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Merrell Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoe Review Facts

Do your feet get hot often when hiking or backpacking to make you want a more ventilated shoe for comfort? Well, the Merrell Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoe may be what you desire. It is best for hiking, backpacking, and walking in general. That is due to its EVA compression-molded foot frame of Air Cushion, Air Cushion heel pocket, nylon shank support, and Vibram TC5+ Multi-Sport rubber outsole.

The footbeds or midsoles are full-length, removable, and anatomically shaped for ideal cushioning of the foot. This ankle-high footwear is excellent for year-round wear with its lightweight and breathable upper of mesh and leather. The Merrell Moab Ventilator also has a heel counter, a toe bumper, a padded tongue, and excellent ankle support to make these so comfortable right away.

Yes, that is correct, no break-in time is needed for this hiking shoe. You can wear it all day on the first day and not be sorry. Almost 5,000 people have already purchased the Moab Ventilator with a reasonably good satisfaction rating.

So if you are interested to learn more, read our detailed review. We invite you to get into the details of the Merrell Moab Ventilator to determine if it's worth the investment.

Editor's Pros & Cons

No break-in period is required

Good for year-round wear

Lightweight, long-lasting, and breathable

Will dry quickly if they get wet or damp

Good for travel in adverse environments

Best for walking, hiking, backpacking, and every day

Offered in wide size options


Can be problematic on wet or slippery surfaces

Sizes can run small; shoelaces might come untied easily

Fine dirt can sift through the mesh upper

Key Features

-Footbeds are removable and anatomically shaped
-EVA compression-molded midsole is full length
-Air Cushion pockets for heel shock-absorption
-Has a heel counter and a toe bumper of rubber
-Rubber outsole is Vibram TC5+ Multi-Sport
-Protected heel and toe with a rubber compound
-Lace-up closure; ankle-high build; nylon shank support
-Upper is mesh and leather that is water-resistant
-Padding for ankle support and a thick tongue
-Padded tongue protects from lace pressure


The ventilation is so proper when you are wearing this hiking shoe that your foot will hardly ever become hot even with a thick sock on.The mesh material is the majority of the upper material that covers the top of the foot. There is only a latticework design of leather that supports it firmly.

Due to its lightweight mesh fabric, the footwear is not waterproof. It is more so water-resistant. A few buyers put a spray-on waterproof coating on this shoe.

However, that really that defeats the purpose of them being a lightweight and well-aerated shoe that is ideal for hot conditions and summer weather. It is recommended not to put any coating on this item to allow it to breathe as it is supposed to do.


The Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoe has footbeds that are removable and anatomically shaped for enhanced comfort and cushioning. This is what makes them so comfortable right out of the box. There is no break-in time needed to be the most comfortable in this footwear, which is unusual for shoes that are used for walking so much.

Since this model is so incredibly durable and long-lasting, you may wonder what would be the first feature of it to cause problems first. Well, according to customers who love this brand and model, the liner or insole is the first aspect that would need attention or replacement.

The support, especially with heavy use, should be renewed after a while to continue the stability of the footwear. Otherwise, this product gets high marks for comfort from the majority of wearers.


EVA compression-molded foot frame of the Air Cushion model and nylon shank support give the Merrell Moab Ventilator the stability needed for sturdiness. This midsole is full-length and has Air Cushion pockets for the heel to add shock absorption. It also helps stabilize the foot strike.

Since the midsole support is so noticeably comforting, when it wears down after time and use, users notice it. It is then time to get new insoles to carry on the support that you love.

The lining of mesh aids with dispersing and absorbing moisture to keep the foot comfortable when hot also. It works in conjunction with the mesh upper to ensure your foot remains the coolest possible while still being protected.


With a dependable Vibram TC5+ Multi-Sport rubber sole, you can count on outstanding traction on dry and rough surfaces. There is also a heel counter and a toe bumper of rubber to protect the foot even further hits against the foot. Since this model is designed for hiking specifically, it is not ideal for wet smooth surfaces that would most likely not be encountered in the wild or on trails.

The manufacturer states that it has great traction for both dry and wet areas. However, buyers have experienced the opposite. It did not perform well for some people on wet or slippery surfaces such as pavement, bricks, rocks, or boulders.

Any type of wet smooth stone or cement surface is slippery for this shoe and will not grip well. This is not a problem if you are using it for hiking purposes, but many people are using it for city walking, general use, and on the job. Just know that around water on the ground, you need to take extra precaution.


