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Cannondale SuperX Review Facts

This bike is a great gravel trail bike that delivers a confident feel and frame with exhilarating experiences. Built with a carbon body, riders will notice its lightweight feel and the fact that it is fairly easy to shoulder for most individuals. At under twenty pounds you won’t have to worry about the bike’s weight holding you back in competitive events such as cyclocross races nor will it feel too bulky as you try to make quick work of gravel trails and more rugged roads. The bike’s well-designed frame also allows for easy tire swaps so that you can get a full experience from the back, changing between cyclocross, gravel terrain, or even paved roads without noticing a laborious difference in how you ride or how the bike reacts. Well-designed brakes are quick to the touch and help for a confident ride as you maintain full control over your speed and every technical decision you make on the trail becomes that much easier at the moment.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Responsive Breaks
  • Lightweight
  • Quick to React
  • Gravel and Race Bike
  • Specialized Wheels
  • Unique Drivetrain


Founded in 1971 Cannondale took a long journey before becoming the premier bike company that it is today. Manufacturing and releasing their first road bikes in 1983 they’ve had over three decades to perfect the craft and deliver the top of the line models and experiences that riders look for from them. After a rough financial period in the early 2000s, the Cannondale company was bought up by a holding firm before becoming what it is today. They released their first carbon frame in 2004 and have been moving further faster since then. Lightweight and fast designs have become a part of what the brand is meant to be, and the competitive edge that they give riders has not gone without recognition. They’ve worked to make structural carbon a reality for their riders and have designed bikes from the ground up on more than one occasion. As times have changed so has the Cannondale brand, but the reliability and ingenuity that got them started hasn’t changed and continues to move them forward. Having placed number one by an independent tester for bracket stiffness their bikes are a not only complimentary to serious riders but help provide a confident experience that will help cut your competitive times. From basements to commercial operations, through financial hardships, the brand name has experienced a lot, but the willingness and drive to deliver quality cutting-edge products to their consumers has not.


This bike’s style is one that is quickly noticed, and for those looking for a less branded experienced, quickly appreciated as well. While the bike’s body is lightweight and geometrically pleasing it comes in a remarkably noticeable and attention-grabbing orange color scheme. This color makes you visible on the trail or road and your bike quick to spot in pretty much any other circumstance. A diversion from the company’s other designs, specifically their road and racing bikes, that branding on the frame doesn’t come off as a major notice me highlighter feature. Rather the brand name is printed on the frame in a duller and visible orange but not anywhere near the same way or intensity one would see it on racing back that passes large crowds and fast shooting cameras. The bike’s frame itself is designed with the sleek sturdy style of a stronger performance bike, such as a cyclocross bike, but its overall build is meant for the type of rides you do on gravel trails. This doesn’t mean your style of riding will be limited however as the wheeled variety for this bike makes it a great companion for cyclocross, gravel, and paved conditions being completely dependent on what you as the rider have planned for your ride. There’s a strong confident design style that has gone into this bike and most riders are going to feel secure when on it. If you have the mettle to push yourself and control the bike than your riding style and conditions are going to be pretty diverse and optimized to what you plan on them being.


This bike features an 11-speed gear option to give you total and precise control when maneuvering your way along trails and working to get the most speed out of your bike in racing conditions. Built with versatility in mind, this control rang will help you in adjusting to different terrain and incline conditions as you put this rig to the test, demanding everything it has promised to perform for you. The build’s lightweight frame come from its carbon fiber design and cyclocross and gravel conditions focus. At under twenty pounds, it is an easy bike for riders to shoulder and you won’t have to worry about the frame holding you back and costing you time on laps or setting you behind the competition. Because this bike’s design also comes from a mostly cyclocross perspective it is easy to transition and be a great all-around rig for you to use during your day-to-day. With the correct tires swapped out or in and the right intentions you can enjoy challenging gravel terrain with ease and enjoyment as you conquer technical riding aspects or push yourself for speed and pace with road tires for paved environments and conditions. These diverse features and adaptability make it a great choice for someone that enjoys riding thoroughly but isn’t dedicated to one single style or satisfied being limited by what their bike was specifically designed to do and what it isn’t capable of achieving.


