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Body Solid Power Rack Review Facts

Lifters from beginner to advanced will find the Body-Solid Power Rack GPR378 is a premium home option for all weight training exercises. This commercial-grade power cage is comprised of heavy-duty, 11 gauge steel and the 1000lb weight capacity enables easy, supported movements while working out. Its compatibility with different types of benches allow you to perform bench presses, squats, overhead presses, rack pulls and even barbell exercises. The included saber-style safety rods let users go for exercises at different heights including ab slings and inversions on the 80” chin up bar.  With adjustable height and wide steel frame, the 4 sided welded construction provides the lifter with safety and support even during the most extreme level of workout. Durability is reinforced for a long-lasting product due to the electrostatically applied powder coating that is resistant to scratches and chipping. The power rack may just be a bare-bones support system when you add in the available accessories there is potential for great weight lifting achievement. We go over all of the features and available accessories below in our full review of this impressive Body-Solid rack so you can decide for yourself if its time to step up your weightlifting game.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Tensile strength steel construction
  • Highly durable built to last and endure tough workouts
  • Great base for use with fitness equipment you already have
  • Versatile and will work with plenty of high-quality attachments
  • Has the ability to transform into a multi-workout machine with accessories
  • Affordable for what you get
  • Solid warranty coverage from Body-Solid
  • The self-assembly can be difficult
  • 3” hole spacing can make it difficult to find a comfortable position
  • Holes are not numbered for quick accurate alignment


Founded in 1989 just outside of Chicago, this US-based company has grown over 30 years to become a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality fitness equipment that is tailor-made for home and commercial use. On top of power racks, this company offers free weight machines, multi-station gyms, and a line of cardiovascular equipment such as rowers, treadmills, and bikes. You may have even unknowingly purchased a weight plate, dumbbell or kettlebell from them as they have products in Canada and over 100 other countries worldwide. Body-Solid dedicates themselves to quality craftsmanship and customer service that makes them very popular in all aspects of the fitness equipment industry.


The recommended max weight capacity for this power rack is 800lb but can be pushed up to 1000lb, this is an amount suited for every level of fitness experience and you won't ever have to worry about outgrowing this well-manufactured gym base. On its own, the strong 11 gauge steel frame is over 200lb in weight and makes for a solid base that is extremely safe under the right precautions. It is one heavy beast to carry into the home and install but when you do, you can be assured this structure will have a minimal wobble when performing exercises such as chin-ups or barbell work.


As with most weight-lifting racks, the GPR378 is a very large system. Spanning 80” high, 49” long and 46” wide you will need a good amount of room to assemble and use this product. Make sure to decide on a space beforehand because once it’s put together the power rack is not easy to move without disassembling first. The total floor space occupied by this system is about 15 sq ft which makes it great for home use either in a designated workout room with a ceiling height of at least 7’ or standard basement. Clearance for the cage is at about 6'2" so any users taller than that have been ducking down or needing to bend their knees. While there is other more compact cages available keep in mind you would be losing the wide workout space. No matter what type of strength or cross training workout the user wants to perform, this squat rack provides ample room for optimal body range.


The Body-Solid power rack includes a set of two J-hooks and two safety bars and the frame features 20 adjustment positions making it very versatile and able to be used with a plethora of different attachments and accessories. Among the most popular are the 210-pound weight stack, weight bench, ab crunch harness, cable pull lat attachment for tricep, bicep, and back building, chin-up grips for developing grip strength, and the pivoting t-bar rowing machine. A unique dip attachment transforms the power rack into a dip station that will build up shoulders and arms. It fits inside the cage and attaches on both sides for even distribution of weight and eliminates swaying. These attachments can add a great deal of variety to your workout and increase the total number of possible exercises. Most of the accessories mentioned above are also locally produced by Body-Solid, however, any weights or lifting accessories you currently use will work just as well.


In terms of comfort while using this rack we refer to the hole spacing for attaching equipment and performing exercises. The 3” spacing here can affect reach, motion and how comfortable you feel when setting up for a move. Ideally, the standard is less than a 2” space between holes with 3” typically reserved for cheaper racks, but most online customers have had no issues with adjustment.


With robust strength steel supporting the heavy strain regularly put on a weight lifting rack of this stature and the protective powder coating preventing signs of wear the long-term durability of this Body-Solid is apparent. Even when you put it through the paces of Cross-fit or hard and heavy lifts with some occasional failure drops the GPR378 is more than up to the task. It's solidly built, can take a beating and many online customers claim that after 5+ years of use, only the parts on the structure without coating had started to show scuffs or blemishes. Maintenance should be done periodically after frequent use to check the rack’s bolts and joints making sure they are still holding tight in place. With human error very likely in at-home assembly this will prevent any potential accidents or failure of the equipment.


