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Abu Garcia Pro Max Review Facts

The Abu Garcia Pro Max fishing reel is a high-quality top of the line fishing reel. Manufactured by a company that is known for the quality fishing reels that they make you immediately notice those details that set this reel apart from the rest. With a company history that includes a royal honor, Abu Garcia has brought everything they've learned over the years to the table when designed this lightweight and ergonomic fishing reel. Built with premium drag and brake systems in place this reel is going to be able to keep you satisfied day in and day out as you take on some of the most exciting days of fishing in your life. A great tool when angling most freshwater fish you'll be able to reel in some legendary catches that not only make you the envy of the lake but a wonder to behold amongst your own family members. The finely tuned experience you get from this reel is akin to the Abu Garcia origin story and you'll be able to experience what it's like having Swedish watchmakers make the perfect reel for you with style and comfort.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic
  • MagTrax Brake System
  • Duragear Brass Gears
  • Graphite is brittle
  • Not ideal for saltwater


Abu Garcia branded has been in business for almost a hundred years. Starting in the fine craft of Swedish watch making the company quickly adapted to a changing and choked market by beginning production on fishing reels. Producing some of the world's highest quality reels from even their early days Abu Garcia was honored by the Royal Swedish Court for continuously exceeding quality expectations. This reputation for high-quality fishing reels led to the company's expansion into a global market. Stepping up from the small specialized market of Sweden to the high demand of the world, Abu Garcia collaborated with several different companies over the years, hoping to use each other's specialized insights to provide the best product they could to their consumers. As the company grew and progressed through the second half of the twentieth century they saw their fishing reels continue to be some of the best on the market. Now an acquisition of Sycamore Partners the company continues to manufacture and offer quality fishing reels for their consumers and continues to demonstrate almost a hundred years later why they have been able to succeed where their competition has otherwise struggled or failed.


This fishing reel has prioritized its ergonomic features to a great extent, allowing for fisherman to enjoy an entire day on the water, but by using lighter graphite material durability has been sacrificed to achieve this sense of comfort. The single graphite piece plus the side plates is a simpler and a lighter design at its core but users will notice a need for a little more care than if that reel was made from a more reliably tough material. This doesn't mean that the reel itself suffers against heavier and stronger fish, other sportsmen have come to bat for the reel saying the angling in thirty-pound fish is something they can do with relative ease thanks to the reel's construct and design. The somewhat brittle nature of graphite does mean that you will need to pay a little more attention to where you're placing your reel and how you handle it when fishing or transporting it. The reel is reliable in rough conditions none the less and is able to hand tough conditions on a daily basis. As long as you show your reel a bit of respect and care when trying to angle the award-winning bass you shouldn't have to worry too much about how it will hold up outside of your daily fishing conditions.


This fishing reel has a wide array of features that will catch your eye. The complete redesign it has gone through has allowed for the company to implement some great technology into an already reliable reel and compliment it with some tried and true design features. The PowerDisk drag design that the reel uses helps to provide some of the smoothest drag you'll experience with a reel aiding in those high-pressure-reel in moments. The consistent application of a uniform drag pressure will help prevent you from busting fish and actively prevents and jerky drag. This is great in the moment and will definitely be noticed against other reels that don't take advantage of the same or similar technology, setting this one out from the rest. The reel also uses the MagTrax brake system which helps to deliver consistent casts time and time again. This type of consistency is greatly appreciated as it helps to stop backlash when you're casting and will give you that little bit of an edge when you're trying to achieve the best cast possible. You'll be able to go worry free and not have to constantly recast because your hand slipped a little or the wind was a bit jittery on the line. The reel has also had the frame redesigned compared to previous models and now uses a single graphite piece as well as graphite side plates. This design change and use of materials has allowed for the reels overall weight to be cut considerably. This makes the reel a feel lighter and handle easier, complimenting the implemented ergonomic design features that the redesign brought with it too. By reducing the size and weight of the reel's frame the company was able to achieve a greater sense of comfort and allow it to easily rest in one's hand. The reel hasn't traded everything out for the new and shiny however and continues to use the same Duragear system that delivers years of use. The durable brass gears continue to work great and can withstand that toil of a summer filled with daily fishing adventures no matter the conditions.


