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Altra Lone Peak 3.0 Review Facts

The Altra brand of running shoe has always had a special place in the hearts of those who run long distances and over varied terrains. The Lone Peak series, of which the Altra Lone Peak 3.0 is actually the fifth iteration as also become a favorite among long-distance runners because of its tough upper design, zero drop, and ample midsole cushioning. And while it certainly addresses a few of the problems encountered with the Altra Lone Peak 2.0 and 2.5 versions, in many cases, it still leaves a bit to be desired when it comes to a versatile running or trail shoe.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Natural foot-shaped toe box
  • Resilient mid-sole foam that is light and offers great cushioning
  • Upper portion remarkably more durable than previous models
  • Great for running on paved surfaces or well-maintained trails
  • Shoe is relatively narrow and restrictive
  • Stone guard in mid-sole can be somewhat uncomfortable over long distances
  • Not really suitable for wet conditions, or rough terrains
  • Breathing and ventilation definitely needs to be improved
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  • Right out the box, these shoes are comfortable. I am on my third pair. After 2000 miles no blisters.
  • These shoes held up well on the Appalachian Trail. Did close to 500 miles. Very comfortable and light. The traction is great too. Blister free experience.
  • Altra Lone Peak 3s are the best shoes and most comfortable that I've ever worn. They could use better designers to come up with better color options but the fit and feel of these shoes are great.
  • I am glad my friend recommended these shoes. Wifey likes these and I use my Peak 3s for urban walking and hiking. I am not a runner. These are comfortable and no break in time. No hot spots and no blisters.
  • I love these for everyday wear even though they are called running shoes. Plenty of room in the toe area but I did have to get a half size larger.
  • I wear my Altra Lone Peak 3s for running around locally, hiking and general use. After wearing these on a trip to Peru I am a convert.
  • These shoes have the right amount of bounce. I love these shoes. I wear these on the street and the grip is fantastic. Would highly recommend these shoes.
  • I just love how these shoes are the shape of my foot. I've done about 300 miles in these shoes and I love how my feet feel. The shoes breathe well.
  • Like many of the other reviews, these shoes are well known for being great on the Appalachian trail. Can't beat the comfort and the traction. Would definitely buy another pair.
  • My Peak 3s give me the perfect amount of cushion for long distance runs. This is a great shoe. Fits perfectly and I can wear these all day.
  • These shoes come highly recommended for hiking so I got them. My other hiking shoes don't compare.
  • These Lone Peak 3s are very comfortable and just an awesome sneaker.
  • These are an upgrade from the 2s and they have great traction, fit great and comfortable.
  • Ran a 5K in these great shoes and they felt amazing.
  • Very happy with the Peak 3's durability. Great improvement to the 2s. Traction works great on many terrains. Very comfortable.
  • Wow, these shoes feel more like slippers than sneakers in terms of comfort. No blisters.
  • This is a great shoe all around but the wide toe box was more than I needed. I should have gotten a smaller size so that my foot didn't move around so much. The cushioning and foot protection is what this shoe is all about.
  • Rocky trails are no match for these shoes. The grip is excellent on steep trails. Got my usual size and these fit comfortably. Very stable shoes.
  • Got these shoes as a birthday present. I am new to Altra's and zero drop shoes. The first thing that I noticed was the incredible toe box, so much room. The zero drop took some getting used to but overall a great run.
  • Some buyers complained about the shoe not holding up as expected.
  • For some buyers, the toe box was too narrow
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Compared to previous versions, the outsole portion of this trail running shoe has been completely redesigned, even to the actual material used in its creation. The MaxTrac material is made of a combination of two different rubbers, one that is black and has an almost sticky feel to it, not unlike the material found in climbing shoe outsoles. The smaller portion of the outsole is made from a blue, firmer, rubber material that helps to firm up the outsole overall. The combination of the two creates an interesting feel overall, allowing the outsole to conform slightly to the running surface as needed, at least in theory.

While the outsole is certainly an improvement overall in comparison, quite a few users found that the ability to wrap around the terrain instead of being cushioned from it lead to an overall foot fatigue that was a bit disappointing. The outsole does, however, offer a good deal of toe box and rand protection overall, which was a great help in preventing scrapes and abrasions and increasing the overall durability. That being said, the increased rubber material also decreased the overall ventilation and breathability quite a bit.


One of the areas that didn’t undergo many changes was the midsole area of the Altra Lone Peak 3.0 trail shoe. As in the previous models, the mid-sole area consists of a combination of a lightweight EVA foam, a stone rock plate, and a tough a-bound layer on the top between the outsole and insole areas of the shoes. The combination is relatively lightweight and does offer great cushioning overall and adequate protection from the jarring impact that can occur during longer runs. It should be noted, however, that quite a few users indicated that they would have liked to see a bit more cushioning, especially around the rock-plate area, even if it meant for a slightly heavier shoe.


The upper portion of this trail shoe is perhaps where the most changes have taken place, and not always for the better, in our opinion. On the good side of things, the upper portion of these shoes features a combination of reinforced nylon mesh and a plastic overlay material that greatly increases their overall snug fit. This reduces the amount of play in the shoe overall, which is a great help when running in hilly terrain. Also, a stitched wrap fully encompasses the heel, wraps around a good portion of the mid-foot area and adds an extra layer of protection in the toe area.

However, it’s this stitch wrapping that creates a bit of a problem, especially if you deal with high amounts of perspiration, or run in inclement weather. Simply put, these shoes don’t drain as well as they should, and can quickly become waterlogged. This makes the shoes heavier than they should be, which makes running less than fun.


As you can imagine, the overall breathability and ventilation in these shoes do leave a bit to be desired. There is very little material in the upper portion that promotes ventilation, and the strengthened and reinforced outsole leaves little room for drainage once the shoes become wet, either through sweat or running through puddles.