Power racks are valuable tools to have at home when there’s no time to hit the gym or prefer the privacy of your own home. It also comes in handy if you are more likely to be exercising alone. These platforms mechanically spot the lifter during moves and many people feel a lot safer knowing there are safety bars in place just in case they lose control. You can easily come up with at least 20-30 different exercises that can be done with a power rack, a bench, and barbells, or any of the other weight training accessories available. No matter what type of workout is in your routine, whether its deadlifts, squats, a shoulder press or even seated rowing, the Body-Solid GPR378 rack can handle it. A proper power rack like this one gives you the ability to perform a full body strengthening workout in the comfort of their own home


If you enjoy and are serious about weight lighting, investing in a squat cage of this caliber will only improve your fitness regimen. The GPR378 is a well built, stable piece of equipment that will last you a lifetime and probably longer. For the starting price with self-installation, this is a power rack any state-of-the-art home gym should have. Some may say it's expensive for just a rack that comes with no equipment but consider how much a gym membership costs over time, and the time you will save not having to drive to the gym. You’ll be able to work out anytime, day or night, and within a short time of personal use, the power rack will pay for itself. While some online customers had issues with home assembly you can opt to pay more for an expert assembly that generally takes up to two hours.


Safety and stability should be priority one while working with any and all gym equipment and Body-Solid took that into account while designing this squat cage. The wide and tall power rack won't wobble or budge even under 800lb of pressure. You will find no surprises or accidental tip-overs with this 200lb piece of dependable equipment produced by a reputable company and currently rated 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Each accessory and attachment fit perfectly onto the rack and is easily adjustable for outstanding performance.

Ease of Use

Assembly of the GPR378 is relatively straight forward and you’ll need extra tools, specifically a wrench to assemble this power rack. It comes with a step-by-step instruction manual to help you put it together, according to users online the issues with installation were mainly caused by discrepancies within the manual making it take longer than it should've. Self-assembly should only take about an hour if you follow the instructions closely and then its time to enjoy your workout.

For those unaware of the anatomy of a power rack -- the welded 4 upright beams support the cage and extend 7’ with a fit a bar at the very top for multiple arm exercises that can be adjusted up or down. The bottom beams support these while also adding weight to keep the cage on the ground. There are holes drilled into the upright beams that allow for barbell saddles and bars to sit at various levels to catch the barbell after use. It seems they overlooked the simplicity of adding numbers to each of these holes which would help the lifter easily adjust the rails evenly for specific exercises. Many users online say they just took a sharpie to the beams and numbered it themselves but by doing this it devalues the equipment. It is good to work with a partner who can show you the correct postures for each type of lift before going on your own to save yourself from accident or injury. Overall, this product is very easy to use with the right practice.


When it comes to customer satisfaction the Body-Solid brand has a great track record. They are known for putting customer safety first by building high-quality durable, yet comfortable strength training equipment. The GPT378 power rack has a lifetime warranty on all of its parts. The frame, welds, pulleys, bearings, guide rods, hardware, and even the grips are protected by Body-Solid as long as the equipment is limited to home use.

Key Features

-80″H x 49″L x 46″W dimensions
-Wide walk-in design
-Perfect for home or commercial use
-20 adjustable levels
-11 gauge steel – 3″x 3″ vertical support columns
-High volume lift-offs
-3” spacing between adjustment levels
-41″ wide chin up bar
-Saber-style safety rods are easy to take on and off
-Powder coated finish to prevent scratches

Bottom Line

Sturdy, stable and safe is what you need from a home gym and the Body Solid GPR378 meets all three requirements. With a weight capacity of up to 1000lb, this power rack will appeal to a variety of weightlifters and never be outgrown. A weight rack worth serious consideration, you would be hard pressed to find quality at this price point. If you ’re looking to get into shape without spending a fortune on a system with unnecessary extras, this is the perfect setup. While other new-age work out systems might offer a product with less weight and more mobility, the Body Solid sticks to the basics and provides longer durability and traditionally hardcore strength training. The versatility of the machine allowing other benches and accessories to easily work with the cage means users won’t have to worry about tossing out other workout equipment and weights they already own. Customers enjoyed the opportunity to build this equipment either solo or with a buddy to see how it all fits together and the process reassured them that it would indeed hold up under immense weight. We think this is a rightful addition to any home gym and if you're considering a serious investment into your fitness regimen, the Power Rack GPR378 is the way to go.