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Giro Terraduro Shoes Review Facts
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A mountain biking shoe with great traction for walking too? No way! Yes way, the Giro Terraduro Shoe has the same lugged outsole of high-traction Vibram as a hiking shoe.

This excellent tread makes them perfect for walking or riding outdoors with great grip even in the rain. Best used for mountain biking and cycling, the forefoot zones are even flexible for walking, and the heel is padded for comfort.

The shoe has perforated upper. They are with a breathable microfiber material to give the best aeration for the foot. You will enjoy the arch support of medium build with the EVA molded footbed along with the cozy mesh lining.

First of all, in order to protect the foot during the performance, the company with this shoe guards the foot against impacts. Secondly, the shoe is with protection against abrasions and scrapes. You can thank this to the reinforced tough sidewalls. For your convenience, Giro Terraduro is available in all black, lime/black, red/black, and blue/black colors. This incredible footwear has bacteria and germ protection inside with an antimicrobial treatment of Aegis Microbe Shield.

The most unique aspect of the Terraduro is the secure and strong strap and ratcheting buckle for the main closure. This clasps on the side of the shoe, plus there are two Velcro straps on the shoe top for stability and support.

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Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Upper is perforated for ventilation
  • Made of a breathable microfiber
  • Soles have tread for walking and biking
  • Available in black, lime/black, blue/black, and red/black
  • Both the strap and the buckle are replaceable
  • Best used for mountain biking and cycling
  • Sizing can be too small – shoe can be heavy
  • Sizes measurements can be confusing

Key Features

-Arch support with the EVA molded footbed
-Heel is well padded for comfort
-Forefoot zones are flexible for walking
-Sidewalls and toe box are reinforced
-Antimicrobial treatment of Aegis Microbe Shield
-Lugged outsole is high-traction Vibram
-Strong n-2 strap and ratcheting buckle of n-1
-Strap and the buckle are replaceable
-Velcro straps over the forefoot and middle


Users will appreciate the incredible breathability of this Giro Terraduro shoe with the whole upper that is perforated for super ventilation. The product description incorrectly states that the material of the upper is leather, although it does have a very realistic leather feel to it.

The material is a synthetic aerated microfiber substance that allows the foot to breathe and moisture from perspiration and generated heat to escape during use. Whether you are riding or walking, you will love the comfort of the excellent ventilation of this MTB footwear.


The best aspect of this Giro Terraduro is that unlike most other cycling or biking shoes, it is very comfortable and usable as a walking shoe too. All too often riders are stuck with footwear that is hard to walk in or worse yet painful or uncomfortable to walk in. This is not so with this Giro Terraduro model. Bikers often have to climb up hills, slopes, or mountains with their bikes in places where it is unsuitable to ride.

In these instances, walking is necessary. You will not have to change footwear or dread having to walk in this shoe. This flexibility is what has made this product so desirable to buyers. It is also well-equipped to handle the demands that come with endure riding and riding all-mountain.

Ground Feel

To give you an idea of how it feels to walk in the Giro Terraduro, let’s look at some of its most valued qualities for ground feel. It has arch support that is medium with the EVA molded footbed and a heel that is well padded for comfort. Such neutral arch support satisfies the majority of users, as it is not too high or too low for users.

It offers some support for the foot but does not overdo it for those that do not need much stability for their arch. The sidewalls and toe box are reinforced to decrease abrasions, plus the mesh lining comforts the overall foot in general. Reinforcement of these areas gives a stronger shoe that can take the brutal punishment that is so common with mountain and regular biking activities. As we already mentioned above, this footwear is ideal for walking with the forefoot zones that are flexible.

No worries any longer when you must walk instead of ride in certain places along the trail or road. The foot is guarded against impacts and scrapes with the toe box that is reinforced. Customers usually notice a huge positive difference right away in their overall comfort level and performance with this shoe model in place.


The Terraduro is said to perform pedaling as an XC shoe since the footwear is built around the stout shank of nylon. This support will provide the stability and comfort needed for long rides. There is also an antimicrobial treatment of Aegis Microbe Shield in the midsole to prevent any build up of bacteria and germs from sweat and heat generated by the foot. The superb aeration with the perforated upper helps with this issue too.

We did notice some discussions in buyer feedback online of a problem with the cleat sizes and cleat pockets of this footwear. Some people claim that the right and left shoe cleat pockets of the items they received have different depths. This may or may not be related to the other comments of a cleat in the middle of the product that bothers some buyers making their toes and ball of the foot go numb eventually with prolonged use.

There were not enough of these complaints to get a good understanding of the problem, but we want to mention the potential problem as a pondering point for buyers.


