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Speedo Teamster Backpack Review Facts

Anyone who is serious about swimming will understand the importance of getting the right swimwear, goggles and other accessories. We want swim stuff that represents our commitment to the sport through enhancing performance, endurance and stamina. With so much to carry to the pool and back, you need a backpack that will keep your gear safe and secure. It should be a bag that is able to stand up to a beating at the side of a lake or in the changing rooms, lightweight, and comfortable enough to carry.

If you are looking for a swim bag that has been created with swimmers in mind, the Speedo Teamster is a hugely popular piece of kit from the world’s leading aquatics brand. This is an iconic bag that is used by swimmers around the world every single day, and beginners and pros alike love it for a reason.

Whether you are hitting the pool, partaking in a triathlon or prefer open water swimming, this bag will easily be big enough to carry everything that you need for your endeavors. It is made from top quality materials and has so many different compartments to keep your wet and dry gear separate and organized.

Designed to keep your swim kit in check, the Teamster is both fashionable and functional. It is a great bag that will keep your stuff dry in all manner of conditions, and there are so many reasons why the Teamster from Speedo could be an excellent choice for you. Check out our review for all the highlights of this well-known swim bag, and why it is such a popular option amongst the pros of the swimming world.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • 35L Capacity
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Removable Dirt Bag
  • Laptop Sleeve
  • Poor zipper quality
  • Water bottle holder could be a little larger


Speedo needs no introduction; they are a brand that we associate with swimming perfection and a name that is synonymous with quality. With a rich history in the world of competitive swimming, Speedo was first founded all the way back in 1910 in Sydney, Australia.

They soon became one of the most popular swimming brands, with swimwear, goggles, caps, and accessories that have been designed to win. As a result, Speedo has since become a name that is associated with winning the gold. For example, in the Olympic Games held in Beijing, a jaw-dropping 92% of the athletes that participated and were winners of swimming medals were wearing Speedo; a pretty impressive feat when you think about it. Utilizing the latest in tech and innovative research, Speedo is a world leader in what they do, and the Speedo Teamster Backpack is typical of their commitment to functionality and quality.


The Speedo Teamster backpack is jam-packed full of features, making it one of the most functional rucksacks that have ever been designed for swimmers. With fab features including:

- An impressive 35L main compartment which includes pockets, an organiser and a water bottle holder.

- A super durable exterior shell that is resistant to abrasion and will not get damaged by chlorine.

- A water-resistant built-in laptop sleeve to transport your laptop, making sure that your PC is kept perfectly dry or your Mac is not at risk of being splashed.

- Speedos patented removable Dirt Bag is ideal for keeping any wet or dirty things away from the rest of your belongings. Plus, it is easy to clean!

- The removable foam bleacher seat will ensure that you always have a seat to hand. This handy addition is a novel feature but surprisingly useful, and certainly beats sitting on the cold aluminum bleachers that seem to be a feature at most pools.

Overall, the Teamster is certainly not missing much! However, some reviews online have indicated that a harder pocket for goggles would be another great touch. Quite a few users have said that they tended to keep their goggles and caps in the laptop sleeve, but a specific goggle pocket would certainly be useful.


The Speedo teamster backpack has been designed with swimmers in mind. Large enough to carry a change of clothes, spare swimwear, washbag, snacks, and whatever else you need to take to the pool or the lake, you can easily keep all your kit organised with this bag. It is the perfect bag for carrying your swim kit, and it has been packed full of features for this purpose. For example, the side pockets are a great option for keeping your snacks or gadgets that you want to hand, and the removable foam seat means that you always have a dry spot to sit on.

However, whilst this is a swim bag, anyone who is in the market for a backpack that is tough, durable and full of organizational features are bound to appreciate why this bag is a bestseller. If you are starting a new health regime and want to include the gym and a quick swim in your daily routine, this is an affordable option that will last for years to come.

If you are looking for a bag for the gym, you may prefer to opt for the medium 25L Teamster, as the large may be a little too big. This could also be the perfect bag for anyone who goes kayaking or surfing, with many reviews online reporting that the large bag was easy enough to carry their wet suit, a towel and whatever else they needed for their activity.


Ensuring that you can always carry your swim gear in style, the Speedo Teamster features a strong and sturdy design. This is a versatile and functional swim bag that is one of the most popular for a reason, and that reason has to be its superior design.

