Razor E300 Electric Scooter

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Razor E300 Electric Scooter Review Facts

The Razor E300 Electric Scooter is a big ride with a small frame and a kid-sized deck that accommodates riders eight-years-old and older. The maximum weight limit for riders is 220 pounds, and the scooter itself weighs 43 pounds. It features a kickstart motor, responsive brakes, fast acceleration, grips of soft rubber, a retractable kickstand, and pneumatic tires. The maximum speed is 15 miles per hour, and the battery life is 40 minutes before it needs recharging. Electric powered with quiet operation, the Razor E300 handles very easily and assembles in just five minutes. It has a chain-driven motor, all steel fork and frame, and a front brake that is hand-operated. The acceleration control is twist-grip and the frame and deck are super-sized. You get a battery charger with the purchase of the scooter, too. There are a couple of issues with the E300 that is reflected in customer reviews online. The rating for this product is good but not as great as it could be. We discuss a few of these issues below in our full review.

Editor's Pros & Cons

For riders eight-years-old and older

Electric-powered and quiet running

Responsive strong brakes

Accelerates fast and handles easily

Assembles in only five minutes

Battery life is 40 minutes

Terrific for children or adults


The tension mechanism broke for several buyers

Battery life is not great


The Razor E300 offers the rider the flexibility and freedom of the usual modes of transportation such as motorbikes or bicycles. It prevents those who must do a lot of walking from place to place the exertion, plus gives them the added fun from riding. The type of rider is flexible also in that this sturdy model will accommodate kids as young as eight and smaller weight adults to about 220 pounds. Even the types of surfaces that it will work on are varied. Customers report that it works well on grassy areas as well as flat pavement and concrete surfaces. Many people are now choosing scooters, such as the E300 to get them short distances must quicker than walking and much more enjoyable than riding a bike.

Key Features

Dimensions of 41 x 17 x 42 inches
Item weighs 43 pounds
Maximum human weight is 220 pounds
The handlebar is 16” wide and 25” high
The deck is 8” x 26.2” long; tires are 9” pneumatic
Maximum speed is 15 mph
Acceleration is twist-grip; brake is hand-operated
A high torque motor is chain-driven
Frame, fork, and deck are super-sized and steel
The kickstand that is retractable
Grips are made of soft rubber material
Comes with a battery charger
The battery is 24V sealed, rechargeable lead acid


The overall dimensions of the E300 are 41 x 17 x 42 inches with tires that are 9” pneumatic. These tires are much wider than other scooter models to allow adults and heavier weights to ride this product easily. The maximum weight limit of this item is 220 pounds, but many adults report that it easily supports higher amounts. With a product weight of 43 pounds, this is a heavier scooter model than most other ones that you may encounter. It has a build that is more durable and long-lasting. This makes it a bit heavier in the long run. The deck is 8” wide and 26.2” long, and the handlebar is 16” wide and 25” high. You get a big ride with a small frame and a kid-sized deck with this super ride.


There is a bit of confusion with the speed of this product since in the product description it mentions two different numbers in various places. You might see the speed of 10 miles per hour or 15 miles per hour, depending on where you look. Most places will say 15 mph, so that is probably the correct amount for the maximum speed. Continuous use of as much as 40 minutes is the regular amount of time this scooter can go without needing additional charging. The length of run time is good enough to get a person short distances but is one of the main complaints of the model from buyers.


The most stable part of the E300 Scooter is its motor and how well it runs. The acceleration control is twist-grip, and the acceleration of the scooter is fast. With a high torque motor that is chain-driven and kickstart plus responsive brakes, the user will love how well this electric-powered and quiet product runs. Neighbors will appreciate the quietness of this model also, as such motorized vehicles can be quite disturbing to others nearby. The terrific motor, brakes and general operation of this item have hardly any complaints online from customers. It is a solid piece of equipment for fun riding on several surface types. As a matter of fact, we noticed many comments from buyers that said the acceleration of this small scooter is remarkable considering its size. it can build up a nice speed for a fabulous joyride or commute.


The physical features of the E300 are where it gets its wonderful support for the user. The frame and deck are super-sized, and the strong construction is all steel for the fork and frame. Included is a kickstand that is retractable and grips that are made of a soft rubber material. The dependable front brake is hand operated with a throttle that is twist-grip on this heavier-than-usual model for increased stability. Both tires are pneumatic, or air-filled, for a smooth ride that anyone will enjoy. They will take bumps and cracks in the pavement much easier than solid tires without any air in them. This is one of the sturdiest scooters than you can own and ride for such an economical price. It is not marketed as a transportation vehicle for general purpose, but it works well as one. the uses for it are as varied as the imagination, but we discuss a few of them in sections below to give you some ideas of how buyers are utilizing this clever scooter.


