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Patagonia Torrentshell Jacket Review Facts
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The Patagonia Torrentshell Jacket is good for multisport and especially traveling, climbing, and hiking since it is waterproof, breathable, and windproof. It is also highly compressible and lightweight as it packs down into one of its handwarmer pockets for storing and carrying in a pack or bag easily. Made of 100% recycled ripstop nylon material, a Standard Performance shell of H2No, and a coating of DWR, this great garment is Bluesign approved and hip length.

The seams are fully sealed, plus it has zippered vent pits and comes in an assortment of solid and dual colors. The handwarmer pockets are zippered as well as the front of the garment for easy and quick access. There is a storm flap that helps protect the front zipper area and forms the chin guard with the zipper garage. The bottom hem has a drawstring to allow the user to adjust the fit for protection against rain, wind, and cold.

Another drawstring is on the flexible hood that is adjustable and has a visor with lamination. Both the visor and the hood can be tucked away when not in use. The nice features of this men’s jacket are great in theory, but as you will see, many customers are not happy with their experiences wearing the Torrentshell Jacket.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Nice assortment of solid and dual colors
  • Hip length, lightweight, and packable
  • Fabric is blue sign approved
  • Hood is adjustable with a visor that is laminated
  • Visor can stow away and roll down
  • Stows into a pocket and secures with a loop clip-in
  • Good for travel, climbing, and hiking
  • Waterproof, breathable, and windproof
  • Does not vent or breathe well even with the pit zips open
  • Front zipper leaked for customers
  • Main zipper can be hard to start and snags on the interior rain flap
  • Contents of pockets get wet in the rain

Key Features

-Standard Performance shell of H2No material
-Zippered vents under the arms for aeration
-Chin guard with the zipper garage
-DWR-treated with storm flaps that are welted
-Made of 100% recycled ripstop nylon material
-Hood and bottom hem have a drawstring closure
-Handwarmer pockets with zipper closures
-Seams are fully sealed
-All zippers are waterproof


The manufacturer used two aspects to make this jacket breathable for the user. One is the zippered vents under the arms and the other is the material and protective coating. For the quickest ventilation, you can simply unzip the underarms of this garment to get some fast air circulation. This is usually the first place that one would begin to sweat from overheating, so it is a great place to put the vents. With them being zippered, makes the spaces easy to manage with just one hand. In reading the reviews from customers concerning this jacket and the zippered vents, we discovered that not everyone is happy with this feature.

Some buyers said that the vents do not help even when fully open, as the jacket remains warm. These customers had clothing underneath that was very damp with perspiration because they could not cool off without taking the jacket off entirely. This product has a Standard Performance shell of H2No that is breathable and waterproof. However, more than a few people commented that they became wet during rain showers with this item on. It did not keep them dry at all nor was the fabric breathable for them.


There is a nice assortment of colors available for the Torrentshell Jacket for men that includes the shades of New Adobe, Willow Herb Green, Forge Grey, Navy Blue, Tasmanian Teal, Balkan Blue, Big Sur Blue/Fire Red, Black, Classic Navy/Mojave Khaki, and Folios Green. Most of these are solids, but as you can see there are a couple of them that are mixes of two colors. These come with one color on the top and the other on the bottom half of the garment.

They are good for a wardrobe that has a wider assortment of colors in it. The colors are true to the photos, so you should receive an item that looks exactly like the one online. The design is a good one that looks great and is perfect for casual or more dressy outfits. It could even fit into some workplace environments depending on the dress code enforced.


The front chest has the company’s logo on this hip-length Patagonia jacket. The neck is protective and comfortable with a lining of microfleece and a breathable, waterproof barrier. Although a few buyers had trouble with the various sizes, you should be very comfortable in this trendy and modern jacket. The warmth and the waterproof capabilities are the best comfort features along with the protective hood with the visor to shade the face and eyes.

Being an improved model, the company decided to make the sleeves longer on this model. This is not listed as a quality in the product description on any of the sites that list this jacket, but it is noticed by Patagonia customers who have worn or own the previous version. It is unclear why they made the sleeves about two inches longer on this garment, but it is being received with mixed comments. Some people like it, while others do not. The bad thing about this is that those who liked the older jacket model and trusted this one to be the same with better improvements to materials and features are now unhappy with the product and the brand. When a garment does not fit like it should, especially at higher prices, buyers are dissatisfied.