Featuring a classic shape, there is a wide range of compartments and pockets to store all your belongings. The large main compartment features an organizer, removable dirt bag and a water bottle holder, and there are pockets on each side of the pack. At the bottom of the Teamster, you will find a laptop sleeve and behind this a removable foam bleacher seat. Finding negatives of the design on the Speedo Teamster is difficult, and we are picking at straws a little here, but the water bottle holder could be slightly bigger. While it is fine for a Speedo designed water bottle (500ml), it is not big enough to hold a water bottle with a larger capacity, and you may have trouble if your container is from a different brand.

The design of the Teamster is top notch, and there are so many different colors choices available! Whether you prefer to opt for a simple black or want a bright and colorful bag that will make a style statement, you are sure to find the perfect color combination for you amongst their comprehensive selection. If you are looking for a bag that will really make a style statement, Speedo also has some cool printed Teamster bags with a variety of different colorful geometrical designs. Moreover, Speedo even has personalization and embroidery options available for the Teamster so that you can show off your team colors with pride. With this being such a popular bag, having your name on it also ensures that you can always tell which one is yours.


Having a bag that is waterproof is particularly important for swimmers, especially when our backpacks are often left close to the water. The last thing you need is your phone getting wet due to your swim bag getting splashed. However, the Teamster is fully water resistant to keep your prized possessions nice and dry. Moreover, it has also been highlighted that the laptop sleeve in the Speedo Teamster is waterproof, which is particularly useful, as you can ensure that any electrics are kept safe and dry.


The majority of reviews online report that this is a strong and stable bag that will maintain its shape regardless. However, it should be noted that some older reviews do indicate problems regarding stability; with one user suggesting that the bag will not stand up at all. It appears that this is an issue that has since been addressed, but it is still something that you may wish to take into consideration.


Our swim bags and gym bags often get thrown about, placed in lockers or dumped by the pool or lake, and as a result, durability is a key point to consider. Made from 100% polyester material, the Speedo Teamster is abrasion resistant for excellent durability. The tough exterior shell is also super durable and will hold up to being thrown lakeside, poolside, or wherever else you put it. The base of the bag features a heavy duty rubber cover, which will also repel chemicals, and is not at risk of chlorine damage.

The Speedo Teamster backpack uses the highest quality YKK zippers. Whilst there are very very few negative comments regarding the functionality or durability of the Teamster, the small number of poor reviews tend to focus on the zippers. A few people have suggested that they are not the best and that the fasteners on their bag broke after just a short time.


If you are a competitive swimmer, you know how heavy your kit can get, and as a result, it is important to choose a swim bag that is comfortable to carry. The last thing that your back muscles need after a heavy training session is increased tension from carrying your kit, and the right backpack can make all the difference. The Speedo Teamster is definitely comfortable to use, and it does not feel awkward or bulky in any way. The straps are super thick and padded, ensuring that weight is evenly distributed to reduce any pressure points and sore spots.


The Speedo Teamster is considered a mid-level swim bag choice with a mid-range price but with the features and quality of a much more expensive piece of kit. The Speedo teamster bag has become a bit of a status symbol, and yet most people are surprised at how affordable it is. Furthermore, lots of reviews online have noted that their backpack has lasted for years and years, so this is definitely worth the price.


While this review has focused on the larger 35L Speedo Teamster, there is a medium option available at 25L. This one measures at 12.5L x 6.5w x 28H and the larger one 17L x 8W x 20H. The larger one is particularly suited to competitive swimmers and those who need to carry lots, but the medium option would be ideal for a child. If you are travelling with the Speedo Teamster, you will be glad to hear that the larger bag does fit most airlines’ cabin bag allowances.

Bottom Line

Whether you are new to the world of competitive swimming, a seasoned pro, or just looking for a bag that will perform at the gym, you are sure to be impressed with the organizational capabilities and fantastic features that the Speedo Teamster has to offer.

Over 94% of reviews on Amazon have given the Speedo Teamster backpack four stars and above, with 84% giving it top marks all around. It is certainly the most popular bag amongst those who are serious about swimming due to the manner in which it has been filled with fantastic features. The pull out bleacher seat is a particularly novel feature that fans have appreciated across the reviews. Plus, the classic design of this backpack will ensure that your pack weight is evenly distributed, ensuring that the bag does not feel too heavy even when it is full.

Doing exactly what it says on the tin, you will certainly not be disappointed with the Speedo Teamster. Easily one of the best backpacks for swimmers, the award-winning Teamster is lightweight yet durable and features solid construction. With an abundance of pockets and different compartments, this swim bag will ensure that you are able to keep everything separate and organised, saving you valuable time that can be spent in the water.