters

Key Features

All Conditions Control (ACC): ACC refers to a thin film that has added to the upper to provide precision control on various terrains and in both wet and dry weather conditions.

Dynamic Fit Collar: Contoured to the natural shape of your ankle, the angled Dynamic Fit collar offers a second-skin sensation and world-class support and protection.

Flykit: The soft material on the upper has been created using the latest Flykit technology and seamlessly crafted from premium polyester.

Flywire Cables: Delivering superior lockdown, the Flywire cables are certainly an upgrade from the lacing system on the previous Phantoms with excellent adjustability.

Hyper Reactive Plate: An innovative soleplate designed to provide a flexible forefront response
HyperReact Strike Zone: PORON® foam pads that control the strike reduce the impact and minimise the sting


Nike is a global leader in the world of sport and fitness-researching, designing and manufacturing top-quality apparel for anyone who wants to get active. They believe that the right gear can maximize your physical potential, and using innovative technology, they have led the way in their field since the 60s.

Opening up a new world of design, Nike aims to inspire your soccer performance with the Hypervenom collection. First introduced in February 2017, the Hypervenom has been popular around the world. Whether you are a professional, a semi-pro, or just having a kick about, these Phantom IIIs are the latest in a long line of excellence. Providing everything that you need to score that winning goal, these cleats are amongst the best in the business.


Any decent striker needs to have deadly finishing and rapid movement, and the Phantom IIIs have certainly been made with the goal scorer in mind. Designed to suit attacking players, they are packed with various features that will assist you in scoring that goal. Features that will increase shot velocity and ensure precision and grip, making these the perfect option for your leading player. However, several reviews have stated that although the Nike Hypervenom Phantom IIIs have been targeted mainly at strikers and other attack zone players, they are a pretty versatile boot that could be worn for many different player types.

The addition of " All Conditions Control" technology means that these soccer cleats will maintain optimum grip and control in both wet and dry conditions. However, there have been some reviews that have suggested that due to the design, the lugs may gather dirt and debris when you are playing on grass. Whereas, if you tend to play football in more urban environments, check out the Phantom X for boots to suit.


Traction has to be one of the most important features of a football boot, and we are confident that you will be more than satisfied by the impressive grip that these cleats have to offer.

There is an entirely new, never before seen, addition to the Phantom IIIs that completely changes the game. The hyper-reactive sole plate and traction system provides both rotational and lateral traction on firm ground. Wearing these, you can pivot and change direction quickly and easily. Making sure your tackle is spot on, even in tight corners, as you maintain full control; ensuring that you can easily get your tactics tip top.


Both amateurs and pro-players alike fully understand the impact that a decent pair of soccer cleats can have on your game. Hitting the target every time, this Phantom IIIs are light, agile, and comfortable, offering a perfect fit and a supportive feel for the wearer. This has been echoed online, with many reviewers stating that the Hypervenom Phantoms IIIs provide excellent comfort, without limiting responsiveness or ground feel.

Due to the flexible design of the upper, these soccer cleats would be particularly ideal for anyone with wider feet. Although they do still provide an excellent fit for users with a standard width, these shoes are able to stretch to accommodate. Many online comments also noted that these cleats were ready to go straight from the box, with minimal, if any, breaking in time required.
Overall, the Phantom IIIs are undoubtedly comfy enough to play a fast-paced 90 minutes plus stoppage time without feeling it in your feet.


Typically of Nike, the Hypervenom Phantom IIIs are available in a wide assortment of bright and eye-catching colors. There are different colorways available, and the one that you choose is a matter of personal preference. Keeping the fans happy and the stands singing, many reviewers have praised the ultra-stylish, and sleek design of the Phantom IIIs.

Most impressively, the Phantom IIIs are available in either low cut or high cut. A few professional footballers, including England’s favorites Harry Kane and Wayne Rooney, prefer to wear their boots without socks. This led to some professional players were even cutting down the ankle cuff on previous versions of the Phantoms. As a result, Nike decided to release a low cut version, which is also available at a more affordable price.

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If you are looking to invest in some serious soccer cleats that have been designed to improve your game, the Nike Hypervenom Phantom IIIs could be an ideal choice.

