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Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock Review Facts

When the weather is right, and you want to enjoy the great outdoors in the most relaxing way, get in a comfortable swinging hammock. The Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest hammock is a perfect one to try for all of your camping, hiking, backpacking, car camping, backyard, day trip, travel, and boating needs. It will successfully attach to walls, boat masts, trees, or poles and is quick and straightforward to set up. The build is reliable and trustworthy with the 70D nylon taffeta material that is quick-drying and breathable.

Usable by two people or just one, it has a weight limit of 400 pounds and only weighs 19 ounces itself. You can enjoy this excellent product for years of use because it is versatile, durable, and secure. This Eagles Nest Outfitters option comes with its stuff sack for storage and portability. It also doubles as a side pocket on the hammock when it is in use. The majority of folks seem to think it is superb, considering the overall positive reviews.

If you are interested and in need of a great hammock this summer season, take time and read our review. It outlines the most prominent features and all the pros and cons so that you can make a knowledgable decision.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Will last for years of use

Comfortable for two people or just one

Compact, versatile, and durable

Lets you really enjoy lounging

Simple and quick to set up and goes anywhere

For boats, hiking, backyard, travel, camping, day trips, and backpacking

Carry bag stays on the hammock as a pocket when in use

Pocket is strategically placed on the side


Tears and splits were experienced by several buyers

Not really big enough for two people according to a few

Straps are not included – must be bought separately


Eagles Nest Outfitters makes a couple of wonderful hammock products that seem to only differ in size and weight. Besides this DoubleNest item, there is the SingleNest for one person and the DoubleDeluxe Hammock with extra room for two people. The DoubleNest is 1.5 feet wider than the SingleNest and weighs four ounces more.

The DoubleDeluxe Hammock is 2.2 feet wider than the DoubleNest and weighs six ounces more. Depending on your size needs and weight limits for travel and portability purposes, there is a hammock from ENO that is just right for you.

Listed in the product description information, Eagles Nest Outfitter states that the company reduces its fabric waste by aiming to use every piece in their products. For this reason, the hammock you receive may not be the exact color that is in the online photo. This did bother several people since they did not get the exact colors as pictured. It is an attempt by Eagles Nest Outfitters to reduce its industrial impact on the environment for the benefit of us all.

Key Features

-Material is flexible, strong, trustworthy, and thin
-Weighs 19 ounces
-Weight limit is 400 pounds
-Made of quick-drying breathable 70D nylon taffeta
-Comes with a line, links, and Wiregate carabiners
-Secures to walls, boat masts, trees, or poles
-Compression sack for portability and storage
-Compacts to the size of a bundled-up sweatshirt


The DoubleNest Hammock from Eagles Nest Outfitters seems to be one of those products that you either really love or hate. There does not appear to be an in-between opinion of this item with buyers. Fortunately, the majority of those that love the hammock wins out in a big way.

The overall satisfaction rating of over 2,000 that left reviews is 4.6 out of 5 stars.We can tell you now that it is excellent in comfort, style, durability, and portability, which is why it has such a high rating among customers. Many buyers will quickly tell you that the DoubleNest is the most comfortable outdoor sleeping arrangement they have ever experienced.

Those that camp or backpack have used is successfully each night they are away from home and enjoying nature at its best. However, some were not as thrilled with this item. It does not have sleeping inserts (but they can be added easily).

The excess panels of fabric annoyed some people. We are not clear about excess panels anywhere on this product, but this was a comment that a couple of buyers expressed. Also, the seams could be uncomfortable to lie on and may create problematic pressure points for the user. These issues are quite minor but should be considered when purchasing a hammock of any kind.


With a trustworthy and robust build of high tenacity 70D nylon taffeta material, you can expect to use this outstanding double hammock for two for many years. When it is not being used outdoors, you can always stretch it out in a basement, garage, or guest room when you are home to enjoy it there or keep it aired out. As some people have stated, the durable material is flexible and thin but will hold the stated weight limit of as much as 400 pounds.

We did see in some customer comments that tears and splits were experienced after a few uses but not many details were given about the user’s weight or the conditions of where or how the hammock was extended. Just commenting that the product tore is not a fair assessment for the product or the company. Judging by the superior satisfaction of so many people that love this item, you can count on the durability of this hammock to last you for a long time.


Probably the most discussed topic concerning this marvelous ENO item is the size and the user capacity that is the most comfortable. As the name of DoubleNest states, it is made large for two people to enjoy together but can also be very helpful for just a single person too.You can see many positive comments about size and comfort online from those that are tall or heavy, so it is not just for regular-sized people.