The Altra Lone Peak 3.0 provided a bit of a mixed bag when it came to comfort, and much of it depended not only on a person’s overall foot size but also their shape and running style. The zero drop feature certainly increased the overall stability, and the somewhat rigid nature of the shoe was found to be a nice change of pace for some. In addition, most people found the shoe to be true to size, allowing for very little play or wiggle room.

That is, of course, unless you have relatively narrow feet. The design for many people with narrow feet felt a bit too sloppy and allowed for a good deal of play, especially in the heel area overall. Also, the lacing system which features the eyelets on the top of the shoe instead of the side, often put a little too much pressure on the toe area for the runners, leading to added discomfort overall. All that being said, the gusseted tongue and roomy shoe volume were a great comfort for those with average or wider feet, something that isn’t always seen in most running shoes.


Generally speaking, these shoes offered a good bit of variety when it came to overall look, featuring a number of different colors and styles for individual taste. The low profile heel, as well as the zero drop tolerances, also make for a shoe that can easily blend into most casual environments and easily go from urban sidewalk to backyard trail with little effort.


While the durability has certainly improved from the previous versions, especially in the upper portion of the shoe, the Altra Lone Peak 3.0 still has a few problem areas when it comes to toughness and longevity. For starters, the forefoot and toe area crease often see significant wear and tear, even after only a few dozen miles of running. Also, the tread on the outsole has been known to shear off with a moderate amount of use over rougher terrain.


When it comes to overall protection, this trail running shoe does well overall. Sand, grime, and dirt, which can cause some serious abrasion are easily washed away without too much trouble, and the gusseted tongue makes it hard for the smaller particles to get into the shoe itself. Also, the more snug fit and ample cushioning make it hard for side rolls, and general instability to rear their ugly heads.

However, when it comes to protection from wetness and odor, these shoes do need a bit of improvement. The reinforced outsole does little to let perspiration out, and the upper portion of the shoe has very little ventilation overall. Also, the material absorbs water quite well, which makes the shoe heavier than it needs to be.


The combination of the zero drop and good cushioning make for a fairly responsive running shoe. The tread also makes it fairly easy to turn rapidly and slow down when needed, especially in an urban environment where the ground surface consists mainly of paved roads and sidewalks. On easier trails, it’s also fairly easy to feel the ground beneath you and to adjust accordingly. While the responsiveness of these shoes is nothing to write home about, they certainly get the job done.


These trail running shoes from Altra provide neutral arch support and feature a zero heel to toe drop. Add to that the cushioning found in the mid-sole area, and you get a shoe that provides a surprising amount of support considering how well it performed in other areas.


While these running shoes are designed to be used in many different environments, practically speaking they are a bit limited. If your longer runs take you along trails that are well maintained, or even paved, these shoes are a true help. However, if you expect to encounter rougher terrain or even mud, you might want to consider other options.


The Altra Lone Peak 3 running shoe carries with it a moderate price tag. In most cases, we found examples online ranging between $120 and $150 USD. While the shoe certainly does have a few issues, we feel that this price range is more than reasonable.


The treads on these trail running shoes have proven to be both an asset and a detraction when it comes to a runner’s enjoyment, in all honesty. Dubbed the Trail Claws pattern, it features a combination of pentagon shaped lugs and multi-directional triangle lugs that are designed to provide superior grip no matter what direction you chose to travel in.

Under ideal conditions, such as a well-maintained trail in dry conditions, these treads certainly deliver quite well on the promise of great grip and superior traction. However, we were certainly disappointed when it came to running in any less than ideal conditions. The tread itself is relatively shallow, which makes it easy to fill in the troughs and depressed areas in the tread with mud and debris. Unfortunately, once this happens, the traction of these shoes become pretty much non-existent. In addition, the shoes don’t really provide any real grip when it comes to wet conditions.


The thicker outsole of these running shoes from Altra provides a fair amount of stability and stiffness, which can greatly decrease the flexibility overall. While there is certainly a moderate amount of flexibility within the shoe itself, and natural foot movement is allowed, the overall feel of the shoes is somewhat more restrictive

Comparison to Other Brands

When comparing these shoes to other brands with comparable examples, the Altra Lone Peak 3 proves to have mixed results overall. When it comes to stability and cushioning, the Altra Lone Peak 3 easily outmatches brands such as the Saucony Peregrine 7 and the La Sportiva Bushido. For most users, the wide range of style and color choices also blow the competition out of the water.
However, when it comes to responsiveness, and overall protection when running, there are quite a few examples out there that make much better sense. The Hoka One One Challenger ATR, for example, performed much better in a wider range of terrains as the Altra Lone Peak 3 and fell into the same price bracket as well


Overall, the stability in these shoes is hard to beat. Structures in the midsole area of the shoe make it extremely difficult to roll your ankle from side to side, and the zero heel to toe drop makes it fairly easy for your feet to move in a more natural way. In addition, the roomy toe box allows the toes and fore-foot area to splay out somewhat, which helps with weight distribution and stability overall.
However, like most characteristics of this particular brand, things could be improved. Depending on the size and shape of a runner’s foot, there is still a great deal of play and instability in the heel and instep area of the shoe, and the lacing system doesn’t always provide the necessary tightness to compensate.

The Bottom Line

The Altra Lone Peak series of trail running shoes have a loyal fan base among the long distance and ultra running crowds, and in some cases, we can definitely see why that loyalty exists. These shoes are comfortable to wear over longer distances, provide great stability overall, and the zero heel to toe drop helps to mitigate a runner’s fatigue.

However, because of design choices, there are a number of areas where these shoes fall short of expectations. They perform well under ideal conditions, but the performance quality decreases rapidly as soon as inclement weather or rocky terrain is encountered.