This has to be one of the best soccer cleats available, and the price does certainly reflect this. They are definitely more expensive than other models. However, if you are looking for a more affordable option, consider the Nike Hypervenom Phantom III low cut boots. They feature all of the same top technology, but without the dynamic fit collar. This release was welcomed by both fans and players, and they could be perfect if you are on a budget.


Soccer cleats should be properly responsive to ensure that the wearer can strike that ball with pace and placement. Packed full of the latest features, you are sure to dominate the pitch these cleats will provide premium responsiveness.

In comparison with other models, the Phantom IIIs are some of the most responsive boots on the market, regardless of the added foams pads. The Hypervenom range has become world-renowned for responsiveness that will enhance your play.


Combing high traction, durability, and maneuverability, the outsoles on the Phantom IIIs provide grip, and protection whilst maintaining flexibility. They have been developed over a six-year period of research, been created using the latest technology.

The sole is made from a flexible Pebax® material in the forefront to increase flexibility and a sturdier material in the rear and heel of the shoes for improved support. The Hyper-reactive soleplate means that the studs and blades on the Hypervenom Phantom IIIs are carefully placed. On the lateral side of the boot, or the outside, you will find chevron-shaped studs that will provide maximum acceleration and breaking. Whereas, the inside, or medial, features a hexagonal design which means that these boots perform exceptionally well in tight spaces.


The Upper section of the Nike Hypervenom Phantom IIIs is packed full of features, each of which will have been included to enable the user to maintain solid, close control of the ball.

The Phantom IIIs are the first to be entirely made of Flykit, a pliable material that is sock-like in its softness. Cradling your feet whilst making sure that they do not move around inside. This has also been treated with ACC technology. All Conditions Control offers structure to the material, and it is the component that keeps these boots performing their best in wet weather. The high cut features Dynamic Fit collar, allowing for additional stretch. The cut of this collar is unique with its asymmetrical design. Featuring a sock-like finish, the fabric is soft and seamless and will lock in your fit without restricting flexibility and movement.

HyperReact Strike Zone- PORON® foam pads- optimizing shot velocity and helping you to drive that ball right into the back of the net. This inspired technology has a 2mm thickness, and it is rate dependent, in that when the foam experiences hard impact it will firm up and create support and stability. On softer impact, the foam pads will firm up slightly, matching the intensity of the hit.

The boots are secured to your feet using strategically placed Flywire. The laces then run through the wire, allowing you to adjust and customize the fit easily. The Phantom III also includes a Nike Grip insole which has been designed to prevent your feet from moving around. One reviewer did also note that although the upper design is not constricting, it does not necessarily offer protection. However, overall, there have been hundreds of glowing reviews for the Phantom IIIs, with many of these praising the second skin sensation provided by this premium upper construction.


The Phantom IIIs are the latest in the line of the hugely successful Hypervenom range and are one of the most innovative and technologically advanced cleats that Nike have created. They are a significant improvement on their predecessor, the Phantom IIs; with some reviews even suggesting that there are more similarities with the hugely successful originals. These cleats have a completely new feel, and there have been tons of upgrades and developments.

The sole on the Hypervenom Phantom III has been modified, producing a more pliable and flexible result and introducing HyperReact. The Flywire cables have also been updated, as they were reported to be slightly off-center in the II and not quite as effective. Nike aimed to improve this by creating a boot that keeps your foot locked own whilst also ensuring improved touch. "All Conditions Control" is also a new feature, as well as the tongue-less construction, which provides extra comfort.

Bottom Line

Score a hat trick like Harry Kane, burst onto the pitch like Marcus Rashford, or even dream of becoming a world cup winner like Mbappe. The Nike Hypervenom Phantom III is the cleat to beat, ensuring that you can stand up to extra time, every time, and still have the oomph to give it your all if it goes to penalties.

There are thousands of glowing reviews for the Nike Hypervenom Phantom IIIs online, and it is not very hard to see why. Many customers have praised the comfort and control that these cleats offer, as well as the manner in which they are highly responsive. As the hybrid plate flexes with your foot to ensure rapid movement every time, the strike technology will reduce impact, returning the energy when it counts. They are slightly pricy, but they are well worth the money, with the majority of commentators giving these a 5 Star rating.

Although not quite the Golden Boot, they certainly come pretty close. Providing a secure lockdown and a second skin sensation, if you are looking for cleaner contact with the ball, increased control, and impressive traction, the Nike Hypervenom Phantom IIIs could be the ideal soccer cleats for you.