This bike is going to be a major investment and is ultimately intended for riding enthusiasts who are ready to take their experience to the next level or are looking to replace a rig that they’ve gotten great use out of, but they know it is time for something new. This price level is going to be something that turns away or dissuades a lot of casual riders and prevents them from upgrading, but the bike itself is a worthy investment if you plan on getting the most use out of it that you can. Designed with lightweight carbon body frame it is not a difficult bike to move or operate and the lightweight body is great when considering the performance that many individuals are looking to get out of their bikes. The frame while light is still sturdy, and the wheel offset and specialty design of the bike make it a great gravel bike. The price, however, is justified here as confident gravel riding becomes an easy and normal accomplishment and the ability to transition into and onto paved road riding become rather seamless. With the right wheelset and spares, you’ll be able to reliably transition your bike from light off-road conditions and cyclocross races to an easy-to-ride street bike that will more than reliably get you from point A to point B. This doesn’t mean that this bike is an investment for all, but it does mean that if you’re willing to make the investment you’ll be able to get the absolute most out of this bike and you’ll enjoy your time riding it.


This bike has been hailed primarily for its use on gravel trails and the way it feels as you tackle challenging and technical inclines and obstacles on your route. Designed this way it handles great when shifting along the trail and its lightweight frame generates a confidence with riders as the don’t have to worry about its mobility and the risks associated with rigs that are a bit heavier or poorly equipped for the conditions such as, catching on rocks and losing traction, or loss of balance in the uneven conditions. The bike has also been cleared by many riders as a reliable cyclocross racing option because of its lightweight frame and interchangeable wheels. While it does need offset wheels because of its specialty design this doesn’t take away from the fact that this bike is a fantastic option for individuals who are looking for a diverse setup or the ability to transfer between paved road environments or cyclocross, and the demands of gravel trails and routes. The diverse environments this bike can be used in has earned it praise as an all-purpose or all around bike and it can definitely be that. While it does require invested buyers, it is something that most individuals can benefit from and many riders may see some previously closed doors open once they’ve made the change and begun riding this bike.

Key Features

The features that are probably going to be the most attractive to riders are this bike’s lightweight design thanks to its carbon frame, the intentional design aspects that point towards its used in gravel environments and on gravel trails, and the sturdy frame that helps deliver a confident feel as you traverse your way along the trail. The bike is so lightweight that most riders aren’t going to have any problem being able to lift it up and shoulder it before or after a ride. Weighing in at under twenty pounds it’s less than moving through an airport with most suitcases and would easily fall under the maximum allowed weight for your carry on option. While its dimensions won’t accommodate doing this its light weight is achieved through an expertly designed and revisited carbon frame. The Cannondale company went back to the drawing board when they designed this bike and took some of the most beneficial aspects they could find and consider when getting something sturdy, practical, and reliable out on the market. The design for gravel terrain gives this bike a confident feel as the shifting ground conditions were greatly considered in the manufacturing of the SuperX. This description as a confidant when being ridden up and down inclines comes from riders feeling totally in control as they make the technical moves necessary to getting through the trail safely. The bike doesn’t feel like it will slip on the rocks and the durable tires move in line with your intended destination. This is an extension of the sturdy frame that holds everything together and keeps the rider balanced. Though the rear is offset some and the bike does require a design specific wheels you’ll find that riding it as intended will deliver a rewarding experience. This type of necessity is easily accommodated when you have the time and in an emergency shouldn’t be considered a hindrance. You can sub in more traditional tires if you absolutely need to but don’t feel obligated to avoid this back simply because of its intense design. It’s a well-manufactured bike that will serve you great.

Bottom Line

This is going to be a great bike for many riding enthusiasts, and its flexibility will be a well-received change from bikes that are traditionally restricted to certain conditions based upon tire and frame options. The ability to swap different styles of tires out to suit your conditions isn’t one to be passed up lightly, and the bike’s viability in cyclocross races as well as a consistent road bike, or gravel trail option makes it an easy win for the avid biker that enjoys diverse experiences. The lightweight frame and carbon body is something many riders seek and it more than meets expectations in this department. Being able to shoulder the bike and move it as necessary or in emergency situations just pick it up and move about your way is a fantastic option and helps keep the peace of mind. While it does require unique tires it’s not something that should talk up the forefront of your mind. If it needs to be done a standard tire can fill the offset rear of the frame comfortably and the tires themselves are not too difficult to come by. The bike’s reactive build is also ideal for maintaining control, the brakes immediately responsive and the handles being able to move with ease. You’ll find yourself noticeably more confident on rides when using this bike and it is definitely a great investment or upgrade from the current rig you are already using.