The best protective feature of this hiking shoe model is the heel and toe rubber compound added for durability and grip. With the added protection, you can expect this product to last in great condition for years.This item is created to be used in the warmer months and in hotter than normal conditions, hence the heavy use of the mesh material. It keeps the foot from becoming overheated or moist with perspiration as you are hiking or backpacking.


We all know that not everything made is going to fit everybody well. This goes for the Merrell Moab Ventilator too. Judging by the numerous comments online about the size and fit of this product, it is safe to say that the fit runs a bit smaller than regular shoe sizes. You would do well when ordering to get the next ½ size larger than you would typically buy. It is offered in extensive size options for added toe room if needed.

This hiking shoe for men can be somewhat bulkier that athletic shoes and a bit too heavy for a running trail shoe. You would do better with a sneaker for running than this highly supportive sturdy footwear. With getting the slightly larger size needed, you will surely have no break-in period to worry about when wearing it for the first time.


This hiking shoe for summer is suitable for year-round wear and is an ankle-high shoe. The closure is lace-up, and it is comfortable right away as soon as you receive it. You can wear it comfortably on the very same day and all day long.

If that does not convince you to purchase this footwear for your hiking and backpacking needs, then look at the splendid color choices that Merrell offers. We would not be able to pick just one of these color combinations since they all look so terrific.

The many color selections include Castle Rock/black, navy/gray, gray/rust, dusty olive/black, earth, granite/lantern, granite/kryptonite, carbon, Velvet Morning, Beluga/denim blue, Kangaroo, Black Night, and walnut. What is there not to love about the Ventilator?


From the several comments online that we read concerning the traction of this footwear model on smooth wet surfaces, it seems that it has the best traction on dry surfaces only. The product description states that the Vibram outsole is great for both dry and wet surfaces, but the remarks from buyers who have tried the shoe say otherwise.

Since they are designed for outdoor use along trails that are rough, pebbly, or woody, this should not be a problem. However, those who have bought it for general or city walking purposes must take care to avoid the slippery sidewalks or pavements that could be an issue.


Made of mesh and leather materials, the breathable upper of the Merrell Moab Ventilator is water-resistant and lightweight with an excellent fit.The open-window, aerated mesh upper is supported to hold the foot securely with the lattice overlay of Dura leather strips. This fantastic model has padding for ankle support and a thick padded tongue of mesh material.

This padding protects the foot from the pressure of the laces when walking. As you can easily see, the maker went to a lot of trouble and engineering to make this model very comfortable and supportive for the user. Since this item is so breathable with a large amount of mesh fabric, it will dry quickly if it gets wet or damp.


The intended use of this hiking shoe is, of course, the activity of hiking. You can also be comfortable in it for walking, backpacking, and biking trails. It is outstanding for those that travel and walk a lot, especially in adverse environments.

This model is made with materials for warm-weather conditions. Therefore, this product can be used in a variety of activities during the spring and summer months. Also, conditions as plantar could potentially be relieved with the support and cushioning of this shoe.

It is also quite comfortable and durable for package delivery people to wear daily without any issues. On the trail and in wilderness surroundings, the Merrell Moab Ventilator is at home on the rough dry ground surfaces. Even the rocks, pebbles, stones, and twigs on the ground will be easily traversed with this model. However, when it comes to the slick smooth surfaces that you could encounter in the city, you may not have the same great level of traction as you do with the dry surfaces.

Ease of Use

As a catch-all section for the small particulars, this area contains some hints and advice on wearing the Ventilator model. It has durable loops for the laces to attach to the upper section and is simple to clean. A pull-tab is included on the back heel for getting the shoe on and off easily.

We read several comments from customers about the provided shoelaces coming untied often, so they might need replacing once this happens too often for you too. If walking through fine dirt with the Merrell Moab Ventilator on, the dirt or even sand will sift through the mesh upper to the inside of the shoe.

Bottom Line

As you would expect from the manufacturer of Merrell, the Moab Ventilator does not disappoint. Some minor issues that buyers experienced are the not-so-good traction on wet smooth ground surfaces. Also, the shoelaces come untied often, sizes run small, and fine dirt or sand can sift through the mesh upper portion.

Sizing is with the Merrell Moab Ventilator can lead to returning the product, if you don't go up half a size. That isn't unheard of when it comes to buying shoes. There is no escaping that issue no matter how superb the product is.

The Merrell Moab Ventilator seems to be super comfortable, long-lasting, sturdy, breathable, and supportive. The vast assortment of exciting and enticing color combinations also make it appealing to find a pair that fits your personality. Which color combo would you choose?