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Privacy Pop Bed Tent Review Facts

Are you a light sleeper? Can’t get your room dark enough? Prefer the feeling of a cozy space to crawl into? Sharing a dorm room but would like a bit more privacy? Maybe you just want a place to hibernate on a blustery winter day? Need a place away from the hustle and bustle for a nap?

Well then, the Privacy Pop Tent Bed may be just what you’ve been missing. It almost assembles itself. Set it on top of your bed frame or box spring, or just on the floor, slip a mattress inside, and voila: your own cocoon. Easy peasy.

Privacy Pop also has lots of features. Comes in six different sizes. There are six different colors, plus a camouflage pattern, to choose from. Many parents find, also, that children who have difficulty sleeping, sleep better in this tent-like enclosure. For all that the Privacy Pop has to offer, moreover, it is surprisingly affordable.

If this sounds appealing to you and you want to learn more, it's your turn. Take time and read our in-depth review on this bed tent.


Editor's Pros & Cons

Easy Set up and take down


Folds to a compact size for easy storage

Large doorways on both sides, plus two large meshed covered windows to control ventilation and light

Plenty of room to sit up in bed

Depending on the color, Privacy Pop blocks out most of the light

Gives visitors “crashing” on your floor some extra privacy


One owner pointed out that the fabric attracts lint

Water resistant but not waterproof

Washable fabric but you'll want to spot clean this

Not for outdoor use

Not a play tent; won't hold up to rough housing

Refolding the Privacy Pop is a little tricky at first


The Privacy Pop makes sleeping in your own bed more comfortable. It does this by giving you more control over the amount light, airflow, and even moisture of your sleeping environment. You control your environment by how much you open or close the doors and windows.

The fabric is made of lightweight polyester. Cool and smooth to the touch. Spring steel is sewn into the seems so the tent is flexible but sturdy. You don't have to worry about banging your head against something heard, or the tent collapsing on you.

Many people find that The Privacy Pop creates a cocoon-like space that gives them a feeling of greater comfort and security. At the same time, it is very spacious, slightly longer and wider than your mattress, so you won't feel cramped. You can easily sit comfortably up in bed and read if you like.

Many parents report that their children sleep better in the Privacy Pop. Again, they are sleeping in their own, familiar beds, while the enclosed space is especially comforting for children. If your child worries about monsters, is prone to nightmares or night terrors, this might be a good option for them. If you also want to try the option of a sleeping bag for your kid, check our guide on the best sleeping bags for kids.


Set up and take down is simple. Once out of the cover pull the sides apart and it magically pops into shape. There are two sleeves on the top and the bottom, going from one side to the other. Assemble the metal poles and slide one set into each sleeve, for stability. Set the Privacy Pop on the bed frame, box spring, floor, or another stable surface. Unzip the side flaps, and roll them. Slide your mattress inside.

Many customers ask if there is a port to feed in a power cord. Indeed there is. This is especially important for people who sleep with a CPAP machine. You’ll want to take note of where the port is before setting this tent bed on the bed frame. Make sure the port is on the side nearest an outlet, and especially not on the top or bottom. Avoid the temptation to string extension cords all over the place, creating trip hazards.

All that’s left to do is make the bed up with sheets, put your bedding on, and crawl in. Once set up, most people leave their Privacy Pop up. If you need to put it away you might find it a bit tricky at first. Just tell yourself you’re folding one of those car window sunscreens that twist in a really small size. You’ll get the hang of it pretty quick. This item is light and easy to store when not in use.


Different websites, reviewers, and customers give contradictory information regarding the place where you can use Privacy Pop. So, Gearweare decided to contact the manufacturer directly. Privacy Pop told us their bed tents are intended for indoor use. But, there is no reason you cannot use them outdoors. Why we actually need this information? Well, the answer is simple - because the place of use is one of the key factors that may influence the durability and wear and tear of the bed tent.

Privacy Pop recommends two simple precautions for outdoor use. Put a good tarp underneath to prevent sharp objects from tearing the polyester fabric. (Always a good idea when camping.) And, spray the tent with a good water repellent.

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The bed tent is made of polyester, spring steel, and steel poles. The fabric itself is washable. Spot cleaning is recommended. Spring steel is sewn into the side panel seams. That’s what gives it its structure, and why it folds so flat for storage. Steel poles, that go across the width of the tent, add stability.

Some owners have commented on broken or missing poles, and torn fabric. Mostly at the hands of children. This is not a play tent. It is not for roughhousing. Replacement poles are available from the manufacturer.