Made of 2.5-layer of ripstop nylon material that is recycled and Bluesign approved, the Torrentshell Jacket also has a DWR (durable water repellent) coating for extra weather resistance. The zippers are treated also to be water-repellent, plus they have storm flaps on the interior that are welted. The storm flaps form a chin guard with the zipper garage to keep the neck and face bottom protected and comforted in harsh weather. Made to be an outer shell layer that can fit over a base layer of clothing, this item can also be used as a mid-layer if needed under a larger heavier coat or jacket. It will provide added resistance to the elements to protect your upper core. Patagonia garments are built to last for years and years of rugged and regular use in the outdoors. The excellent materials, craftsmanship, and designs are well-known for this brand that people have come to trust and depend on for high-quality outdoor gear.


Besides being easy to remove and put on with the full-frontal zipper and having the vents under the arms, this men’s jacket also has another adjustable and flexible feature. It is the hood that is adjustable two ways and has a visor that is laminated. This visor will keep the rain and even other precipitation of sleet and snow from affecting the eyes and affecting the face of the user. If you do not need the visor sometimes, then it can simply stow away and roll down in the hood. The hood can also be tucked away in the jacket if you do not want to wear it all the time or have it just rest on the back like a regular hooded garment. The drawstring closure is on the hood for you to adjust how it fits on the head and around the face. There is also a drawstring on the bottom hem of the jacket too for the same level of adjustability to keep out cold drafts, wind, and rain.


Featuring an exterior that is minimal welt with a zipper at the center front, the Torrentshell has a full zipper in the front for easy access and venting when needed. All of the zippers on this garment are waterproof to prevent the clothes underneath from experiencing any moisture through the metal teeth or sewing of the zipper area. The inner rain flap also adds to this waterproof and windproof protection for the wearer. The handwarmer pockets also have these zippers that are protective for the contents inside. Usually, Patagonia gear has some of the best ratings and reviews online from loyal customers and buyers, but the negative comments and feedback concerning the features of this jacket are numerous.

The front zipper and pocket zippers leaked for many people. Their clothes were wet from wearing this garment in normal rainy weather after only a few hours. The contents of their pockets were drenched also because the fabric and the zippers leaked. As we mention in another part of this review, not only did the fabric leak but it actually took on the rainwater to become heavier on the body. Others said that the front zipper can be hard to start and that it can snag on the interior rain flap quite often. These negative qualities lead to unhappy customers.


The Torrentshell Jacket can be machine washed and is very packable since it is lightweight and compressible. It takes up very little space in a daypack and can be folded into a tight bundle. One of the handwarmer pockets can hold the entire garment and is secured with a carabiner loop clip-in to hold it in for packing.

This jacket is best used for multisport but is mostly used for travel, climbing, hiking, and everyday wear in the city for work, school, or casual use. The flexible qualities of the hood, visor, underarm vents, drawstrings, and zippers make it a valued garment to have for any type of outdoor adventure or excursion. It offers the user several varied choices when wearing it to make themselves the most comfortable in different weather surroundings.


Waterproof and windproof, this men’s outerwear from Patagonia weighs just 12.1 ounces and has sealed seams for protection. The buyer reviews are not as good as they could be for such a popular brand name and the reason for this is mostly that this waterproof jacket is not waterproof at all for a great many customers. We found plenty of comments from users who said they were not protected from the rain at all with this garment on. Some of them only lasted a couple of hours in regular rain showers before their clothes and pocket contents were wet.

They blamed the material and the zippers that are supposed to be defensive against the rain with the rain flaps. If this were not bad enough, the material actually took on the rainwater in several of these instances to become heavier and heavier the longer the person wore the product in the rain. You can imagine their disappointment with the brand and the product after experiencing this. Some of the buyers even tried the jacket several times in the rain on different occasions just to prove to themselves that this item is not at all waterproof. But if you are looking something for the cold weather you should check out our guide about the best winter jackets.

Bottom Line

When you purchase an item for a specific purpose and it does not fulfill that intended purpose, then you are naturally disappointed and unhappy with it and the brand. Loyal customers know that Patagonia makes some gear that is dependable and ideal for the user. We have researched plenty of their items and have written many a positive review based on superb customer satisfaction.

New buyers to the brand that are trying it out for the first time with this Torrentshell Jacket will get a wrong first impression of the company and its great products. To be fair, there are others who love the product and did not find anything wrong with it. It was waterproof and worked great for them. However, there are many negative comments concerning the performance of this outer protective garment from the non-waterproof material and zippers to the almost non-existent breathability of the fabric. The zippers do not operate as well as they could as they can be hard to get started and may possibly snag on the rain flap.

Let’s face it, a jacket is supposed to do one thing – protect your body, clothes, and pocket contents from the weather elements. If it cannot do that and actually absorbs the rainwater to make thing worse, then there is no point in buying it or wearing it.