The fishing reel has gone through a major design overhaul intended to better prioritize the comfort and enjoyment of the fisherman that is using it. With a more compact reel design, you'll find that it has become a more comfortable set up to hold and use all day without cramping your hand or experiencing and fatigue because of the shape or form of the reel in your hand. This ergonomic design will make your fishing trips a bit more pleasurable and allow you to enjoy your time more without feeling sore from maintaining the tactical stillness necessary to reel in a big one. The lighter handle has also been redesigned so that it can be easily held and reeled in in a seamless fashion that is quick, calm, and consistent. The new handle will fit comfortably in your hands as you bring in your best catch of the day and bigger fish with minimum effort. The lighter weight is intended to help keep the reel unnoticeable as you enjoy the day fishing, an aspect that is accomplished through the reel's single piece graphite frame. While graphite is a bit more brittle of a material the reel can still reliably handle heavier and stronger fish with relative ease and without sustaining damage. The reel should still be handled with care and you may want to be a little more cautious when transporting it, but otherwise, the new lightweight ergonomic style is going to feel great when you get to spend the whole day relaxing and fishing.


This reel is going to be great to use in a wide range of conditions. Its strength and ability to handle larger, stronger fish means that you'll be able to enjoy some really great angling sessions and the challenge of bringing home a big one at the end of the day. Rated for tough day to day conditions you can expect this reel to keep up with its competitors and for it to reliably deliver an enjoyable fishing experience. While the manufacturing company has geared it more towards larger bass fishing, something many fishermen will tell you it does well, you can easily use this reel for an array of freshwater endeavors. It'll easily reel in those bluegill and rock bass of freshwater lakes, and some fisherman has given it the all clear on heavier thirty-pound fish. This can be taken as encouragement to challenge yourself and aim for some spawning salmon or a pike as a means to really test your mettle and expertise when it comes to angling more robust fish. The drag system has also been haled for this and users feel encouraged to really see what they can catch thanks to the relative ease of which it reels in fish and how smoothly it has been able to bring those catches onto land.

Key Features

The reel's MagTrax brake system is going to be one of those features that will benefit you the most. Designed to facilitate casting and prevent backlash, you'll be able to perform consistently and see a greater number of casts go uninterrupted. The performance from this brake system is noticeable and should assist you in less than ideal conditions. Anyone can tell you having to untangle line and do emergency maintenance on your reel can really ruin the relaxing sport of fishing, but as long as the MagTrax brake system as something to say about it you should be able to enjoy your time without having to deal with any of these kinds of inconveniences. The PowerDisk drag system that the company uses in this fishing reel compliments the efforts the brake system puts in as well. Designed to help maintain a consistent and even drag on your reel you won't find yourself busting as many fish as you would with other reels. The continuous even pressure helps you out even against some of the strongest fish you'll find yourself up against and keeps the pressure consistent. This specially designed drag system is great at preventing jerky drags and you'll notice it when angling some of these larger fish. The spool of this reel is double anodized aluminum. The durability of the spool means that it can stay up to par with some of the heavier lines you'll find on the market and you won't have to worry about the reel sustaining some type of serious damage. This generates a great peace of mind for the fishermen who've experienced the sudden degradation of their spools early in their life and missed out on the novice catch no one would have believed. By taking advantage of this robust spool design you'll be able to handle those heavier lines and as a result, catch those even heavier fish.

Bottom Line

This is going to be a great fishing reel for pretty much any freshwater fishing excursion. Whether you're taking a portage trip and need something reliable, enjoying some relaxing afternoon catch and release from the edge of your dock, or have entered yourself into a local fishing derby you'll be able to participate and know you're getting the best no matter what. The lightweight and ergonomic design make it a great option for all day fishing and you won't have sore hands or feel tired from holding your reel. The highly rated drag and brake system accompanied by the durable spool means that you can put the most effort forward when it comes to angling bigger fish, bringing home that legendary northern everyone on the lake has been whispering about. The reels grading for a wide range of conditions guarantees that all of these experiences fall within its norms and will be great. Whether you're bringing out your more competitive side and fishing for a challenge hoping to bring home the bass shaped trophy head or allowing your parental instincts to take hold as you and your kid hook some bluegill for dinner the high-quality drag system has your back. Since the great break system implemented you can let the little one get a few casts in with your own reel without having to worry about backlash and introducing them to the less enjoyable side of fishing that is untangling and re-spooling fishing line.