What do you get for your money? Among tent beds, the cost of the Privacy Pop is towards the high end. Customers say, though, that you get a lot for your money. Light weight, and easy to fold and store. Durable, comfortable, and versatile. There's more to them than just darkness and privacy.

You can leave this on your bed permanently, or store it for special occasions, and for guests. They are also a great way to introduce kids to camping out. Younger kids love to play camping indoors. Set it up on a floor, throw a sleeping bag inside, and you've got a happy camper.

If the weather's good, readers say, let the kids set up a Privacy Pop in the backyard. There's no reason you can't enjoy a little urban camping either. The tent's windows give you ventilation and keep the bugs out, blocking the city lights enough that you can sleep well.

The Privacy Pop also makes an excellent gift. You won't have to worry about giving it to someone, only to find out they used it once then had to throw it away. That's always disappointing for both parties. Readers say this bed tent is lightweight, well made, and affordable. Used properly it should give you years of use.


Besides the other cool features that Privacy Pop has, one important thing is that you can choose among six different available sizes. These tent beds come in sizes that fit mattresses ranging from twin to queen. They even come in sizes made for bunk beds, and dorm room mattresses.

One owner reports that a 6'6"/198cm person can comfortably sit-up inside a Privacy Pop. So we are sure that among all of them you can find the one that matches your size, needs and premises conditions.

If you're interested in the exact measurements, you can find them on the manufacturer's website. Privacy Pop also makes bed frames and some specialty tent beds.

Ease of Use

To understand how much thought Privacy Pop put into making their bed tents easy and safe to use, consider this:

There are a few other bed tents on the market. Most are marketed as children’s play tents. Others are strictly for looks and do not block out the light or give you more privacy.

The doors on the competitor’s tent bed are at the head and foot. That means you must stand at least 78 inches away from the bed frame, and try to maneuver a heavy, sagging mattress through the narrow end of the bed tent. Maybe you can manage that with a twin. It’s going to be a lot harder with a full or queen. I can’t even imagine how you’re going to accomplish that feat at the top of a bunk bed. For that matter, the doors of the competitor’s bed tent are much narrower.

With that in mind, think how much easier it is going to be getting a mattress inside through the wider side of the tent. How much easier it is to get yourself in and out through the width of the bed. By giving you a wide doorway, Privacy Pop makes entry and exit easy and safe.

The zippers on the Privacy Pop’s doors have twin, double-sided handles. That means you don’t have to open and close the zipper the same way every time. You’ll find what works best for you. You don’t have to worry about getting something caught in the zipper.


To my way of thinking, Privacy Pop seems to invest a lot into their research and development. That’s important.

The aesthetics and functionality look light years ahead of similar products. It won’t dwarf your room like a canopy. Nor is it some dark monolith sucking all the energy out of your room.

Let’s face it, this is not the Taj Mahal. Rather. The design is minimalist and airy, so it won’t dominate your bedroom. It blends form and function nicely, without being hard on the eyes.

This tent bed is not boxy looking either. The spring steel sewn into the seams does more than giving the tent its structure, stability, weight, and ease of setup or takedown. It also gives the tent nice, flowing, rounded lines. These lines give energy. It’s not a dead object in your room but part of your living, breathing space.

There are six colors to choose from black, blue, lavender, pink, tan, and teal. Plus there is a Camouflage pattern. Privacy Pop, in other words, gives you options to personalize your room.

Key Features

-Gives you more control over the ambient light, moisture, and temperature
-Easily stored
-Double sided zippers for easy opening and closing of windows and doors
-Access port for power cords
-Available in six sizes
-Available in six colors plus camouflage


You may be surprised at just how stable the Privacy Pop is. The weight of your mattress keeps the tent in place. It's not going to move or shift around, as you toss and turn at night. The spring steel sewn into the seems along the length of the polyester side panels keep the tent standing upright.

The tent is also flexible. So much so if someone bumps into the tent, it's going to move out of the way, and no one gets hurt. It's going to "pop" right back into place. Even if you fall on it, it's unlikely you'll get hurt. It's hard to imagine doing any damage to this bed tent.

Bottom Line

If you’re just looking for a way to get a bit of privacy for a nap, the Privacy Pop may be your solution. Maybe you really are having difficulty sleeping, this tent bed may be a healthier solution than running down to the all-night pharmacy for some sleeping pills.

If your child is not sleeping soundly, your college student wants some privacy from an annoying dormmate, or maybe it’s one of those days when you just want to crawl back into the womb, then, like a lot of people, you may find the Privacy Pop an affordable, easy, a non-invasive solution.