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Osprey Stratos 34 Hiking Backpack Review Facts

If you are familiar with the previous version of the Osprey Stratos 34, then you will love this improved model. It has several customer requests added to it. This men’s hiking backpack has been upgraded for comfort, longevity, and size. It also has an added front pocket that many users desire. This top-loading pack has an increased torso length. Its aesthetics that have been also upgraded. The Osprey Stratos 34 is best for hiking, backpacking, day trips, commuting, travel, trekking, and day-long excursions. This is due to the pack’s 15 to 35 pounds load range.

There are compression straps on the sides, double mesh stretch pockets, and an attachment for a trekking pole. It includes seven pockets on the outside and a reservoir sleeve for hydration that will accommodate as much as three liters. You also get an integrated cover to protect the pack from rain and a zippered compartment for a sleeping bag. With an overall online satisfaction, the Osprey Stratos 34 for men has already been deemed by customers as one of the best backpacks for short-term use that you can find.

In this review we are presenting you the pros, cons and all other relevant information required before you make a decision. All you have to do is keep reading!

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Back panel is well ventilated and comfortable
  • Hip belt interface is seamless
  • Torso length has been improved
  • Shoulder straps are adjustable
  • Hydration sleeve accommodates three liters
  • Expands for larger loads from 15 to 35 pounds
  • Can be used for overnight use too
  • Best for hiking, overnight, day trips, and travel
  • Might have too many straps; no laptop sleeve
  • Not the ideal size for a carry-on pack

Key Features

-Compression straps; reservoir sleeve for hydration
-Double side mesh stretch pockets
-Zippered compartment for a sleeping bag and removable straps
-Seven pockets on the outside
-Two sizes of small/medium or medium/large
-Storage pocket on the front panel
-Main top-loading compartment
-Ice tool placement; attachment for trekking pole
-Rain cover with a stow pocket
-Safety whistle and sternum straps that adjust


Well ventilated in the back area with a good solid build, the Osprey Stratos 34 is an improved model that has superior breathability and comfort.The tensioned back panel of mesh material and the mesh harness has die-cut ventilated foam material to help you feel the most comfortable while carrying the pack. Many buyers say that they love the ventilation and the metal frame the best.

You will appreciate the aeration aspect so much particularly on hotter days when the back can sweat profusely if the backpack is close on your skin. With the pack set back just a bit, it gives some much-needed air space between you and the pack as you go.


Several characteristics of the Stratos 34 make it super comfortable for users. A lining of spacer mesh is breathable at the waist belt and shoulder straps. The waist belt has the ErgoPull adjustment system and is well padded.

This closure connects directly to the mesh back panel to make it easier to operate. The hip belt interface is another wonderful change for this upgraded backpack model. It is seamless for comfort and the freedom of bothersome seams that can cause skin irritations and scratches.

There are high-quality straps, zipper pulls, and zippers that many buyers love because we all love the versatility of our gear products. Being able to customize and adjust items to your particular style and use is one of the vantage points of having versatile supplies. You'll notice that this backpack version has added straps for numerous purposes.

However, some customers commented that there are too many for them. These can always be managed out of the way for the best flexibility.


The back and spinal support are excellent for this Osprey backpack product. The torso length has been improved, and the aesthetics have been updated to give users the freedom of adjustments for the best comfort in carrying. It can be altered and adjusted for weight and position as it is on the back and even while moving.

You get a supportive fit with the breathable 3D tensioned mesh back panel. The ventilation and pack balance have enhanced air space of low profile from the alloy LightWire frame. We noticed several great comments online from happy buyers about the frame of this model.

As a matter of fact, for those that were trying to decide between favored brands and versions of packs, it was the excellent frame and built of this pack that convinced them to get the Stratos 34 over the others. It is certainly not the lightest pack available, but for a day pack that can carry a heavy load comfortable, you would be hard-pressed to find a better product than this one.


The quality that makes you either love a backpack or hate it is how well it can be adapted into what you need it for specifically. This flexibility is provided by the manufacturer when they create the pack and its many (or few) adjustable parts. The Osprey Stratos 34 has some well-loved aspects that buyers are thrilled about.

Adjustable with load size using the compression of four points, this wonderful pack can be contorted into just about any form you desire and need. here are compression straps on the sides to make it expand or recede as you need it. The shoulder straps are adjustable to get the right fit, plus there are removable straps for a sleeping pad at the base.

As we mention further down, you can attach a sleeping pad to this on the exterior of the product. A hinge is the belt adjustment for this Osprey model, but a few buyers think this should be a buckle to make it easier to manage. The Stratos 34 is designed for men, but women find it comfortable to use and carry too.The weight amount is determined by you, so it is technically unisex.