A pleasantly surprising feature of this cycling or biking shoe is that it has lovely tread that makes them fantastic for walking. Even in wet and rainy environments, you will notice that you have a terrific grip on the ground surface. This is because this marvelous footwear has high-traction Vibram on the lugged outsole just like hiking shoes do.

This fabulous grip aids when scaling boulders or climbing over roots that can be wet. Confidence is inspired when maneuvering over logs and rocks with the grippy Vibram outsole. No longer will you have to choose between a good riding shoe and a good walking shoe because with the Giro Terraduro you have both in the same product.

Add to this outsole greatness an SPD-compatible molded shank with a cleat zone that is optimized for a wonderful piece of biking gear. We do want to mention that although this is a tough and durable shoe model, there are a few customers that did experience some ungluing of the soles with just regular use. There were not that many to cause a huge decrease in the approval rating but just enough to bring it to your attention as a potential buyer.


As with any item that must fit the human body for excellent performance and usage, this MTB shoe has a few issues with sizing. In general, it is mostly too small for the majority of people, so they finally decide on a ½ or a full size larger than their regular shoe size. Just like other shoes for cycling, this model is narrower than proper shoes, but they do stretch a bit when worn for a while.

You will be pleasantly surprised to know that the sizes are true to the chart sizes given in the description and on the company’s website. This makes ordering the perfect size so much easier since it takes out the guesswork in finding your ideal size.

Even with these helpful aids, it might be difficult for some people to obtain the correct size because of the various sizes offered. The dimensions are listed in the EU (European Union) measurements but also in the US and UK sizes too. If you follow the chart precisely, this will not be an issue.

If you use US or UK shoe measurements, then you do not order the size you are used to but the conversion size as given in EU measurement.

For example, if you are a size 9 in a US man’s shoe, then you would order a 42 as indicated and matching in the US row with the top number. It would also be an 8 for the UK and a 42 for EU sizes. Use the chart for a perfect fit.


SPD, Crankbrothers, and Look Mountain-compatible, this MTB biking shoe is also compatible with mountain cleats with two holes. Available in the colors of all black, lime/black, blue/black, and red/black, you will be able to pair them with most colors and designs of cycling and biking outfits and wardrobes. This amazing footwear has a 4.1 approval rating online from mostly satisfied customers, as it is a terrific shoe for walking and biking environments.

They can be on the heavy side according to buyers who were a little surprised at the weight of this product. This makes them possibly not the best shoe candidate for racing or speed biking when weight is a concern.


Super comfortable without laces, you will thoroughly enjoy putting the Giro Terraduro on your foot for your biking activities. The primary closure is a terrific buckle with a midfoot D-ring offset strap. It is a secure and robust n-2 strap and ratcheting buckle of n-1 that has a simple release mechanism on the side of the shoe.

Both the strap and the buckle are replaceable if you ever need to change it out, making this support quite versatile. For added stability and support of the foot during a performance, there is also Velcro straps over the forefoot and middle of the foot for your comfort.

Some potential buyers questioned recent customers about how hard it is to maneuver these buckles and straps. They responded by saying that it just could not be any easier and that they prefer this system over regular laces or straps any day.


Of course, it goes without saying (but we will for the sake of clarity) that this footwear is created for and used best for mountain biking and cycling.

With the added traction on the outsole, you can confidently walk in them as much as you need to to get over obstacles along the trail or road that a bike cannot cross over with a rider aboard.

Riders must also walk up steep hills or areas that would be too difficult to ride, so walking is a must sometimes. You will have the traction you need for any of these rugged environments with this footwear gear.

Some people commented that they would not be comfortable using the Giro Terraduro for racing or speed biking where weight could be an issue.

They feel that it is a heavier shoe than a regular biking model and would impede the performance during racing. This is an individual decision based on the endurance of the person riding but is worth mentioning.

Bottom Line

As manufacturers invent new ways to excite us with their innovative products, we get to enjoy some truly unique items for our sports and activity gear. The Giro Terraduro Shoe is one of these products that you have to get because of its excellent and unique characteristics. It has a high-traction Vibram outsole that is common on hiking footwear to make it suitable for walking too.

Regular biking shoes do not offer this, which makes users cringe when they have to dismount the bike for walking in unsuitable areas for biking. Walk with confidence with this shoe model because it has the footing you need when you cannot ride.

Yes, with all the things that must fit our very different body types and sizes, there can be a slight problem with the sizing of this shoe.

A first conversion sizing chart is provided in the product description and the manufacturer’s website online for you to use. Match the number precisely, and you will have the perfect size you need. The dimensions are accurate and will fit wonderfully.

Follow our given example above, if the size measurements throw you a bit. Comfortable, treaded, protective, and supportive, the Giro Terraduro MTB Shoe seems to have it all!