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Nemo Fillo Inflatable Travel Pillow Review Facts

When you need to rest your head or sleep and you are not at home to do so, you could use a small travel pillow to prop up your head in comfort. The Nemo Fillo Inflatable Travel Pillow is just the thing for such instances. It is mostly used for backpacking and camping but makes an excellent travel pillow too for trips on buses, planes, and in vehicles.

Use it at the beach, concerts, picnics, in hammocks, and the backyard. Everyone has their own favorite sleeping position, and this small pillow has them all covered. Whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach, it is high enough to accommodate each position.

Compact, lightweight, and soft, the Nemo Fillo is a traditional type of pillow that has a blend of air insulation and soft foam on the inside. The foam is yielding, and you choose the firmness and height when you inflate the baffles inside. The pillowcase is removable and made of either microfiber or jersey knit depending on the color you choose.

It is ultra-soft to the touch and feels wonderful on the face. When compressed, the Nemo Fillo packs up smaller than a bottle of water to be very travel-friendly. We spill all the details below that we found in our online research of this amazing product.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Comfort is adjustable in firmness and height

Compresses to the size of a bottle of water

For the beach, picnics, car trips, planes, and concerts outdoors

Compact, inflatable, and lightweight

Can be machine washed

Foam is yielding and soft

Good for travel, camping, and backpacking

Fits well in the hoods of sleeping bags

Perfect for back, side, or stomach sleepers


Can be too firm, hard, or small

Minor plastic crinkling noise can disturb others

Key Features

-Pillowcase of microfiber is velvet soft
-Weighs 9 ounces; 4 inches thick
-Dimensions are 17 x 11 4 inches
-Packed size is 5.9 x 3.9 inches
-Locking valve for deflating and inflating
-Foam interior is removable
-Loft is easy to adjust
-Traditional type pillow
-Air insulation and luxury foam interior


Choose one of the unique solid basic colors or stripes that the Nemo Fillo Inflatable Pillow comes in for yourself or as a gift for someone else. The cover for this item is removable and machine washable for easy care and cleaning. The solid colored covers are made of microsuede, and the ones of jersey knit are decorated with striped patterns.

Your choices are Moss Green, Nimbus Grey, Sapphire Stripe, and Sunrise Stripe which are all fabulous. Each of the colors is perfect for either men or women and for any type of location whether it is travel or for roughing it outdoors. You could choose one that matches your backpacking or camping gear the best for a stylish look.


The Nemo Fillo Travel Pillow offers you the comfort of a sound sleep anywhere you go. It supports the head perfectly at the right height to ensure your comfort, whether sitting up and resting or lying down for a full night of sleep. The microfiber or jersey knit is velvety soft to the touch and feels good on the face.

Many satisfied people remarked how cozy the fabric is in their reviews. Besides the ultrasoft pillowcase, the comfort from the pillow itself is just as great if not better. The firmness of the interior is adjustable since it is composed of two parts.

There is the one-inch foam piece inside and the section that inflates for the other three inches of firmness.
This is the part that you can customize for your comfort level. Make it hard or soft to the preference you desire.

You do not have to inflate it all the way if you like a softer pillow. We found online comments that the pillow was too firm or hard for a few buyers. This does not make any sense because the firmness is adjustable.


Travelers, campers, and backpackers are quite pleased with this inflatable travel pillow that is not only small in size when inflated, but it is miniature when compressed for carrying and storing. It weighs just nine ounces and has inflated dimensions of 17 x 11 x 4 inches. When packed tightly, it is 5.9 x 3.9 inches in size, so it takes up very little space in a bag or backpack.

If you think about it, this is smaller than a bottle of water, or as the manufacturer says on its website, “the size of a russet potato.” It fits well in almost any pocket on a backpack easily and is good to keep in the car or vehicle for road trips. Users find that even though the Nemo Fillo packs small, it does cradle the head much like a large regular pillow would.

Several people found this pillow too small for their comfort because it only has room for the head. Those that like to tuck their hands under a pillow when they sleep might not be the most comforted with this design.


Even though this pillow is just nine ounces in weight, those that like to travel superlight might not find the added weight suitable for backpacking or camping purposes. It could mean the difference of being able to carry other necessary item or not for the trip. Many also consider a pillow to be a luxury item that is not required for backpacking, as rolled-up clothing or jackets can be used as a pillow replacement much more accessible.

The comfort of this pillow is well worth the added effort in bringing it along according to customers, though. We discovered that it does fit well in the hoods of sleeping bags from customers using it. You can even leave it in the sleeping bag when breaking camp.