Possibly the most sought-after aspect of a backpack is loads of different sizes of pockets and compartments. Those who purchase this backpack model will be overjoyed with all of the valuable space and pocket sizes to put small and large items in their desired spots.

There are seven pockets on the outside including a hydration sleeve that will accommodate a container of as much as three litersto keep you refreshed along the way.

Enjoy the double side mesh stretch pockets and the zippered hip belt pockets made of stretchable mesh. This superb pack can hold a lot of things for day trips, daily use, and hiking adventures with all of its interior and exterior spaces. One of the significant problems with packs these days is the lack of small pockets to keep tinier items that can get lost very quickly in a large package with just a few large general compartments.

With the Stratos 34, you can reach for small necessities without having to rummage through everything elsebecause there are several small sections specifically for this purpose. There is even a zippered compartment for a sleeping bag with a divider that is bellowed with removable straps. How is that for nifty accommodations in a day pack?


For those who want to carry this pack onto planes for trips, there are many questions and concerns about the size of the item. Some customers cannot understand why Osprey did not make this backpack just a bit smaller to fit within the guideline regulations of airlines for carry-on bags. This product is offered in the two sizes of small/medium and medium/large.

The small/medium size will fit in cargo spaces under the seats of a plane, but the pack will stick out a bit from there. Most likely crew members aboard will not mention anything to you. Technically it is too big and heavy for this purpose.

Users are getting away with bringing this Osprey item onboard. However, they can also be stopped and not allowed to bring it too. Osprey needs to make a pack that fits the flight requirements for day use to prevent buyers from having to dodge this bullet daily for those that travel a lot.


Available in the few solid bold colors of black, Eclipse Blue, Gator Green, and Sungrazer Orange, the Osprey Stratos 34 is made of 210D nylon, high-tenacity twill and nylon 420HD ripstop. It comes in the two sizes of small/medium or medium/large. Both sizes weight under three pounds when empty.

A couple of the improvements to this version include the comfort, the added front pocket, and the long-lasting and larger mesh material than those that preceded it. The Osprey Stratos 34 has a good overall satisfaction rating online. That's a great indication that the majority of people really love this pack and would purchase it again if they had to do so.


Exactly how much can you carry with this Osprey backpack model? Well, quite a lot. The load range is from 15 to 35 pounds with a main top-loading compartment.

It will expand for larger loads and can be managed for balance with the compression straps on the sides. This Stratos version has the added storage pocket on the front panel that many customers really like.

You can be so well organized with this pack since it has different sizes of pockets both inside and outside. Put in a little or a lot of supplies that you need to get through the day comfortably.


Best for hiking purposes, the Stratos 34 for men is also great for daily school or work use, trips, vacations, and backpacking adventuresthat you need extra gear.

It makes a beautiful overnight pack as well. We read many comments from users that have successfully converted this backpack into a daily bag for all of their work and office needs while commuting.

You never know what you will need from day to day. It is best to carry all of the essentials you may need when away from home. What makes this product so desired for so many uses is its marvelous framework and breathability of the build.

It does not fit too close on the back, giving you breathing room and the freedom of being sweaty in warmer conditions. The manufacturer recommends spot cleaning for this item when it needs to be washed. Check the specifics when you receive it, as it may well be easy to machine wash too.

Ease of Use

What is a splendid backpack without all the little extras that makers can add to make you thrilled with their product? The Osprey Stratos 34 has several that will make you jump for joy. There is an attachment for a trekking pole, a separate ice tool placement, a safety whistle, sternum straps that adjust, s reservoir sleeve for hydration, and an integrated rain cover.

Additional tools that will not fit in the bag or you do not want to carry can be lashed on the exterior with the pole loops. The rain cover has a stow pocket in the pack, and according to customers, the cover works really well.

One thing that a couple of people wanted in this pack was a sleeve for a laptop. Probably because it is not designed or marketed for a commuter-type of the package for work and school use, it was not made with one.

Bottom Line

Some of the minor grievances that customers have about the Osprey Stratos 34 Backpack are that it does not have a laptop sleeve, has too many straps, and is not the best size or weight for an airline carry-on pack.

As you can see, these are just tiny things that buyers would like to see on possibly the next model if this product is upgraded again. As it is, this product is already pleasing scores of people who love it for their daily commutes, vacations, extensive travel, backpacking, and hiking uses. It has plenty of pockets and compartments of various sizes, is comfortable and breathable to wear.

The Osprey Stratos 34 is highly adjustable for size, fit, and load. Add all of that to the excellent construction, craftsmanship, design, and materials that loyal fans expect (and receive) from Osprey products, and you get a superb backpack that you can depend on for years.