The overall weight limit is 400 pounds, and the hammock itself only weighs 19 ounces. This means that you can easily bring it along anywhere because it is so light. When packed the dimensions are 5L x 5W in inches, and when unfolded the hammock is 9.4L x 6.2W in feet.

Of course, not everyone was happy with this hammock product because some users said that it is not big enough for two people. This would really depend on the people and the way the hammock was connected to something. Several buyers purchased this double hammock just for themselves to have a nice roomy place to lounge which worked out quite well.


If the beautiful, exotic, tropical colors of this DoubleNest Hammock do not get you in the mood for lounging in the shade somewhere, then nothing will. The colorful shades are bold and vibrant to scream – relax and let loose! Made of quick-drying breathable nylon fabric, this wonderful hammock is compact, versatile, and durable to fit all of your lounging and sleeping needs outdoors. Two people can nestle comfortably for a lovely quiet snooze session or a romantic time out getaway. Put it up in the backyard to have a personal escape to get away from it all.

This is a terrific hammock to have for home, travel, camping, backpacking, and wherever you would like to lounge in swinging comfort. You can get very creative with hanging ideas because it will go just about anywhere you have two points to stretch it out. Plus, you cannot beat the superb pocket that we discuss further down for your needed lounging accessories within reach when relaxing.


Okay, so how do you hang this fantastic hammock? Where can it go? What does it come with? Yes, these are all great questions, and we have the answer for you. It comes with a line of nautical grade with links of stainless steel and Wiregate aluminum carabiners for securing the hammock. It can be attached to walls, boat masts (this looks super awesome!), trees, or poles.

One user gave some advice on attaching the DoubleNest to walls, and here it is. Use eye hooks or the unique hook sold separately by Eagles Nest Outfitters to connect the hammock to walls. If you purchase the eye hooks at a local hardware store, then they should be able to support at least 200 pounds. Be sure to put them where there are wall studs for the best stability and support.

Now, the biggest issue with this ENO Hammock is that the company does not include with the purchase the straps for hanging it up. Straps are included with other models of hammocks from competitors, and buyers do not understand why ENO chose to leave these out. These suspension straps must be purchased separately, and the Slap Straps come recommended by customers as economical ones to get. If the straps come with the hammock, the rating would surely be much higher than it is.


Ideal for lounging, hiking, car camping, boats, backpacking, day trips, travel, and camping, the Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest lets you really enjoy lounging in the outdoors using just two secure attachment points. It is a good way to remain cool on hot days since the fabric is so breathable. Any moving air will go right through the material to cool you off as you hang in luxury. The set up is simple and quick, plus it can go just about anywhere you want to put it.

If using this hammock while camping or backpacking when you have an outdoor fire going, be sure to keep it at least ten feet from the heat source. One person did not, and a melted hole developed in the middle of the hammock just from the excess heat nearby. It is durable and strong but does not have any defense against heat or fire even several feet away.

Ease of Use

A fun and well-liked part of this Eagles Nest Outfitters hammock is the stuff sack that comes with it and is attached permanently to it. This is a wonderfully ingenious feature that ENO has included with their hammocks. You cannot lose the storage bag because it never comes off.

This compression sack is ideal for portability and storage of the hammock when it is not in use because it compacts to a small size that is equal to a bundled up hooded sweatshirt. It is so easy to put in backpacks, bags, and gear ensembles. The best part is where the sack is attached to the hammock.

When the hammock is hanging up for use, the bag is in the direct middle hanging from the side. It becomes a handy pocket to keep things in as you lounge. This pocket is easily accessible when lying down to retrieve your phone, magazine, tablet, watch, book, or whatever you choose to have with you as you relax. Very smart, right?

Bottom Line

Outdoor hammocks have been around for decades, but current manufacturers are still making beautiful improvements to these timeless lounging items. The DoubleNest from Eagles Nest Outfitters is one of these innovative products we can enjoy today. After searching out all of the positive and negative remarks that customers have to say about their purchase of this online item, we can honestly say that future buyer will be quite pleased with this double hammock.

It is roomy, comfortable, versatile, and durable for years of use in excellent condition. There are so many varied places that it can be attached. Even if you stay home and don’t have a yard, you can still enjoy it in a garage, shed, or basement.

Several customers experienced tears, and the attachment straps are not included with the item when you buy it. A few buyers did not think it was big enough for two people. Since this Eagles Nest Outfitters hammock has an excellent approval rating for the majority of users, it is highly likely that potential buyers will love it too.