Also, you can roll it all up together to be ready for settling down again the next night. Putting the pillow in the included stuff sack will keep it from collecting dust in camp too. Deflating and inflating is a breeze with this product since it has a locking valve to make it so simple.


Made of 100% polyester material, this inflatable travel pillow is of a traditional type that is well-made with a clever design according to buyers. It is compact and lightweight with a loft that is easy to adjust. Whether you prefer a firm or soft pillow, the support this product gives to you is all up to how much you inflate it.

The soft and luxurious pillowcase can be removed and machine-washed for simple care. This product comes with its stuff sack to make carrying it and storing it so much easier. This sack also keeps it clean for the next use. This marvelous product is well-liked by customers who have purchased it online since it has a 4.5 approval rating currently.


The amount of support you get from this lightweight travel pillow is completely up to you because you choose the firmness and height. Inside the Nemo Fillo Pillow is a mixture of air insulation and luxury foam that is yielding and soft. The luxury foam is one inch thick, and the baffled air takes up the other three inches of this four-inch-thick comfortable personal pillow.

If that is not enough versatility for you, the foam interior is removable to make it lighter for packing and carrying. Even though the foam does not weigh much or add much weight to the overall product, removing it could be beneficial to the total weight of a backpack. For the best comfort in sleeping, though, many users feel that it is not worth losing the softness that it provides.

The baffles on the inside allow for a customized height, so the pillow is never too firm or too soft for your preference. Even those that sleep on their side will find this product comfortable and supportive for a good night’s rest. It is a proper height to keep the body in line, and the neck supported in any of the mentioned positions. If you are interested to learn more about this kind of pillows check the guide on the best lumbar pillows.

If the pillow is not high enough for you, do what some buyers suggested in their feedback. You can put extra gear (shirt, jacket, or blanket) underneath to raise it to the desired height. Many would argue that you could do that anyhow and leave out the pillow to save on space and weight. If you did that, though, you would not have the comfort of the soft and supportive pillow being on top of this pile of gear that will gently lull you to sleep.


Best for camping and backpacking purposes, the Nemo Fillo Inflatable Travel Pillow can also be used and appreciated during car trips, train rides, long bus trips, and flights on planes.Any type of long duration travel can be enjoyed much better with this incredible pillow. It is certain that everyone around you will be very jealous when you get it out and enjoy having a comfortable headrest and they don’t have anything.

Even gatherings at the beach, pool, picnics, and outdoor concerts are ideal places to enjoy this product. All of these places of resting and relaxing could use a small pillow for lounging comfort. If you have a hammock in the yard or hung up in the basement for relaxing, this inflatable pillow would be perfect for it. On the other hand, if you are looking for a real relaxing thing, make sure you check our guide on the best hammock chairs.

You never know when a small pillow will come in handy, so keep one in your vehicle to be prepared for anything. Stuck in commuter traffic for hours or behind some vehicle pile-up on the freeway, get out your pillow and de-stress. It will always remain clean when you need it next if you keep it in the small stuff sack that is included with the purchase of the pillow.

Ease of Use

As we stated above, anyone would be comfortable using this inflatable travel pillow no matter how they sleep in a bed. Back, side and stomach sleepers will be adequately angled for the most comfort with the height of the four inches. The backside of this item is a nylon material which could slide on plastic-like surfaces so beware.

It is this material that we found some concerns about from buyers. It can make a slight plastic crinkling noise when the person moves their head on the pillow. If you are sleeping with a partner or others camping nearby, then it could disturb them in the night. For a good night sleep while camping check our guide on the best sleeping pads.

This remark came from more than just a few people in their reviews. It could be from the newness of the material and could go away in time and with continued use. It is possible that washing the pillowcase a few times might make the noise decrease.

This is because it would soften the material and make it more pliable. Not enough was said about the material or the noise it creates to make a good judgment about it. If you are alone when sleeping, then there is not a problem, unless the noise bothers you.

Bottom Line

Some people found the Nemo Fillo Travel Pillow to be too hard or firm for their tastes. Others thought it was too small. You must realize that it is not meant to be permanent head support and is used for travel and temporary use when away from home.

Hardly anything this light or compressible is going to replace your extremely cozy pillow at home. To think so is unrealistic and unfair to this product and its manufacturer. They appreciate the ingenuity, design, and quality material that this travel pillow possesses.

It provides a luxurious headrest for you while roughing it in the wilderness or on a mode of transportation that you must endure for hours at a time. It packs small, comes with a stuff sack, is adjustable for firmness. Most importantly, it has a very comfortable soft pillowcase that can be removed for cleaning, making the Nemo Fillo a great piece of gear to add to your collection.