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Wahoo Cadence Sensor Review Facts
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The Wahoo Cadence Sensor tracks the cycling cadence data in real time with a bike computer, Android device, or iPhone and is 100% wireless with ANT+ and Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

It is compatible with plenty of well-known cycling apps such as Cyclemeter, MapMyRide, RideWithGPS, Straya, Wahoo Fitness, TrainRoad, and Zwift. Yes, this will monitor your progress for indoor and outdoor riding on regular bikes and cycling platforms. Lightweight and highly versatile, this product is waterproof to five feet and can be used for multiple bikes or for spin class.

It has a universal fit and a visible connection that attaches to a shoe or arm of the bike crank. Various mounts come with the item, as the accessories include zip ties, rubber mounting, shoe mounts, and 3Mtape that is double-sided. The beauty of this incredible device is that it does not have to be attached permanently to use it, plus it can be swapped from bike to bike as often as you like.

The included lithium cell battery is just as accommodating to your busy lifestyle too. It is a replaceable battery that will last for twelve months and has a signal strength of ten feet. No more worries about recharging a battery to use it for your next workout or exercise session! The customer ratings are decent for this cadence sensor and the reviews from purchases are plenty.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Connects to the shoe or arm of the bike crank
  • Can be used for multiple bikes or for spin class
  • Does not have to be attached permanently
  • Can be swapped from bike to bike
  • Visible connection, lightweight, and wireless
  • Works too with cycling platforms indoors
  • Compatible with many popular cycling apps
  • Monitor and capture cycling cadence in real time
  • Cell battery is replaceable and needs no recharging
  • Can come unattached from bike easily
  • Device is activated with any type of motion – drains the battery

Key Features

-Waterproof rating of IPX7 (for five feet)
-Weighs just seven grams (0.16 ounces)
-Dimensions are 6.5 x 4 x 0.5 inches (universal fit)
-Comes with a battery, zip ties, rubber mounting, shoe mounts, 3Mtape (double-sided)
-Product and quick starting booklets are included
-Works with TrainRoad and Zwift for cycling indoors
-Compatible with Cyclometer, MapMyRide, RideWithGPS, Strava, and Wahoo Fitness
-Monitor with a bike computer, Android, or iPhones
-Connect wirelessly to the bike computer, iPhone, or Android
-Uses ANT+ and Bluetooth 4.0
-The signal strength of as much as ten feet


Being versatile for the user’s needs is the main concept behind the Wahoo Cadence Sensor. There are many different apps that it is compatible with, two modes of mounting, and a choice of devices to sync it. Since it does not have to be recharged at all, you can take it anywhere you want to ride without worrying about powering it. The Wahoo Sensor connects to the shoe or arm of the bike crank and can be used for multiple bikes or for spin class. It does not have to be attached permanently and can be swapped from bike to bike. These two mounting options open up a whole new realm of biking and monitoring progress for many riders. The fact that the mounting does not have to be permanent is a remarkable aspect that has attracted thousands of users to this incredible product. The simplicity of being able to put it on your shoe as you ride to track your cadence data is almost unbelievable. Advanced technology makes this possible for us to receive accurate information so quickly and easily for our hurried lifestyles.


The mounting options are the stability qualities of the Wahoo Sensor. Simple and quick to install, it does not use magnets for attachments as some other popular models do. These have been known to not be reliable in remaining in place, so magnets are not a good mounting option for bike sensors. You can enjoy a visible connection with this item and a universal fit. The various mounts come with the sensor along with the necessary instructions to guide you in putting it in place. The zip ties that are included are for mounting the sensor to the bike, but some people had trouble with these. After placing them on the bike to hold the sensor, they used the bike outdoors and found out too late that they had lost the sensor somewhere along their journey. We would recommend maybe not using the zip ties alone for securing to the bike because of these happenings. You could secure with waterproof duct tape or the included 3M double-sided tape as well for added security.


The desire to know the status of your cycling performance has led manufacturers to create some very amazing products. This sensor is one of the latest innovations to effortlessly track the progress of any type of cycle whether indoors or outdoors. It is revolutionary in its form, design, and abilities to be so portable and easy to use. The Wahoo Cadence Sensor is a sensor just for cadence measures that is lightweight at just seven grams (0.16 ounces). The company does offer a speed sensor and a product that combines them both for you. Most people go with the cadence sensor first as it measures more of their abilities than just speed. It has a waterproof rating of IPX7 that is good for as much as five feet, and the dimensions are 6.5 x 4 x 0.5 inches. No one would ever notice this device on the bike if you did not tell them it was there since it is so discrete in size and appearance. Performance measuring just does not get any easier or more accurate than this technology.