Even though this terrific scooter is marketed for kids, adults have been using them for many reasons. Since it has wide wheels and a sturdier base and frame, the E300 can support heavier weights than most other scooter models on the market currently. Even some adults that had purchased them for their kids decided to use them for themselves. Often, the whole family ends up giving this fantastic vehicle a spin, and they purchase more so everyone can ride at the same time. Even though it does not go very fast, it can help with small area commutes that only take minutes. It is perfect for smaller-sized adults that don’t live far from work and want to ride quickly, instead of walking or riding a bike. The E300 is good for those who go to school to zip around campus quickly when going from class to class. Some adults are using it for a utility vehicle to maneuver between properties or buildings a distance apart, as it saves time and energy. Wherever you need to go that a bike could take you in about 40 minutes, this amazing scooter can also.


This Razor item comes with a battery charger to power it up, but you could add several accessories to this model to make it more pleasant for you to ride on daily commutes or just for fun around the block. Some buyers added bells and reflective safety tape or lights for riding at night or in low light to accessorize it. One person suggested that the company add a cup holder to the next version they make as a nice feature. You could add one yourself to hold a drink or bottle of water to use as you ride along. One customer added a catch-all bag on the front of his scooter, as he carries tools and items from place to place easily this way. you can also add a basket to the front just like you would do for a bicycle to hold things as you ride. The possibilities to accessorize this product are almost endless for the various tasks and duties you choose to do with it. Don’t forget that just like biking or riding a motorcycle, this is a moving vehicle that is safer to ride with a helmet and padding on to prevent injuries in accidents or falls.

Ease of Use

The E300 Scooter is just as easy to put together as it is to ride it and enjoy it. it only takes five minutes to put the steering column onto the rest of the product. You then charge the scooter to give it some power and then you can ride for the designated time amount. Since this is a heavier model, it is not as easy to get it up a flight of stairs or steps as others would be, but it does handle in normal operations very easily. One particular problem several customers had was the tension aspect of this scooter. It seems to have broken for them not long after receiving the product, making it impossible to use. replacement parts must come from the manufacturer to fix this problem. Although not a widespread issue, it is a possibility that could occur for future buyers of this scooter. Otherwise, it is such a simple ride that an eight-year-old can manage it quite well.

Power Source

The battery life is the most commented problem of the E300 Scooter. The battery that comes with the product is 24V (two 12V) sealed, rechargeable lead-acid batteries with a 40-minute life. This means that you can only use the scooter for 40 continuous minutes before you must charge it again. Because of this short time that a person has to ride it, the reviews are not the best for this item. We came across some very helpful tips on how to get the most out of your battery with this scooter if you do decide to purchase one. We love passing these great suggestions on to our loyal review readers to help them get the most from their purchases. Customers say that leaving it in a garage or place with low temperatures, such as a basement, will deplete the battery quickly. Even the manufacturer states to not let it remain in a place that it too cold. It works best if you do not drain the battery completely before recharging like you would for a cellphone. Charge it every chance you get to “top it off” and keep the product properly charged. Make sure that it is turned off completely before storing when not in use also. This is something that could be easily forgotten, especially by a child that gets distracted by other things quickly. Parents may have to check behind children using their scooters to see if they turned them off after using them to save the battery power.

Bottom Line

The tension feature can break suddenly with use and the battery life of 40 minutes in between charges is not the best. Online customers complained about these two issues the most in their feedback and comments. While most people did love this wonderful scooter, others had bad experiences with it, hence the many negative reviews. The rating is below the average where we recommend a product to our readers, but we still think this is a good scooter to consider if you are in the market for one. we recommend reading many reviews both positive and negative from buyers, as there are many to choose from. We have given you the breakdown of most of the grievances they have, but you have to decide if it still might be a good product for yourself or your family. The short battery life is not really a bad thing since this is a recreational item and not meant for regular transportation use. many adults have bought it and are using it as such, but they do not need it to operate for more than 40 minutes at a time. If this fits into your lifestyle, then the E300 might be a perfect electric scooter for you.