The Wahoo Bike Sensor for cadence comes with a battery already installed, zip ties, rubber mounting, shoe mounts, and 3Mtape that is double-sided. Use the tape to secure the mounts as needed to prevent the sensor from falling off, especially on bike rides outdoors. Information guides about the product and quick starting the device are also included to help you get the most use from this purchase. You can be using the item in just minutes after receiving it since it is so simple to set up and attach. Cycling enthusiasts will rejoice when they see how easy and quick this device is to set up, sync, and use for a whole new world of performance monitoring and analyzing. The included added mounting hardware and two choices for mounting make this such a pleasurable product to use. Just owning it will motivate you to go further on your trips and have more workout sessions just to use and enjoy its accurate measurements.


The other two products that the company makes in line with this sensor for cadence are the speed sensor and the combination product of both of them together. This item has the same features as the speed sensor but does not measure speed. The speed sensor does not measure cadence and does not have a shoe mount as the cadence sensor does. They both have a bike mount for a more secure location of data collection. The combo package has the bike mount and not the shoe mount. It does have magnets for attaching unlike the individual sensors for cadence and speed. Which one you purchase will depend on exactly what you want to monitor for yourself and your overall health regimen. More people buy the cadence sensor because it gives more information than the speed sensor does. If you do not care about the speed, then it makes better sense to just purchase the cadence sensor, which is much easier and more flexible to use and switch about on various bikes.


Measuring performance levels is one thing but being able to see this information in real time and have many different choices for using the data is something entirely different. Fitness apps open up a whole new world of enjoying and using physical and exercise data. With them, we can connect to personal trainers, friends, and relatives who participate in the same activity, and many means of analyzing the information we get about our own performances. The Wahoo Cadence Sensor works too with TrainRoad and Zwift to get the cadence data when using cycling platforms indoors. Not many sensors will work accurately with indoor bikes, but this one does beautifully. It is compatible with the cycling apps of Cyclometer, MapMyRide, RideWithGPS, Strava, the free app of Wahoo Fitness, and others that you may use already. Explore your options with these incredible ways of enjoying your sessions and workouts to find plenty of options you can use. you not only get accurate data concerning cadence for cycling with this product but a whole new way of evolving within the activity with the pleasure of the apps.


Allowing you to monitor and capture cycling cadence in real time with a bike computer, Android devices, and iPhones easily, this cadence sensor is 100% wireless and has the technology of dual bands. It uses ANT+ and Bluetooth 4.0 technology to connect you to the world of cycling and all the possibilities of joining others that also love what you do. One user commented on how much she enjoyed using one of her apps to ride along with cycling enthusiasts touring a European country. You get to ride along with them on your screen to motivate you and improve your own performance. The connectivity of these high-quality devices really adds so much to the original focus of the device to make you fully enjoy owning the item. Cycling will never be the same, nor does it have to be with such technology available for everyone.

Power Source

What powers this marvelous cadence sensor is a lithium battery with a signal strength of a maximum of ten feet that is included with the purchase of the sensor. The cell battery is a replaceable coin type that does not need to be recharged. It will be viable for twelve months before it needs to be replaced. With this powering option, you will not have to keep up with recharging and not having enough battery life for each session or workout. Our lives are too busy for such trivial tasks and having a sensor always at the ready is highly beneficial. We do want to make note of a tip we found in our research on customer feedback. If you want to use this sensor while traveling, such as on a bike that is a vehicle for transport, this sensor is set into action by any type of motion. This means that when the vehicle brakes and slows, the device will activate to begin tracking, thus draining the battery unnecessarily. You will want to secure the cadence sensor if you will be traveling by bike or adjust the sensor when it is not in use to protect the battery life.

Bottom Line

Because of its small size and little weight, the Wahoo Cadence Sensor can come unattached from a bike easily, depending on the mounting method you choose. Extra securing is needed to prevent the loss of the device, especially when riding outdoors. Also, when traveling with the sensor on the bike or even unattached, the battery life can be drained easily by the simple motion of the vehicle you are traveling in. Precautions for this can be taken in advance. These are the only consistent negative remarks that we found online from buyers since this product is enjoying some good ratings and a large number of satisfied customers. The versatility cannot be beaten for using and connecting this product. It is tracking technology at its best to suit the busy lifestyle of thousands of cycling enthusiasts. No charging of batteries, no wires to get in the way, a good range of operable distance, two modes of mounting, the ability to move the device frequently, and the many enjoyable apps for data and performance analysis make this a highly-prized product for monitoring cadence cycling measures. Join in on the fun with its accurate tracking and get your own!